The last few weeks have been enough to turn even the most stalwart of Caps fans  unhinged and overstressed monsters. It’d be really easy to become cynical and cop an attitude about the team, but that’s why it’s so important to keep everything in perspective.

Reader Taylor P. wrote us a story last week that was exactly what we needed. Taylor and her brother had an encounter with Eric Fehr and Troy Brouwer at last Tuesday’s game against the Penguins. It was a little moment, but maybe little moments are what this team and this community need to remind ourselves why we’re doing this in the first place.

Russian Machine Writers and Crew,

I would like to share with you my story from the game last night at Consol Energy Center against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

I come from a suburb outside of Pittsburgh, about 30-45 minutes from the city. My family has always been die-hard Pittsburgh sports fans. However, many years ago I became fascinated with hockey, my family was mostly football-oriented, like most American families. When Crosby was drafted, he just didn’t do it for me, he lacked the star power and energy. His game just seemed strictly business, and no fun. This led me to my love for Ovechkin, and developed into a full passion for the entire Washington Capitals team. Although Ovi is my favorite of all time, inspiring the yellow laces I wear during my own hockey games, I love all of the Capitals and proudly wear my gear around Pittsburgh, getting negative comments almost every time, but it never stops me!

Last night, my 11-year-old brother and I attended the game at Consol, with our Ovi jerseys on and ready to support our team in one of the biggest rivalry games, and in enemy territory! During warm ups, I realized that one of the most underrated Capitals is one of the most sincere guys to play the game. Eric Fehr skated over to the boards and looked at us, the only two Capitals fans in sight. There were some Penguins fans behind us, rowdy, and talking down on Ovechkin. Fehr picked up a puck and threw it over the boards, it was batted out of my hands and send into the seats nearby where a Penguins fan took it for himself. Fehr noticed this and shook his head. A few moments later Fehr returned, picked up another puck, pointed at me as an indicator for all of the Penguins fans around, and tossed it over the boards for me.

Fehr has always been a contributor to the Capitals, and he’s also one of the most genuine Capitals in the organization. This meant a lot to me, that Fehr came back and made a point to give a puck to the only two Capitals fans in sight. Living in Pittsburgh, it is not easy to make my way to D.C. for meet and greets or to go to Capitals practices, but meeting Eric Fehr and thanking him for such a wonderful memory is something I hope to do.

I wanted to share this story about Fehr because he is such an overlooked player, but he is a staple in this organization and just shows the heart of a true hockey player, playing for the fans and not the fame and money. Fehr went out of his way to bring a smile to my face and a memory that will last forever. As a die-hard Washington Capitals fan living in Pittsburgh, its rare to experience the boys up close, and this just increases my love for the organization. Although they are in a slump and barely scraping the surface of the playoffs, lets not give up on them, and remember that although they are currently struggling, we still have a number of great players with a great heart.

Thank you and LET’S GO CAPS,


Thanks, Taylor.

Taylor later told us Troy Brouwer noticed her brother’s sign and tossed him a puck as well.

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  • Lawrence

    Love me some Fehr and Brouwer niceness.

    Also, for standing up to those pen fans? You guys rock!

  • Langway

    Nicely done, Taylor. Thanks for sharing this experience. You and your brother will remember this for a long time. Go CAPS!

  • Fehr did us the same kindness a few years ago before a playoff game. He flipped a puck over to our youngest son and noticed my older son was disappointed. Next go-around he made sure our eldest got a puck too.

    I sincerely hope he and his beau become parents – Eric shows his heart of gold for kids already!

  • LasagnaSonja

    I think about Fehrzie’s 2nd chance with the Caps at least once a week, & it still gives me chills!! I am happy for him that he was able to play for his home team in Winnipeg, but his home was always Washington!! I die with happiness when I think he left, but came back! & dont get me started with Brouw!! I love how fan oriented he is!! Hes such a great sport with the Brouwer Rangers, & he always seems to take that extra step with the fans!! Love this team, yesterdays game for some reason solidified that for me, with all of the camaraderie between teammates & the achievements! I’m more of a Caps every day!

  • Brian Bean

    Been to many away games as a Caps fan (with the Caps Road Crew and on my own) and Fehr does this all the time. It’s awesome to see the smiles on kids faces as he tosses them the puck.

  • Daniel Walker

    I am convinced that if he was put in the right positioin in the line up on a regular basis, F16 would be a twenty plus goal scorer every season. Great team guy to. When Oates benched him for no apparent reason earlier this year, you didn’t hear a stitch of complaining. One of my favorite Caps fo sho.

  • JenniferH

    That is an awesome story. I love me some Fehr, and dangit, i like Brouwer too!

  • Chris Cerullo

    I also wear yellow laces in my skates. Keep holding it down in the Steel City for the Caps!

  • capsfan19

    Fehr gave me a puck in Montreal…I was watching warmups (in my Caps jersey, of course) behind the glass next to the tunnel, and as he was skating off he smiled at me, held his glove out, and randomly handed me a puck. I proceeded to thank him profusely and he just smiled and nodded before going down the tunnel. Truly an awesome, humble guy!