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Photos: Chris Gordon

The Capitals held their annual Casino Night on Wednesday, where fans dropped serious cash on live and silent auctions. Caps players couldn’t participate in those auctions, but they were given a bunch of raffle tickets.

One of the items up for grabs: a chance to meet Alex Ovechkin. “It is my dream!” Dmitry Orlov joked as he looked over the raffle items.

Ovechkin put about twenty tickets randomly in various bags. Now I can’t confirm this, but Ovechkin appeared to have placed tickets in the raffle to meet himself. Vintage Ovi.

With all those tickets, Ovi naturally came away with prizes. He didn’t win that Matt Wieters-signed baseball he was so excited about in the photo above, but he did end up the proud owner of Six Flags America tickets and a three-month gym membership.

That last one is probably unnecessary.


CapsCasinoNight (1 of 1)-2

Ovechkin puts in a ticket

  • This post reminds me of this

  • Brouwer Rangers

    Thanks for not including the photo of us accidentally spilling all the tickets out of the “meet Ovi” bag.

  • sheena dunn

    OMG! PLEASE share that photo!!!!!

  • Shawn Murphy

    What is the word for when you are both charismatic AND enigmatic simultaneously?

  • Diller M

    I love it!

  • Diller M

    I have wanted to go to this event so badly over the past few years. I think next year I’m going to crowd fund my ticket!

  • JenniferH

    Oh, Ovi! All for a good cause!!))))))))

  • troyerlaw

    Hi, guys. It’s Ovie. From hockey. Heavy thoughts today. I don’t win raffle, I don’t win Olympics, now is look like we don’t go playoffs. If we don’t go playoffs, Maria say I can’t buy more cars. Maria grumpy today because Zhenya and his wife here, and Zhenya feet smell so bad, and Mrs. Zhenya eat rest of Cheerios. Maria so angry. Wanted Cheerios. But is okay, Zhenya play FIFA with me, and he worst! Is losing all the time. Worse than Maria even 🙂 Okay, gotta run. If I go late to practice again, Oatesy say I skate on line w/ Patti! Patti best! But also worst 🙁 Remind me of when I skate w/ Crabby & Beags last year. Crabby & Beags best! (But also worst.) Okay, thanks for listen. Gotta go. Maria yelling. Oatesy too. I miss my dogs! Only ones don’t yell. Dogs and Zhenya. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Hare


  • Sarah

    I’d probably like Jagr if I didn’t, ya know, hate him so much.

  • For this to be completely accurate, you need about 643 more closing parenthesis tags strewn about your paragraph.

  • Roman Z.


  • troyerlaw

    Hahahaha!!! Peter best )))))) Peter make best website ever. You want my gym membership, Petr?????? I have extra. You can have. (But don’t tell Maria. I said her dad can have!!) Love you buddy )))))))))))))))))))) Ian too))))))

  • troyerlaw

    i skated w/ Patti (((((((((((((((((((((( I WASN’T EVEN LATE

  • Jonah

    this post just keeps getting better

  • MuzzMuzzington

    D…did you make a reaction gif of your actual reaction?!

  • Amykins

    MY MOM IS IN THAT PHOTO!!! Seriously. The woman in black by Ovi’s right hand is my awesome Mom, who brought me up in Connecticut, took me to my first Whalers game, encouraged me to support my high school team (we didn’t have a women’s team, so I was an athletic supporter) by letting me sit outside in the cold for hours and watch the games, and fostered the hockey fan in me. I have since moved down here and have been a Caps fan for about 15 years, and she is now in Reading, watching the Royals play. This is VERY cool. And a great event – I highly recommend it.

  • Haha, no. Sarcastic Clap has been around for years. It was even used in a music video by MØ!

  • Amykins’ mom, YOU ARE AWESOME.

  • Peter: In your opinion, the blog’s biggest accomplishment is:

    A) Being on CRL
    B) Breaking the Chelyabinsk Meteor news in North America
    C) Having that two second clapping clip of you included in this MØ video

  • No, the music video is number one.