On Sunday, Evgeny Kuznetsov practiced for the first time as a Washington Capital. Since it was a scheduled off-day for the rest of the team, Kuzya was alone on the ice. With only head coach Adam Oates and strength and conditioning coach Mark Nemish on the ice, Kuznetsov performed some drills.

Towards the end of his 50-minute practice, Kuznetsov and the coaches had some fun, taking pot shots at an empty net from the opposing goal.

Kuznetsov first used the boards like a pool table on a couple attempts, which was pretty cool. Then, on one of his final tries, he heaved the puck like 50 feet into the air. After three or four seconds, you hear a soft thud of the puck hitting the back of the net 190 feet away. Like literally the center. It’s hard to make out (go full screen) but you have to see this.

It looked so perfect that I thought it was unnatural — like one of those CGI’d commercials.

A wall-earned handshake is in order.

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  • JH

    Sick. Unbelievable.

  • Guest

    Welcome Kuzya

  • Harry Taint

    Great Job Guys!!!! Pure awesomenessism

  • Chiz


  • Shaun Phillips

    Ovi, take notes. This is how you hit an empty net. 🙂

  • JenCo

    That’s amazing!! I’ll take your word for it though. All I can see are the puck marks on the glass. HAHAHA

  • Sjomin

    Looks like push ups are in order for Mr. Nemish.

  • JenCo

    WAIT!! I can almost barely see it!! Yay!!

  • I saw it with my very own two eyes, I promise. It’s times like these where I wish Ian iPad took better video.

  • JenCo

    Maybe he and Bondra can do an updated Trick Shot segment on CRL!!

  • That would be really, really cool. They could have shots deflect off my giant noggin and into the net.

  • Rob

    You should have filmed this on an iPad

  • Barrett

    So what….Jeff Schultz did this….during a game…with a goalie in the opposing net.

  • And me for filming this with an iPad.

  • yv

    So, tonight and tomorrow Kuzya should be on ice with Pens EN during last minute!
    Still no info on Caps site and capgeek about his contract and corresponding moves to accommodate him besides Grabos (LT?) injury reserve. Must be a lot of performance bonuses to go through, like Ovi had.

  • Alex

    Dammit I was just going to say that!

  • Harry Taint

    This is not hard….you “people” must know nothing about hockey.

  • WorstBlogEver

    You people really don’t know anything about hockey. Anyone can do this. Get off your knees, fanboys.

  • Harry Taint

    not at all, actually.

  • Zachary Adomanis

  • frowning

    but can he do it 15 times in 15 seconds?

  • Diller M

    I was at that game sitting level with where Schultz took the shot from. No one in the arena knew what had happened, it was classic. my wife who was sitting next to me just turned to me and said “can he do that?”. Of course we went on to blow a two goal lead and I can’t remember if we won or lost in OT but I won’t forget that goal.

  • RPS

    Holy cow that’s the first time that has ever been done!…seriously guys, even benders hit the net from that far away. calm down!

  • ??

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Worst part about iPad videos? No zoom.

  • John Lindner

    Kevin Hatcher did this against Mike Ritcher in a game

  • RPS

    ?? Why you hyping empty net goals in freaking practice with no opposing players forechecking? You make it seem like this guy is Wayne Gretzky or something. Mike Smith did this earlier this season IN A GAME!

  • Myan

    I’m super excited about him playing but this really isn’t that big of a deal…I’ve seen guys do this in beer league games when there’s an empty net.

  • Jonah

    yeah same. this is what my team does when coach is explaining drills that we already know or are not interested in.

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    RIP Atlanta. RIP Ugliest Sweaters in Hockey.

  • Owen Johnson
  • Twisted

    haha Brendan Morrison or was that supposed to be Grabovski, Ribiero, Laich, Arnott, Fedorov. I’ve lost track. Which one was supposed to be “the answer” to the second line C problem again?