First-year pro Patrick Wey hit Nashville Predators facepuncher extraordinairre Rich Clune along the benches on Sunday night. That was obviously unacceptable per the rules of gentlemanly conduct, so Clune challenged Wey to a fight and then knocked him out.

Clune has dropped the gloves 166 times in his career, 16 times this season alone. Wey has been in a fight just once, in 2009, while he played in the USHL.

Wey laid on the ice for about a minute before woozily skating off the ice with the help of a Capitals trainer.


Wey left the game. The Capitals announced he would not return.

Unsurprisingly, Clune, the Predators’ penalty-minute leader, seemed quite happy with himself after the “fight,” while fans, announcers, and players all wondered exactly what they just watched.

Among them: Tom Wilson.

From the Capitals bench, Wilson watched Clune bleeding in the penalty box. Check this out:

Wilson nodded as if to say, “Yes, we will be fighting later. You will not enjoy it.”

Later in the period, Wilson had an opportunity to take his beef directly to Clune. They shared an animated conversation between the benches, flanked by officials.


At the end of the first, Wilson checked Clune into the boards hard and asked him to drop the gloves. Clune did not oblige.

During the first intermission, Troy Brouwer spoke to CSN color commentator Craig Laughlin. Brouwer explained why he thought Clune crossed the line and broke the code. “It’s a tough situation to be in,” Brouwer said. “Weysie wants to prove himself, he wants to make an impact in there, but Clune’s gotta know who he’s fighting and realize that if it’s a mismatch he’s gotta have enough respect for the other guy and the other team to settle down and not engage.”

Clune did not do that. He also did not fight Wilson when invited. That’s why he’s chickenshit.

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  • Owen Johnson

    I’m hoping someone comes up with good music for the first Wilson gif.

  • Ben

    Eye of the Tiger

  • Heidi

    Somebody’s Watching Me is a possibility

  • Owen Johnson

    That works, but I was thinking something more dramatic and epic.

  • Lawrence

    Star Wars theme?

  • Ben

    Riot Maker – Tech N9ne

  • Bilal

    yeah, your screwed clune

  • Owen Johnson
  • Mark

    I believe that any player that looks for a fight after a legal hit should get 2 minutes. You shouldn’t have to “answer” for a clean hit.

  • Matt Mendelsohn

    No one came to Holtby’s defense after he was mugged against the Flyers many months ago. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • bskillet

    Chickenshit indeed, it’s really to bad the Caps look like the last word in the description. In a game they really must win they sure aren’t playing like it. Sort of shocked.

  • Owen Johnson


  • VeggieTart

    First of all, there were three other fights going on at the time. Second, MIchael Latta tried to come to his aid but was all but bodily held off by the referee whose other thumb was up his ass while he watched Ray Emery mug Holtby.

  • DJ Jones

    Latta was going to but the refs stopped him

  • Bev Miller Bellamy

    Unleash the beast already….time is running out!

  • bskillet

    Scooooore for Nicky!!

  • Since we didn’t get to see Wilson beat-up Clune tonight, let’s watch him beat-up Clune a few months ago.


  • Dave

    Thanks for this. I like the last gif there where Wilson helps Clune up off the ice by punching his face.

  • Matt Mendelsohn

    True, but I meant later.

  • VeggieTart

    Emery was ejected from the game immediately after the assault.

  • GoCapsGo!

    Poor Wei, he could have gotten in a few good punches but his elbow pad was in the way. Looks like Clume was backing down from Wilson because he jacked his hand up, stupidly punching Weys helmet over and over.

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    What a turd.

  • Owen Johnson
  • serpent

    Revenge of the Jedi!

  • Mickstix

    When your #1 goalie is getting pummeled, you don’t give the ref time to hold you off.. You beeline to his defense, from the ice, from the bench, from the locker room and let the refs pull you off, after you’ve broken up the fight.. And before you say Latta or whoever (may of gotten) suspended, I’ll say so what!

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    Can’t tell if I’m peased or disappointed with the lack of Clune-smashing. Showed we can be above “the code” but if ever someone deserved a knuckle sandwich it was Clune last night.

  • VeggieTart

    Do you really think any of them could have gone *through* the ref to go pull Emery off Holtby? Latta was willing to risk ejection and suspension as it was to defend Holtby. Had he persisted, I’m sure the refs would have assaulted him.

  • Barrett

    Same thing happened to Beagle when Ashamed KO’d him too, right? That’s the shit that needs to go from the game. Let the guys that fight, fight.

  • Pavel

    I was 5th row in the same zone when this took place. Refs and Flyers didn’t let anyone get near.

  • Michael Walker

    That was a good one, got to love Wilson.

  • Squageli Rigatoni Stringozzi

    What is Wilson complaining about?? Wey is listed as just over 6′ & 210lbs. Clune is 5’10” & 210lbs. Too bad we don’t know the reach advantage Wey had. If there is an advantage here it would go to Wey. Only thing missing for Wey is that he has no balls.

  • Squageli Rigatoni Stringozzi

    Big deal. Huge size difference between these two guys plus Wilson wears a visor. Clune had to tie him up & try to get inside for an upper cut. There’s no other choice when a guy has a reach advantage and can hide behind his visor.

  • Ah yes, we forgot the axiom of “taller is always better.”