Evgeny Kuznetsov will be living with Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin during his initial stay in America, and while he’s been really appreciative of Ovi’s kindness, he’s seemed lukewarm about being taken care of by his teammate.

Earlier in the week while still in Russia, Kuzya told Sovetsky Sport’s Pavel Lysenkov about his living arrangements, “It’s a bit awkward. Ovechkin is a grown-up, he has a future spouse. Why bother them? But at first I will stay with Sasha. He’ll explain everything, help me out.”

Well, judging by Ovi and Kuzya’s first day together, they are long-lost brothers. Maria Kirilenko now has two children to babysit.

In the late afternoon, Kuznetsov tweeted:

“The tactics of V.K. (Valery Konstantinovich) Belousov work!!!” Belousov was Kuznetsov’s coach with Traktor Chelyabinsk.

The tweet then links to a video of Ovechkin who announces his name and then does push-ups as penance for losing a game of pool to his new roommate.

“I, Alexander Ovechkin, have lost to Evgeny Kuznetsov in a game of The Nine.”

Ovechkin then gets on the floor and does push-ups.

Twenty minutes later, Kuzya won another challenge: this time FIFA14.

Moar push-ups for Ovi.

Alex Ovechkin: “I lost in soccer ! I led 2-0!”
Evgeny Kuznetsov: “Adam [Oates] will like it. It’s quite a work out right here!”

Welp, this is already a great start.

Translations by Fedor Fedin.

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  • Yo8

    I’m loving Kuznetsov’s signing to this team even more.

  • Chris Cerullo

    All this needs is moar Dima

  • Jack Conness


  • GoCaps

    Ovi lost in a pool game.

  • GoCaps

    He says “biljard”

  • Red_Caps

    A team led by Ovi gives up a 2 goal advantage…why’s this familiar?

  • Myan

    Dolce & Gabbana sweat pants because why not?

  • scrubversive

    Can we bring Sasha Semin back for a day of training?

  • Gail Palmer

    Love the tweety Bird in the corner

  • themav80

    I would watch this reality show.

  • Andrew Merewitz

    Well, Maria made like $50 million last year and is worth over $150 million, OV made over $10 million and is worth close to $50 million. So yes, they can buy whatever sweat pants they want

  • Fedor

    Keeping up with the Kuznechkins?

  • yv

    This is one of the best off the ice and funny short story about hockey players one can read and see!
    Just, correction, in the first video Ovi lost in billiard ( pool, maybe even Russian style with smaller pockets). If they’d be in the same line (they should) such beat down by Kuzya offering a bright future goal-wise!

  • Fedor

    That actually makes a lot of sense. Thanks, updated.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    I am assuming “The Nine” is what we call 9-ball.

  • sara

    She did!? That’s awesome, I had no idea she’s worth more than him, considering she’s not the greatest singles player and doubles don’t pay as much. Mostly endorsements, then?

  • Steve Killmon

    Too soon. Brilliant, but too soon.

  • Owen Johnson

    Thank God for the gif because in the first pic Ovi looks naked from the waist down.
    And DOS A CERO!

  • Myan

    Dude I made an amusing observation. Chill out, it’s Sunday.

  • Myan

    Also, I am a very VERY big tennis fan I am at least 99% sure that the highest earning female tennis players for the past 2-3 years have been Sharapova, Serena Williams, Azarenka, and Li Na and NONE of them made $50 million prizes & endorsements combined.

  • Guest

    First off, check your information


    Second off, I was just providing some interesting numbers because people dont realize how much Maria is worth. I wasnt trying to come off as rude or anything like that.

  • Myan


    I think I gotta go with Forbes on this one. $58m would put her above Rafa, Djokovic, Beckham, and Ronaldo. Sorry but that just seems really improbable to me considering that you don’t see her face on anything outside of a sporting goods store.

  • Capper63

    What is that in the background? Eletric bongo set?
    Ovie has been geting a bit pudgy, so maybe some sprint 8’s are in order for future bets.
    Good stuff RMNB!

  • choite

    Sooo semin, Ovi, and Kuzya walk into the Italian Store…
    arlington humor

  • nukie

    that would a drumset for the game rock band

  • nukie


  • Red_Caps

    I didn’t want to, the irony made me do it.

  • Vinni

    The article is false. Not true… Read the comments section of the site.

  • aminoacid

    this is the same website that has a headline “is maria kirilenko single again.”


  • yv

    It is not 1st April but as it has been mentioned/clarified in the Internet all info about MK is false/joke. The whole site is a specially made parody for other known journals including the name mediamass. Vodka brand – common! I’m sure Maria’d like to have such income for one year but in reality she has earnings 50-100 times less for that year, especially with her injury.

  • Priscilla Villanueva


  • KuzyasHere

    It Was Fifa You Could Hear The Announcers In The Back Ground

  • themav80

    A classic sitcom with laugh tracks and freeze frame endings.

    “That’s our Ovi!” Ovechkin smiles and shrugs at the camera. Cue laughing.

  • Jim

    I think my 88-year old grandmother could do as many push-ups as Ovi