“I wanna thank the @tblighting for this pretty sweet honor. Hockey has always been a hidden passion. Now ppl are gonna know my little secret #StayHungry” (from @simplyAJ10’s Instagram)

Up until recently, Baltimore and Washington had shared a sports legacy. Baltimore has always been a Capitals town. After the Colts and before the Ravens, Baltimore rooted for the Red Pandas. After the Senators and before the Nationals, Washington rooted for the Os.

The last fifteen years have shattered the detente, but nothing cuts deeper than this most recent, most foul betrayal by Baltimore’s own Adam Jones.

Down in Florida for spring training, the center fielder for the Baltimore Orioles was a special guest (“Social Captain”) of the Tampa Bay Lightning, a team that– for the record, and I just checked this — is not the Washington Capitals.

Though Jones had attended Caps games as recently as last year, it seems he’s since moved on to warmer climes.

I think I’m gonna be sick. I mean, just look at this mess. It’s tawdry.

Oh, you like hockey? We’ve got one of those up here in the DC/MD/VA too, dude.

He likes nachos, too?! Ovi! Do you see this? He likes nachos! The insults keep coming.

Stop trying to make me like you with that winsome smile and the 33 homers. I’m onto you.

Actually, we say SCOAR. It’s like you don’t even know us.

Ondrej Palat, by the way, had a huge game. Two goals. Not enough to best the ‘Yotes in rego though. The game went to…

The gimmick. Hope you enjoy it, Benedict Arnold. Nothing you c0uld say will make me change my mind abo—

Dammit. Alright, I still love AJ.

Just come back to the Caps. We need you. Also, let’s get that OBP back above .330.

Go Os. (Go Nats too.)

  • That (Go Nats too) must have gotten past editing. Drats.

  • RY

    That’s why you root for the Nationals.

  • Sarah

    Ross Detwiler is a huge Blues fan, but that’s way better than the Lightning.

  • Bagace

    Nats fans have had to deal with Tyler Clippard being a huge TB Lightning fan for years now.

  • Tampa Bay Lighting

    As The owner of @tampa_bay_lighting:disqus Twitter account (An Account I set up because the NHL kept tweeting their own team wrong), I want to thank AJ for all the tweets and messages I got

  • Sarah

    Nats fans have had to deal with Tyler Clippard for years fullstop. (I kid I kid, I like Clip when he’s being Good Clip.)

  • jennrubenstein

    i could see if they had spring training in tampa, but i just googled it and the O’s are in sarasota, which is… googling… 50 miles from tampa. which is the same distance between the phone booth and opacy. hmm…

  • jennrubenstein

    correction: it’s further! i’m being entirely unhelpful. i’ll go now.

  • jspoke

    Oh leave Jonies alone. I’m just glad he likes hockey! Which makes me like him even more. Have the Caps offered him the same opportunity? Hint, hint Washington Capitals PR people.

  • JenCo

    He said he wanted to drive a Zamboni the other day. I re-tweeted it to the Caps, but I supposed TB got to him first.

  • capscapscaps

    ross detwiler is a huge caps fan too and always goes to games. I think he might be friends with Carlson.

  • JH

    So, while we’re at it, can people STOP yelling “OH” at “Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave” when the national anthem is sung at Caps games – and any other DC team game? That is a Baltimore thing, people. They are not us. If you’re at Camden Yards or Ravens Stadium, knock yourself out with your “Oh” – hon.

  • Like I said: Baltimore is a Caps town. Always has been. Always will be.

  • luv2mtb

    AJ can cheer for whoever he wants. And the Gnats are terrible.

  • Owen Johnson


  • Ash

    Eh. Everyone I know does it as O for Ovechkin. Baltimore is frankly not on our minds at all. Sorry, hon.

  • Ash

    …that came out a lot meaner than it sounded in my head when I was typing it, my bad. I totally get you wanting to defend your thing. My only point is that some people may be doing a whole different thing 🙂

  • PJ

    Never heard this. I guess it’s a nice way to pretend it can be a DC thing, too, although explaining why it existed pre-Ovie and will exist post-Ovie will be hard.

  • Bryan S.

    Can people please refrain from yelling *ANYTHING* during the national anthem? This has always burned me up… We have two amazing anthem singers, and the occasional guest, so just stand respectfully (sing along if you like) and enjoy.