This is an image of Martin Erat, a professional hockey player, after scoring a “goal.”

Capitals pariah Martin Erat was shipped out of townat his request— at the trade deadline. Disappointing everyone with his performance in Washington since the Filip Forsberg trade in April of 2013, Erat never really found a spot in the Caps lineup. (Or maybe he just got limited ice time, weaker linemates, and a rigid coach who didn’t exploit his talents, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Erat scored just one goal in 2013-14 as a Capital– an empty netter right before the Olympic break. If you count own goals, make it two. Oof.

So what did we think would happen once he got out of town? Of course he would score. Of. Freaking. Course. That’s just freaking priceless.

With the game tied at two in the third period and the Bolts going for a line change, Erat went on the forecheck. He pounced on Victor Hedman before tucking the puck behind Ben Bishop.

The Coyotes went on to win in the shootout.

There goes Marty Erat. The lone wolf. The man without a country. He didn’t land in Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. landed on him.

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  • scrubversive

    Hi Marty, glad you’re doing well in your new home. I knew you were a pretty good hockeymans, but your success still feels like a kick in the balls. But by all means, continue your success against the other 28 teams and refrain from kicking us in the balls directly (though I suspect that’s something you would love to do).

  • Brackaphobia

    Despite his scoring habits, Marty will fit in nicely in Phoenix, I think . Mostly because they’re a team filled with really weird names: Klinkhammer, Vrbata, Chipchura, Schlemko, Korpikoski…


  • Hockey mom

    Good for him. Just glad he didn’t start his streak against us.

  • Marky Narc

    Reminds me of when Jason Allison went 3489530495 games without a goal. We finally gave up and traded him to Boston, where he promptly scored.

    I may be off a little in the number of games Allison went goalless with us.

  • Safoster

    Weird story, but Erat played 12:13 last night. Tippett must be a moron too.

    Don’t worry though, I won’t let facts get in the way of your “look at me, I was right” piece.

  • JH

    At least he scored vs. an Eastern Conference team. I hope he scores every time he plays against any of our rivals. Thanks, Marty!

  • Witter

    That was still an empty net goal..

  • You have misread the piece.

  • Safoster

    “maybe he just got limited ice time, weaker linemates, and a rigid coach who didn’t exploit his talents, but that’s neither here nor there”

    If that wasn’t in the piece I wouldn’t have misread it.

  • You picked out the parenthetical, added for fairness, at the expense of the headline, the caption, the first graf, the second graf, the third graf, and the fourth graf.

  • Justin
  • OlietheGoalie

    No, my memory says that’s right. He was also their Captain, if that says anything.

  • RT23

    I think I see the genius now. This has all been an incredibly devious multi-year strategy by GMGM. He is planting sleeper cell moles on other teams around the league, to be activated at key moments. Not sure whether they act on their own volition or if they’ve been brainwashed by Oates and then Craig Laughlin calls them and reads “the woods are lovely, dark and deep” to them and then gives them their assignment. Marty was finally given the go ahead to score last night when we needed him to knock off TB for us. It’s comforting to know that we have Hendricks, Ribero, Erat, Varlamov and of course Matty P and Bruce to come east and knock off our competitors and also Semin, Neuvy, Jagr to undermine their eastern teams at just the right moment. Boy we all owe GMGM an apology for not appreciating the long game he is playing. I even wonder if he brought Halak here just to torture him as revenge for 2010.

    Now if he can just remember the secret code to bring Mike Green out of the deep trance he put him in a few years ago. They mist have misplaced it. It explains a lot.

  • Steve Hickey

    Is this gonna become a thing? Everytime Marty scores are we gonna have to read about it? Good luck to Marty, sorry it didn’t work out. On with my life……

  • I don’t think this a series, but I do think a player who was benched and demanded a trade after going scoreless for so long scoring one week after leaving is newsworthy.

  • Ash

    I think maybe the reactions would be a little different if he hadn’t already scored during the Olympics, or if the Caps had won last night? We already knew he’s capable of scoring. As it is, this just was one more kick to the junk after a disappointing night. (Not that RMNB shouldn’t report the kicks to the junk! I appreciate the fact you guys report the bad as well as the good, and do it in entertaining ways.)

    But I can see why people would just sorta shrug in reply to this news.

  • CapsCast

    I think the weirdest part of that goal was that Erat scored it from the right side. I mean, isn’t he left-handed? He was playing on his off-wing? This kind of nonsense would never go on with a team like the Capitals, I can tell you that right now!

  • Jack Conness

    I hope Marty tears it up the rest of the season. Good for him!

  • Against EC teams? Yeah, me too. I’m pissed they gave TOR a loser point.

  • yv

    This is not a big event just minor curious one. After ~100 futile shots eventually one will go in, like last year’ Chimmys, and can happen with any player in any game. I think terrific Semin’s goal, who start scoring almost in every game, is better event than this one by Erat, who probably will remain unproductive in Coyotes lineup as well, just look and compare Ribs stats.

  • Pat Magee

    Hey, at least it was against TB!

  • OlietheGoalie

    He’s the best player ever. We should see if we can get him in a trade.

  • J-in-PA

    I’m disappointed it wasn’t GERAT or something in that vein

  • Brady Lawrence


  • Jonah

    i think it was “wow that italian family at the table over there is sure quiet”