When I sat down to film my CRL segment on Jay Beagle’s flip phone, I thought he might be mildly annoyed. Maybe he was appearing at the behest of the Capitals PR department. We were, after all, making fun of him, if only in a lighthearted way. Instead, Beags played along. He talked about Flipper, guessed his teammates tweets, and sat through my flubbed intros.

When it came time to try out new phones with the Verizon guy, Beagle pretended not to know how anything worked.

“So how do I answer a call?” he asked regarding a touch screen phone, after “accidentally” turning on some music. “I can’t flip it!”

Beagle had the most fun when he got to the tablets.

“Is this a phone?” I recall him asking. “How does this fit in your pocket?”

When we wrapped up, Beagle had an idea. He’d walk out to his car holding the tablet up to his head and pretending to talk on the phone.

“Hey Carly?” he said, walking out of the Kettler conference room where we filmed. He continued talking all the way to his truck, not realizing the scene had already cut. Autograph seekers waiting outside were very confused.

This would’ve made it into the segment, but the sound quality wasn’t that great. Oh well.

GIF by Ian Oland.

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  • This is so great.

  • Patrick Neimeyer

    Beags just upgraded his technological arsenal by at least a decade. But his fashion is still lacking, are plaid jackets still in?

  • erinamanda13

    This is flipping hilarious. I would’ve loved to see the stares he was getting from the people waiting for autographs.

  • CLoak And Dagger

    Atta boy, this is great.

  • Simonezero
  • GetchaGrubbOn

    Sees ex.
    Fakes phone call.
    ‘Does this thing take calls? I don’t know. Commit!!’
    “Hey, Carly!”

  • Owen Johnson

    I love technology. But not as much as you you see.

  • Lost in all of this is how big a beauty Jay Beagle is. Flannel jacket with zipped up hoodie. Courage Caps on backwards with nice flow out the back. BEAUTICIAN

  • Roman Z.

    This gif made me uneasy…

  • Theresa Dawson

    Actually the autograph seekers were laughing because Beags kept walking to his truck, talking into the tablet the whole time, even after the camera person filming him was heading back inside. Seems like both Beags and the camera person were the ones confused, not the autograph seekers….lol!!

  • salgotnv

    I’m really intrigued by #u


  • Jonah

    I’m pretty sure that fashion doesn’t count for people that buy their clothes with the money they make playing hockey.