GIFs by Ian Oland, who is looking up spandex unitards on right now.

With a 3-1 lead at the first intermission, the Washington Capitals had a terrific start to Sunday’s game against the Leafs. Then stuff started going wrong. The Caps hardly had the puck in the second and let their two-goal lead slip away when Dion Phaneuf snuck a puck through traffic. The disorder wasn’t limited to the players either; Craig Laughlin had struggles of his own.

With ten minutes left in the game, Troy Brouwer laid a hit on Paul Ranger on neutral ice, sending the latter into Laughlin’s nest between the benches. The collision knocked Laughlin’s telestrator off its perch.

“Watch out, Locker!”  Joe B said.

“Down goes my telestrator. It’s down and out,” replied Locker.

Suddenly: modern art!

At long last, hockey and glitch art have collided. Now, if I can just get Jay Beagle to talk about R+L=J, my master plan will be complete.

Craig quickly restored his precious telestrator.

And then gave it a quick test. During a live broadcast. Why not.

Hey, at least it was during a stoppage in play.

No worries. The Caps pull out the win and Craig’s baby survives to draw another day.

  • p.s. don’t google R+L=J unless you want massive spoilers

  • Freedoooom

    He didn’t sign his work.

  • Adam

    It’s still just a theory, technically…

  • Graham Dumas

    Seriously, he’s such an odd guy

  • Oh, come on now. R+L=J is a theory in the same way gravity, global warming, and 9/11-was-an-inside-job are theories.

  • wait maybe not that last one

  • scrubversive

    Then why did you bring it up, Peter?

    I’m glad I already knew the spoiler in question (even if not by its proper equation). Otherwise my need to sate the curiosity piqued by your comment would have led back down a dark speculative alley that I was beaten up and left for dead in about a year ago.

    ps. don’t google R+L=J for massive spoilers (even if I’m just making it more tantalizing)

  • Emily Wright

    Hold it here.

  • Emily Wright

    Sorry. It’s like a tic I can’t really control.

  • Locker


  • Steve Killmon

    My favorite part is that the fine folks in the CSN truck threw an “INSIDE THE GLASS” graphic on there. Like “even when we’re throwing our equipment around, we still try to look professional.”