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It is silly to compare Evgeny Malkin (500+ games, Stanley Cup, Conn Smythe, Hart, two Art Ross Trophies) to Evgeny Kuznetsov (one game, 10 minutes on ice)–  even if they were born a couple hundred miles away from one other– basically the same neighborhood by Russian standards.

Then again, it’s also fun, which is why people have been doing it for awhile— including Valery Belousov, Kuznetsov’s old coach at Traktor and the man who oversaw Malkin’s development at Magnitogorsk.

In our brief conversation on Sunday, Kuzya flatly dismissed all comparisons to his much more famous namesake. But what does Geno think about it? Well, let’s take a look at today’s edition of Sovetsky Sport, where we find Dmitry Chesnokov’s interview with the Penguins’ star after Monday’s game.

What can you say about Evgeny Kuznetsov’s debut?

You could see it was difficult for him. I remember my first game. The hockey here is very different, not like in Russia. He did not get that much ice time, but he moved well. It’s hard to play on the fourth line. The coach probably wanted to protect the kid, give him some time to adapt. I hope he is going to get improve.

Fourth line: is this meant to be critically?

That’s for the coach to decide. But obviously, Kuznetsov is a different type of forward. He likes to play with the puck, to attack. He is a top two lines forward.

Kuzya is often compared to you. Do you see anything in common?

I actually try not to look at myself from the outside. I don’t like my game. I can’t even describe my style. But Kuznetsov is a very decent forward. He only needs to improve physically. Then no one is going to be like him. You will see the progress. Right now he has things he needs to work on. He had injuries – need to learn lessons from that. And most importantly – not to stay in the same place.

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  • Freedoooom

    The Ogre is right.

  • Rob W.

    I really think he will be fine once he gets used to his new life here and getting used to the new league. I think he will kind of be like Tarasenko in StL

  • Kelsey

    I feel like I’m betraying the Caps when I say this but… Malkin’s foine

  • MuzzMuzzington

    My wife has always called him the big monkey guy.

  • JH

    OMG he’s Shrek!

  • Jake Ettawakapow

    Balboa is right.

  • yv

    He is and would be better than Tarasenko (and Nichushkin). He shown this when he played with them in the same teams.

  • yv

    Both Kuzya and Malkin have dismissed Q about their style of play and don’t know about it. Same Chelyabinsk character!?

  • what is this


  • Jonah

    he reminds me more of josh from drake and josh

  • Jonah

    i actually think they resent being compared just because they *only* lived a few miles away. It seems like they don’t want to be put into a certain box just because of where they’re from.

  • Andrew

    “Right now he has things he needs to work on… most importantly – not to stay in the same place.” It’s either ‘never stop improving’ or ‘get the hell out of Washington’.

  • Austin

    I feel like I’m constantly saying ” why carrick why” everytime he’s on the ice

  • Roy Schue

    He did break up that 3 on 2 in the 1st period….then turned the puck over 2 seconds later

  • Austin

    Lol true, still not enough for me to like him

  • Roy Schue

    Think he could be decent in a year or two, just not now

  • Scott Mallon

    Shrek kept it real

  • Scott Mallon

    I felt like he was talking about his play on the ice. Don’t let your game get one dimensional and don’t limit yourselves to certain areas on the ice

  • SJ

    Hey now, if y’all can admire Maria.