Julianne Hough has been busy lately. She has announced that she will be doing a dance tour around the nation with her brother Derek. She also will be returning to Dancing With The Stars as a guest judge in two weeks.

We do not care about that. We care about Hough watching the Caps play at Verizon Center on Tuesday night (well, maybe we care; I guess this is debatable). I assume she was there to support her injured boyfriend, Brooks Laich, who recently went under the knife to repair his injured groin.

Here’s a treat: everybody’s favorite paparazzo Homer McFanboy posted this photo of Hough on the concourse, which was taken by an anonymous friend.

Here you see Julianne smiling with friends and— HEY, wait a minute. What is in her hands?



Hough is rocking two beers like she’s Julianne 40-Hands.

But which beers? What. Beers. I must know.

The first is obviously a Molson. I could pick out that red maple leaf from a mile away.


But what is the other one?

All I can make out is D-S. Hm, wait a minute…

Can I phone a friend, Reeg?



She’s holding a can a Redds Apple Ale.


Special thanks to friend-of-the-blog Suzanne Kang for helping us research the can designs.

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  • Emily Wright

    Read that quadrant as “lambada”. Now am disappointed.

  • William

    This is a bit odd, Ian. I don’t mind seeing her though 🙂

  • If your first reaction is, “why in the hell did Ian spend an hour writing and analyzing this?” then i did a good job. For me, the whole RMNB Investigates series is basically making fun of super serious TV Investigative News Crews like this.


  • Chris Best

    I think this falls under the “too much free time on your hands” category. 🙂

  • Max McCool

    This is the type of hard hitting, no stone left unturned journalism that’s going to take this team to the top, boys. To the top!

  • JoeA

    If she walked up to you and held out the Redds, and said, “Here, I got this just for you,” would your reply be “Gross”?

  • Diller M

    Would a less awkward headline have been “Which are the two beers JH is holding”? or “What is JH drinking” the headline as written seems wrong because of the two- is contradiction. Although I think it is gramatically correct.

  • Mike Rogers

    I like it. Keep investigating. Next time though I’d like you to investigate what label is on the back of Julianne’s jeans:)

  • [shakes head] That is Creepy with a capital C!

  • Ben Reed

    So the Molson was for Brooks, right?

  • JoeWelsh

    At the next RMNB party, let’s 1) announce it with enough advanced noticed so I can come up with a good excuse to break my other plans and 2) have a Julianne 40-Hands tournament. Winner gets a RMNB shirt of their choice.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Just imagining this occurring makes me lol

  • Steve Hickey

    crack reporting ;-P

  • snow-ape
  • Any and all future RMNB posts about Julianne Hough will be tagged with


  • Eric

    Hey I love Redd’s! Plus I have a gluten allergy, so it’s either have a Redd’s or a $16 shot of whiskey. I’ll take the Redd’s.

  • I know the Redd’s Apple Ale is available on the club lvl (200’s), it’s in the bar area by section 201ish.

    Molson, i’ve never seen other than the roaming guys who only take cash, it’s very unfortunate considering I’ve never had much use for cash since like 2001.

  • jowitt09

    I’ve only had Redd’s once and it was just a sample while watching my college football team at a bar. We were losing at that point and the sample was pretty gross. Long story (and quite a few Yeunglings later) short, my team ended up beating the then no.5 team in the country and eventually beat the snot out of Baylor in the Fiesta bowl after that warm, nasty bit of fate. Guess I should pound some Redd’s, for the Caps’ sake?

  • Jeremy in Bethesda

    Last sentence glaring typo. She’s holding a can OF Redd’s Apple Ale.

    In depth reporting right here, your move Monumental Network


    She is holding Cans?

  • C Breezy

    I hate to break it to you buddy, but Redd’s is not gluten-free, it’s an ale not a cider brah. You big phony! Best gluten-free beer is Omission, you can take that to the bank. Source: Redd’s website – http://www.reddsapple.com/Redds/Faq

  • RT23

    I think we need to give her some credit on a few fronts…
    -She’s at a game when Brooks isn’t playing so she may be a real hockey fan, not just a girlfriend.
    -She’s not hiding in a suite, she’s out on the concourse.
    -She’s not sipping wine, she’s pounding beers. (OK, maybe an exaggeration but that’s how I’d like to picture it)
    -She’s 2-fisting it. Maybe that’s the best way to enjoy the Reds Apple, cannonballing back and forth between that and the Molson.
    -Or, she’s only drinking one and she’s bringing the Molson to Brooks so he can rest his groin. That’s helpful to us, though she may have her own motivations in that area.

    I’m liking this girl for our Brooksie so far. Oh and she’s not too bad looking either.

  • Shmoo

    Everything about the roaming beer vendors is very unfortunate.
    1. Blocking sightlines during play
    2. Crap beer. Throw some local craft cans in the mix, dummies
    3. Cash only? A damn smartphone + card reader.

  • Shmoo

    Highly recommend RMNB create your own version of this promo and embed it in each post. Your intent went over my head, but this is priceless.

  • Shmoo

    “Not in my house, Julianne!” *SLAP* “Ah ah ah ah.”

  • Joe

    If the Reds was for Brooks I am going to laugh…

  • Bonzaichkin

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Caps have lost every game she has been in attendance for (or at least the one’s where she has been spotted in the stands on this site: in New York, here for Philly, and now the Kings).