The Comeback Caps beat Coyotes 3-2 in Rego!

Carolyn Kaster

Photo: Carolyn Kaster

The Washington Capitals wrapped up a week of tremendously unimpressive hockey with a stunning comeback win over the Phoenix Coyotes.

It started off great with Alex Ovechkin generating four shots in the game’s first six minutes, but the Caps couldn’t sustain the pressure, giving the Coyotes the puck and plenty of opportunity to pepper first-time Capitals Jaroslav Halak in goal. Down two goals with ten minutes to go, the Caps summoned up some magic they hadn’t used since last week: even-strength scoar.

Brandon McMillan struck first, catching Keith Yandle’s stretch pass while the Caps were making a line change. Radim Vrbata made it 2-0 with a power play goal that dwibblwed between Halak’s pads.

But then! Karl Alzner tallied goal number two of the season thanks to a feed from Eric Fehr, and then Brooks Laich tied it up thirty seconds later. Life back in Verizon Center, and then everyone’s head exploded as Backstrom gave Troy Brouwer a layup to put the Caps up from the Ovi spot.

This stupid team. This stupid, lovely team.

Caps beat Coyotes 3-2.

  • I don’t mind deleting my whole recap and starting over from scratch with ten minutes to go. That’s the good kind of wasting time. Well done, boys.
  • Like I said, the Caps started off nice with a lot of chances on a power play, but they were lost at evens. After the 6th minute of the first period, the Yotes got 14 shot attempts to the Caps’ 4. This team hasn’t been good at even-strength since last week with the exception of 30 glorious seconds in the third period.
  • With that shutout-shattering goal, Karl Alzner ties his career best total in goals (two [2]). Your boy Karl has been upping his shot volume this year, and he’s finally getting rewarded for it.
  • Some people blame Jaroslav Halak for the Capitals decline. While his very name still makes me a little queasy, these people are wrong. Halak’s hotness in 2010 merely got the Caps booted from the playoffs. The team’s reaction to that loss– what they did in the months and years afterward– is what brought the team down. Halak let up a pair on Saturday, one of them a slowly roller that he should’ve had. Oh well, he gets the W and he’ll get more before the season is up. Good goalie. Bygones.
  • Brooks Laich— thank goodness his groin was feeling good tonight. After missing last “game” (still using scare quotes), Laich scored the tying goal and then participating in that excellent, clinching power play.
  • No bygones for Mike Ribeiro, who did the Ribeiro move a few times tonight. You know the move, right? Get into the offensive zone, slow down play, don’t generate any shots, then turn the puck over. Looking good while doing nothing of substance. Quintessence of Ribs.
  • Rob Klinkhammer. That’s a cool name. No content here, just wanna get that name out there.
  • Did I hit my bullet quota? I don’t care. I had to rewrite this whole thing, and I had to delete a whole bunch of funny/sad GIFs. I’ll take what I can get. Ws over laughs every time.
Joe B suit of the night

Joe B suit of the night


I didn’t expect that.

I mean– I definitely expected the 5v5 suckiness, but I thought these were supposed to be the “mentally weak” Caps who can’t get up for games. Is that not the case? ‘Cause hell yeah.

Tomorrow’s snapshot is still gonna be brutal, but don’t let that overshadow this team’s achievement in the micro scale. They shook off a lot of bad vibes and offensive weakness in those final ten minutes. They squeezed goalmilk from some secondary scoring stones to squeak out a crucial rego win.

Remember this one. It might end up being really important come this time next month.

Pens up next.  Plus, the new kid suits up. Should be interesting.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Halak really recovered well and his play in the 3rd period really helped. Finished with a .936 I believe which is more than enough. Where we would be without Alzner-Carlson I do not want to know. Crazy game and hopefully will lead to a nice streak (fingers crossed). Kuzya against Pittsburgh and we’re going in on a high note, so that’s nice.

  • Dave

    If Erat had scored, I would’ve gone apeshit.

  • Myan

    Capitals, you are the opiate of my life. A terrible habit that I really should quit because you hurt me so much but then you go and do something like this and make me SO freaking happy!

  • JakeDubber

    I was holdin’ on to my butt

  • Chris Cerullo

    His solid turnover leading to a goal was nice

  • scrubversive

    So, I wuz out for dinner, keeping tabs on the score every now and then. Got in the car and went home with my phone showing 0 – 2 PHX and rolled my eyes cuz, “Caps”. Didn’t give it another thought until my phone told me the game was over. I dutifully looked over to check an- WHAAAAAAA? 3 – 2 WSH?! IN REGO?!?! I must be dreaming!!!!11!!11!11!1

    Anyway. Good deal, I’ll watch the last 10-15 minutes on Gamecenter and actually READ your recap before commenting further, Peter.

  • Mike Lunsford

    hahaha @ “this stupid team. This stupid, lovely team.”

  • Marky Narc

    #mups worked! A goal..— Bruce Anderson (@Bruce_CapsOrgan) March 9, 2014

    It all started once the mups were lit at the VC! EVERYBODY THIS IS THE SOLUTION WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR.


  • Alex Hughes

    Well we needed this rego win. Yeah I said Rego…still don’t like the ring to it. If it wasn’t for Mike Smith being a brick-wall for the first 2 1/2 periods I think the Caps would have rolled. Great comeback though and super excited to see Kuznetsov on Monday)))))).



    That’s the team I wanna see. <3 <3 <3

  • Maaudi

    Stop with the “rego”

  • Ben

    Its gonna be a thing

  • Chris Cerullo

    Those first and last ten minutes of this game >>>>
    Everything else <<<<<

  • Revised version


  • #rego

  • Jack Conness

    Hell yeah baby! Comeback win and Kuzya Time next Monday! GO CAPS!

  • Justin

    Game-watching habits of a Caps fan:

    Scream at TV in frustration and anger for first 50 minutes of game.
    Scream at TV in surprise and elation for last 10 minutes of game.

  • JessHughes

    Confess that we’d totally given up on the Caps and were even discussing whether Kuzya, Barbour, and Burakovsky will be real NHL players, and then Alzner! Laich! Brouwer! And we’re sucked right in again. Oh, Caps! Why can’t I quit you? Also, shot of the night was the smile/hug Carlson gave Alzner after that goal.

  • Rob W.

    So Alzner just said the talk in the 2nd intermission was to stop feeling sorry for themselves. Its nice to see some things never change. ! win is nice but a few in a row would be great. Im all about rego too, its going to catch on. #TeamRego

  • MuzzMuzzington

    #RegoRevolution #Regolution

  • Heidi

    Maybe it was my vision, but Penner didn’t seem to get that much playing time. I also definitely saw him on the 4th line so hopefully that is an anomaly.

  • GregV

    You mean it isn’t already?

  • GregV

    Glad for the rego win. Sad for the lack of “biscuit/basket” language in this recap.


  • brian!

    See, I always thought the “Ribeiro Move” was: Get whistled for a penalty-> Yap the entire way to the box-> Draw an unsportsmanlike addon penalty-> Continue yapping. And I learned something today.

  • oh that’s the OTHER move

  • 11:03 – basically third line minutes

    Just one PP shift

  • GregV

    You did a helluva job — maybe *that* was the biscuit in the basket.

  • Hockey mom

    You say you want a regolution…we all want to see the Caps win the cup…

  • Dave

    Oates had been playing him with Brouwer a lot, which seems odd. Seems like they fill a similar role.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Why we have yet to see 17-19-8 yet hurts my brain

  • Heidi

    Thanks for the info. Kinda unfortunate a proven top 6 may be misused again.

  • Chris Cerullo

    I wish his last name was actually ‘Barbour’. That’s cooler than ‘Barber’ lol.

  • Elizabeth Plant

    I used it today talking about college basketball… it is totally a thing

  • Matt Lauer

    My experience of this game: Watched the latter half of the second period at an ice rink in Los Angeles, surrounded by two Phoenix fans. (I mean, how does that happen?) Drive home, and I’m all like whaaaaaaaaaaaaat??!!?

  • Matt Lauer

    SO excited for Kuzya.

  • yv

    I just asked myself what system Caps playing and how they intended to score goals when Alzner opened the fury.
    Still without 1st line producing at evens Caps will go nowhere. After first 5 min (Ovis hit on Erat was tremendous) 1 line disappeared and never showed back. They again the only ones with minus. The line seems definitely need to have Kuzya there. With his skills and enthusiasm he should help to swing the balance for the line.

  • yv

    Don’t remind and forget the last 10 min with Flyers. I thought they have been and still are the back breaker of the whole Caps season.

  • JessHughes

    Apparently I was making him French Canadian but I do know he’s ‘Murican. Good catch.

  • Bilal

    Oh washington. Your like a drug. I say im going to quit but one win is all it takes to get back with you….and you know what…………I Luv it

  • Michael

    The fourth line looked surprisingly good. Wilson showed off his skating and made a nice move to the net in the first. How much time did he get?

  • JenniferH

    Was out with family celebrating my nephew’s birthday and kept checking my phone for the score and comments, when lo and behold I saw us score, then tie it up, and then hit the 3, and THEN WE WON! #rego! GO CAPS! I am happy. That is all.

  • Safoster

    “Halak’s hotness in 2010 merely got the Caps booted from the playoffs. The team’s reaction to that loss– what they did in the months and years afterward– is what brought the team down.”

    I know you guys have said this for a while, but this, this, this.

    GMGM singlehandedly dismantled the best Capitals team we have seen in my (1984 born) life and needs to be held accountable for it.

  • Safoster

    Last time Erat shot was in Nashville. No worries.

  • Andrew

    I love the fact that, despite dropping the ball entirely earlier this week, this one win puts us only 2 points out of 3rd, and 3 points out of 2nd. These new divisions are alright!

  • Jared

    8:04 with one shot. That’s about a solid minute more than his average TOI. Helps that he didn’t fight.

  • Mahesh Prasad

    Omg there you go again with REGO!

  • Andy S.

    Needs a tee shirt to be a thing…

  • RT23

    Let’s not try to put all the blame on GMGM. After that loss all I heard from a vast majority of fans and the local media “experts” was that the Caps needed to stop playing run+gun and needed to focus on D and backchecking and win “playoff hockey”. Remember all the people sayign we needed more Brooks Laich’s and fewer Semin’s and that we should trade Green for Hammrlik? I think Boudreau hung in there for a while but eventually he caved into the pressure and tried to dismantle the Ferrari he had built and turn it into a towtruck. Obviously that didn’t work very well and he eventually lost the team’s trust. Cue boring Hunter Hockey with barely different results. And we’re still trying to find a new identity. I’m sure GMGM ultimately conveyed that pressure to Boudreau but the fans and media were the original source of it.

  • You are absolutely right. Absolutely. Right.

  • Jonah

    I thought the ribeiro was drawing a Semin-esque stick penalty with his slick skating, yap at the other player enough to earn an unsportsmanlike and turn an important PP into a useless 4v4