After going 115 minutes and 43 seconds without scoring a goal, the Washington Capitals scored twice in 32 seconds. The dam had broken. It was weird.

When Brooks Laich scored to tie the game at two, he unleashed the best celebration on the ice and in the stands that Hogwarts has seen these many years.

It’s like we all forgot how to celebrate, and then they taught us how to smile again.

Laich goes wild, does the hambone, then goes full anteater.

Check out Arsenio up front and this dude in the back. They’re having a good time.

I love this girl. Also, guy in the RMNB Wagon shirt: We see you, bro. Well done.

Goals are fun. Winning is nice. What is going on?

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  • Here’s a Vine from reader Devin

  • Langway

    I haven’t seen a body move like that since Evel Knievel hit the pavement at Caesar’s Palace.

  • boutros23

    The belly-slapping in GIF 3… LOL

  • Mike Lunsford

    that little girl’s celebration is the most intense thing I’ve seen in a Caps road jersey in weeks

  • Jake Ettawakapow

    That guy in the green sweater looks hammered lol

  • Myan

    Guy in the Federov jersey jumping & clapping like a school girl, we see you!

  • JakeDubber



  • Zach S.

    I’m just going to leave this right here

  • I may never outdo this post.

  • Dave

    I didn’t know John C. Reilly was a Caps fan.

  • Jon Stickel

    That face gets me every time!

  • Jack Conness

    The first two guys going crazy is the greatest GIF I have ever seen lol

  • Steve

    Was in the house tonight. Never seen an arena go from completely dead to electric in a shorter time. A lot of fun.

  • yv

    Now I wonder what was Kuzya’s reaction when he saw and heard VC reaction. When you sitting on top in tense agonizing games such goals have effect of bomb explosion and you getting feeling that the roof going down. Such emotions are right in Kuzya’s alley!

  • Miguel

    I never post here, but do read frequently…..damn, this is one of my favorites……..

  • Eric

    i love the guy in the green sweater making fun of that other kid, hey i was jumping up and down giving high fives and yelling my ass off #dontjudgeme

  • bmoretim

    As soon as i saw that Lady. I was like ” RMNB will have that.”

  • Owen Johnson
  • IafrateNoGhosts

    Why do i get the sneaking impression that Ol’ Green Sweater here sounds something like this: ?

  • Bryan S.

    Captain Lou lives!!!

  • teresaG

    Woohoo that’s my girl! She loves her CAPS

  • Scott S.

    Ok, I think I’ve been watching that for like 5 minutes now just laughing hysterically. So, I’m the guy in front of the other two. Yes. Guy in green sweatshirt had quite a buzz going on. He was making fun of the guy in front of him. We know the camera guy and I think he was prompting him to do it. Guy in white had done that the previous two goals I think. We’re never going to let him live this down!

  • Diller M

    The guy in the green sweatshirt looks like Nick Offerman’s dirranged cousin

  • Rob Reichhelm

    Rip Taylor’s let himself go.

  • RT23

    Nice goal and it’s Great to see Laich so pumped up. (Probably the second best feeling he’s had recently) But Chimera isn’t getting enough credit for his fantastic job setting this goal up.

  • Christopher R

    Seems like typical Caps fans to me. Only surprising thing is the Beagle jersey behind the green goblin. Is that Dale Hunter?

  • Smiley456

    Is the Verizon Center crowd the largest Kuzya’s played in, or usually played in?

  • It’s def bigger than most KHL arenas. He might’ve played in bigger places for WJC though.

  • Smiley456

    Thanks Peter. So he has to be pretty psyched. Sure hope Caps make some trades for some D, so Kuzya’s skills aren’t wasted.