I live in Frederick and work in Columbia, Maryland. That’s a 100-mile round trip every day. When I drove home from work on Monday night, my front left tire blew out as I entered the city. I coasted to the nearest Roy Rogers I could find, buried my sorrows under a starchy mound of Gold Rush Chicken sandwiches, and instagram’d a photo of my blown tire.

And I was barraged by Brooks Laich jokes.

Four years ago, after the Caps got eliminated from the playoffs by the Montreal Canadiens, Laich changed the flat tire of two Caps fans stranded on the shoulder of the Roosevelt Bridge. It earned him a nomination from Sports Illustrated as Sportsman of the Year for 2010. His deed was later honored with an RMNB t-shirt (obviously, just as prestigious).

Once I got home, I sat in my computer chair, dreading the cost of a new tire or four. A few minutes later, an email popped into my inbox. It read “@brookslaich favorited a Tweet you were mentioned in!”


That was the only thing that made me feel better all night.

So, no, Brooks Laich didn’t change my tire last night, but I’m pretty sure he would have if he were in Frederick.

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  • GetchaGrubbOn
  • Myan

    Go to Costco! They’ll install it for free and rotate your tires for free every 10,000(?) miles! (I have no idea how often you’re supposed to rotate your tires. I’ve literally done it one time in my entire life…live dangerously)

  • pixiestix

    Brooksie’s parents raised a fine son

  • CapsGirl7443

    Go to W & W Tire and Auto Center in Finskburg, Maryland! Awesome service and friendly people. The President is a HUGE Caps fan.

  • Josh Willison

    Dude I didn’t know Roy Rogers were still around.

  • Patrick Neimeyer

    Might be all those damn rusty nails in Frederick, and yes we were brought down to earth when we saw those “mazda,” rims on Ian’s ride. A true “working man’s,” chariot, but look on the bright side could be worse right?

  • Graham Dumas

    My question is, why is everyone in the car looking AWAY from the curious lions? What’s on the other side of the car, a Kraken?

  • I’m confused by this comment. They never left?

  • Outside of the Plamondon franchise in and around Frederick, they’ve mostly been supplanted by Hardees

  • VirginiaPatriot

    There are 2 in Leesburg!

  • CapsGirl7443

    There is one in Westminster before you hit Safeway and stuff. It’s across the street from the Plum Crazy Diner

  • Chris Cerullo

    One in Germantown near the Soccerplex I believe as well

  • Jay DeLancey

    There is one right across the street from where I work in Frederick. Right by lowes.

  • brian!

    Generally, every time you change your oil. So roughly every 3,000-6,000 miles depending on tread wear.

  • Myan

    Man I suck at life 🙁

  • Meghan

    that’s my boyfriend’s tweet! he was so excited when Brooks favorited it!! NOW he’s on RMNB. I’m pretty sure he just fainted.

  • RESmith

    Ow. That is rough. I live a little south of Columbia and that is a long commute. I did the 100 mile round trip to work for three years and it takes a lot out of you. Especially when you are late and you got a whole lot of ground to cover to be somewhere.

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    All I know is that you drive a Mazda. My AAA membership is expired. Thanks for the reminder!

  • R.O’B.

    uhhh there’s 3 in Frederick, get out of the dark ages and into deliciousness