RMNB Party 6 in Photos and Videos


Eat your heart out, Ellen. (Photo: Chris Gordon)

For some this has been a long week. That’s because of the fallout from RMNB Party 6. We’re not even remotely sorry.

On Saturday night, RFD gave us the keys to their private back bar and 300+ of you cycled in to watch the Caps/Sharks game with us. It was magical. The Caps ended their 21-year losing streak in San Jose and about 150 of you jumped for joy in the wee hours of the morning with us when it happened. Seriously. The video is below. It was like a hockey mosh pit.

Along the way, we all made some new friends. Horn Guy and Goat cheered the team on. And I debuted the new Brouwer Rangers helmet I will wear at Verizon Center this Saturday.

Thanks to all of you who hung out with us. To those who didn’t: tsk, tsk. You missed out.

The iPad Selfie of the Crowd

Video: RFD Goes Wild After Caps End 21-Year Losing Streak

Chris Gordon’s Photos


I don the helm. Owen (the #PerryCelly sign guy) watches in awe.


Brouwer Ranger Nathan is proud of what he hath wrought. Also: Brouwer bomb.


Thumbs down!


Peter admires the handiwork.


Aaaaaaand fingerguns.


Oh. Dear. More iPad photos.


There were girls there. Here’s proof. Also: Hassett bomb.


Meredith brought her non-hockey boyfriend Zac to the party. They’re adorable.


Applause of some kind. Peter is making a dumb face.


A photo of a selfie of a Brouwer Ranger helmet. It’s a meta onion; just peel the layers.


Goat cheers backwards.


Sam blows up the place.


Peter holds two cellphones and someone else’s Heineken. Don’t drink Heineken, kids.




Sweet relief. Intense feels.


Brouwer booty bomb.


Marvel at Sheena’s Brouwer bouffant.  

If you have any photos from the night, feel free to upload and share them in the comments below. Thanks again, everybody! We should do it again sometime.

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  • Thomas Conner

    Disappointed you didn’t wear the three piece suit, Peter Hassett

  • And send the womenfolk into hysterics? I couldn’t be so cruel.

  • Thomas Conner

    #OatesFace (is that a thing?)

  • Stephen Chastain

    Was party then))))

    Can’t wait for party #8

  • CDizz

    “to watch the Caps/Kings game with us. It was magical. The Caps ended their 21-year losing streak in San Jose”

  • Steve Killmon
  • widescreen didn’t really work out great

  • best.

  • it’s okay, ian is just still hung over. poor ian. my head hurt for him on sunday =)

  • JenniferH

    Looks like you guys had an absolute blast!!! 😀

  • Hahaha. Whoops! Fixed.

  • Patrick Neimeyer

    Best Convo-Starter of 2014….

    Girlfriend: So Patrick, how was the RMNB Party and why in the blue-hell do you have a Troy Brouwer cut out head stuff into your back pocket?
    Me: Longgggg story

    Thank You RMNB, It was Legendary…

  • Patrick Neimeyer

    Photo Below:

    Russian Machine Never Breaks Staff “The College Years.” Pretty damn close I must say 🙂

    Much Love—

  • Matt Lauer

    So bummed I couldn’t do this. Can we have a West Coast version sometime?

  • Laura F.

    Great job RMNB, we had soo much fun! It was so cool to meet and hang out with other truely-die-hard Caps fans. The Brouwer Bombs were “da bomb” too. Thanks, can’t wait for #7! Oh and…Let’s Go Caps!!!
    Laura F. & Fran W.

  • Yeah I wasn’t kidding when I said it’s been a long week!

  • Owen Johnson

    It’s okaaaay. You cut me out but you got a good shot of my big bro (in the foreground of the 1st shot with the red and blue beanie).

  • Owen Johnson

    Why not #7?

  • Brouwer Rangers

    BTW that’s the face I’m making behind the visor in almost every photo we take with other fans.

  • Sam W.

    Because OVI duh

  • Sam W.

    Tried to fix…

  • TRQ

    Chick with the glasses in the “There were girls there” pic is SUPER cute.

  • Graphic Designers/Artists for the win.

  • Roman Z.


  • Owen Johnson

    Who would’ve thought hanging out with other goofy, quirky hockey fans would be fun? It was cool being recognized by Laura F. (whom I had met at Kettler once last year) and Georgoroth (after he erupted from the fiery chasms and devoured the lame people in the other bar. Can’t believe you didn’t record that on your iPad. He was also like 10 stories tall). Also seeing other RMNB memes from the last year or so (still kicking myself for being a dino-nerd and not making the Ovi-raptor connection)
    You spoke of having one of these over the Summer. I would be interested.