Meet Alex Ovechkin in Alexandria Friday Afternoon


Who wouldn’t want to meet this guy? (Photo: Alex Brandon)

Washington Capitals captain and future hall of famer Alex Ovechkin will be among us mere mortals on Friday. He’ll be (I assume) signing autographs and taking photos from 4-6pm at the new Hybla Valley Verizon Wireless store in Alexandria, Virginia. I am told it’s the store’s grand opening.

For those of you — like me — who are from Maryland and have no idea what a Hybla Valley is, here’s the address:

Verizon Wireless Store – Hybla Valley
7703 Fordson Rd
Space 100
Alexandria, VA 22306

Just plug that ish into your GPS and you should be all good.

Here’s some more redundant information from the DelRay Patch:

The grand opening celebration of the new Verizon Wireless Hybla Valley SMART Store will take place this weekend, March 7-9, with special guests, including Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals who’ll be at the store on Friday, March 7 from 4-6 pm, 93.9 WKYS and other surprises and giveaways, including free snacks and beverages. The Verizon Wireless Hybla Valley Store is located off Route 1 in Alexandria at 7703 Fordson Road, and is open Monday-Saturday from 10am to 9pm, and on Sundays from 11am to 6pm.

If any of you are planning of going — first of all — I apologize for calling more attention to the event and potentially making it crazy tomorrow. My bad.

Secondly, if you do go, we want your photos and we want to know what it was like meeting Ovi. Email us here. We’ll do a post tomorrow night with your stories.

Finally, if someone gets one of our Deadguins shirt signed by Ovi — and has it signed right where the stick goes into the Penguin like this — I will totally give you $100 for it or it can be your future wedding gift for me. Deal? Deal. I just need photo proof.

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  • Tom703

    Awesome! This has got to be the first time something newsworthy happened in Hybla Valley since the putt-putt golf course opened up there 20 years ago. Is the Jesus Book Store still there?

  • sabrina

    uhmmm, yeah, thanks dude. I was hoping this event would stay on the down-low a little.

  • RY

    My school’s like 20 minutes from there, that’s awesome.


  • rickhavoc

    150 yards from the Go-Kart track…rock on

  • Tustin Jimberlake

    wait. isn’t the whole point of these events to be the opposite of on the down-low, someone didn’t buy enough snacks.

  • Cornelia Gustafson

    Shhhhh….it’s 8.5 minutes from my house. Don’t want anyone else to know.

  • Elizabeth Fletcher

    Best of luck to those going to this thing. When Mike Green made an appearance at a local grocery store a couple years ago he was over an hour late, the line wrapped around the entire shopping center, and there was no parking within a half mile (never mind the traffic).

  • Shawn Murphy

    hey, Ian

  • Shawn Murphy

    (you’re the worst)

  • brittany

    There are tons of people here

  • yup.

  • Can you upload a pic? Would love to see.

  • Sabrina

    This is all your fault Ian!!! 🙂

  • Ashley tells me this everyday.

  • Well said, Tustin Jimberlake

  • Teer Hardy

    Just went to the signing. The line wasn’t too bad. I only waited an hour. Ovi wouldn’t sign anything other than a promotional Verizon Wireless postcard. Also, we were told multiple times that pictures were not allowed. Overall, the event was lame.

  • Owen Johnson

    Yeah I drove down there… then turned around when I saw the line.

  • Teer Hardy

    Be glad you did Owen. It was nice to see Ovi, but it wasn’t worth the time to get a Verizon postcard.

  • Jon Adams

    Man, that Ovi autograph… such a waste of time.

    I was there too and the amount of crying I heard from people was disgusting! I was just thankful for the chance to say hello to a hero! I sent you guys my super secret undercover pic that I took!

  • Laura F.

    It was great! Ovi was SO nice. I could tell that he was surprised by my Russian greetings and manners. I practiced how to say “hello, pleased to meet you, thank you, and good luck” in Russian! He didn’t say much, but he gladly signed my jersey, and a puck, AND even posed for a pic with me!!!! All this, despite the fact that the Verizon staff insisted this was not going to be allowed. There was a Verizon promo pic that they had for him to sign for everyone. But they ushered us through there so fast that he was almost done meeting everyone 1/2 hour before the designated end time. I knew that was my chance to get my stuff autographed and the pic taken, so I quickly got in the back of the end of the line. It certainly paid off and I was amused that he knew what I had done because he said “back again” and smiled. He continued to sign and pose for pics with others who asked – even holding babies on his lap…maybe he’s ready to be a dad! Speaking of dad’s, he said his father is doing much better. Thank you RMNB for alerting me to this event. Like most of us die-hards, I’ve tried many times to get Ovi to stop and sign an autograph at Kettler with absolutely no luck. So, this was a triumphantly successful and exciting day for this Caps gal!!!