On Comcast Sportsnet’s pre-game show Capitals Central (alliteration!), Smokin’ Al Koken interviewed forward Chris Brown to ask the prospect what it was like to score his first NHL goal against the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday.

Before Brown could even get a word out, Jason Chimera stormed from the glass doors behind them to unleash yet another Caps video-bomb.

Turn up the sound to get the full effect.

There’s a primal scream, a little tongue-wagging, and a perfect framing job by the Ice Cheetah there.

And, of course, your GIF.

While the Washington Capitals are still on the outside looking in on the playoffs, their video-bombing this season has been second to none.

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  • Shaun Phillips

    Think Chimmer saw the Jagr bomb and decided to 1-up it.

  • Yay or nay: Chris Brown looks like Bradley Cooper?

  • Nicole Lippy


  • Lawrence

    Okay…these caps are taking photo bombs to a whole new level of awesomeness.

  • Kim Peacock

    I think he looks more like the sidekick from The Social Network, Andrew Garfield… ya know the new Spiderman. See Pic.. Cooper on the left, Garfield on the right

  • Guest

    I think he looks like Alex Pettyfer

  • ATPinDC

    He’s a perfect combo of the two!