With forty-five seconds left in regulation and the Washington Capitals shorthanded and sans a goalie, Evgeny Kuznetsov scored one of the biggest goals of the season. Certainly the biggest of his career– seeing as it was his first. After Alex Ovechkin unleashed a rushed shot from the point, Kuzya did the dirty work in front of the net, backhanding the loose puck past Jonathan Quick. Game tied 4-4.

The goal set off a wild celebration among fans and players– with the exception of one guy, who had some captainly duties to perform.

This was Evgeny Kuznetsov’s first NHL goal, and Ovechkin was not going to let that milestone puck get away.

Note the sequence of events here. Kuznetsov scores, then Ovechkin dives ungracefully into the goal frame, reaches for the puck, gets up, and skates a million miles per hour towards his celebrating teammates.

Another look:

Maybe the most excited Ovechkin’s been about a puck since Martin Erat scored that empty-netter a few months ago.

Even though there are so many things happening — loud horns sounding, teammates celebrating, a big game tied — it’s remarkable to me that Ovechkin’s first thought is to retrieve the puck for his teammate. It’s the little things.

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  • hockeywatcher

    The way he skates off with the puck, arms outstretched crustacean-style, reminds me of a gleeful, exuberant 4 year old 🙂

  • Exactly

  • Stephen Chastain

    I was also amazed that his shot from the point was unleashed with the force of a refrigerator shot out of a cannon. I’ve never seen a defender’s stick fly out of his hands when blocking a shot like that before.

  • Josh

    How could you possibly not love this guy and think he doesn’t care! You couldn’t be more correct… it is the little things!

  • mariochalmers123

    You can only criticize Ovie’s passion for the game if you’ve never watched him play. You hear that Milbury you POS?

  • yv

    The end of 3d period and OT with Kuzya scoring, Ovi and Orly skating and flying like crazy Acela express, that was pure demonstration of Russian machine unleashed. I was really sorry that Orly hit the post in OT after speeding through all zones. That could be an epic comeback and celebration.

  • holtbysaidno

    Oh Captain, my Captain

  • CSA

    That’s the most net crashing OV has done in years. 🙂

  • Steven Lemmeyer

    I commend RMNB for creating this gif and article. I saw last night on the recap in the comments section someone suggest ya’ll do this. I don’t know if that was the catalyst but, regardless, well done. Class act by Ovi all the way.

  • Yo8

    He tripped like five times in that goal hahaha!

  • Myan

    You guys are awesome! This is one of the best GIFs you’ve made yet 🙂

  • Myan actually suggested it! As soon as I saw it happen live though, I knew I had to do a separate post on it. It just so happens our readers are awesome and just know what types of things we’re going to write about before we actually write about them.

    And Steven, I agree with you. Ovi rules.

  • Chris Cerullo

    This comment is my favorite.

  • ATPinDC

    Great goal-cam gif! I love that it follows Ovi as he skates off to celebrate. 😀

  • mariochalmers123

    Thanks but let’s be real here. “Crustacean style” is unbeatable.

  • G

    And the Hillen-Ovie collision wouldn’t have happened. 🙁

  • Steven Lemmeyer

    Cross that one off the bucket list, “Have RMNB directly respond to you”.

  • Whitey Wheeler

    What’s the poop on Backy and Hillen?

  • Steven Lemmeyer
  • Whitey Wheeler

    Ovie loves memorabilia, apparently. Perhaps his home is full of coasters, match books, and ticket stubs like mine.

  • Mt. Loudoun

    It was a big goal, but he may feel the scoring against the Great White North (Canada) in the World Juniors was BIG…

  • erinamanda13

    I was just thinking that very thing myself.

  • Bugs Fire

    It’s such a shame Orlov’s OT shot hit the post, Green could not put it past Quick and Ovie was tied up in front. All in the waning second of the overtime. I agree with Peter that it is a miracle Caps got a point out of this game despite of how they had the lead for nearly 3/4 of the game. But had they scored OT winner, it would be just and aftershock to the earthquake of Kuznetsov’s first NHL goal.

    While it’s no doubt Kuzya’s finest moment so far and he completely deserves it, there are three other players that need mention. Orlov who got the puck where it had to go. Fehr, who mysteriously outplayed what looked like whole LA team. And, of course, the Russian machine #8.

    When I first saw him play what seems like 100 years ago, what was immediately endearing was his relentless pursuit. I think what idiots like Milbury choose to ignore is that only a 19 year old can run around like that 100% of the time. As Ovie aged, he can no longer do this, and all the time he “floats” it’s to conserve the no longer limitless energy for that one game winning burst. It was on full display, and I can watch that video 1000 times without getting tired. He jumps on the ice after Halak comes to the bench, sprints past the blue line to connect with Fehr’s blind pass, sends Richards’ stick flying like a boomerang and keeps coming to the net like a freight train. The Gr8est show on Earth.

  • Owen Johnson
  • Owen Johnson

    But, but, he doesn’t care. If you watch him, you’ll notice that he’s RUSSIAN!

  • Jonah

    “A gleeful, exuberant 4year old” is the most perfect explanation of OV I have ever read.

  • Whitey Wheeler

    LMAO, I knew it!