We needed this. With all the furor surrounding the Caps currently, Joel Ward and Jason Chimera helpfully hit the release valve by cutting an Aprils Fools video posing as Caps media men John Walton and Mike Vogel.

In a skull cap and wig, the third-line wingers hosted the pre-game  Two-Man Advantage video. Ward repeated Walton’s catch phrase three or seven times, and Chimera rattled off stats in a meaningless number salad– all in an uncanny impersonation of Vogel.

This is great. Please watch it. I promise it will cheer you up.

For posterity, here are the crucial scenes.

The Vogel hair flip.

And the breaking of character.

Thank goodness for these guys.

  • Lawrence

    What did I just watch…

  • Daniel Holt

    Confirmed. The greatest thing I’ve ever seen on the internet.

  • Jack Conness

    These two are awesome together. Always reminds me of how their dads even sat next to each other during the dad’s weekend and watched the game together. They are besties too. Very cool. Really the only bright spot from this season.

  • Marky Narc

    This is glorious. Chimmer reminds me of the way Dana Carvey used to impersonate Dennis Miller back when they were both on SNL.

  • Graham Dumas

    So much win.

  • Lawrence

    Say hello to your next Joe B. and Craig L. folks.

  • Matt Lauer


  • Bilal

    Joel Ward and Jason Chimera rigght here have been more funny then movies that I have to pay to see…..

  • Man, Chimmer was so into this.

  • settinguptheplay

    I think the best part was Jason not just being John Walton and using one less prop

  • Brackaphobia

    Because it would have been way too easy for Chimmer to be John Walton lol

  • JoeA

    The need to extend Chimmer and Ward for All the money, Forever.

  • Owen Johnson

    What 80s band did Chimmer join?

  • Barrett

    this is awesome.

  • Jeanne Blue

    I went onto the Caps’ site to transfer my ticket for tonight, and there they were, jumping out of my monitor. No point in wishing the rest of this team had their production, their stats or their humor, so let’s just enjoy the fabulousness.
    Somebody’s got to have a sign printed for this tonight, right?

  • TIm

    RMNB: we need these signs for tonight’s game (AKA the night when playoff chances finally evaporated). Someone get on that.

  • Kate Jamison


  • Axel

    Nice and relaxing attitude while Caps are currently out of playoffs. They should sleep on the fucking ice! Embarrassing! Same goes for Ovi´s and the other Russian´s instagram pics. DONT SMILE on a picture 2 h after a devastating loss to shitty fucking teams! Send them back where they fucking came from

  • Your English teacher saw this comment and started weeping.

  • Axel

    Did not go to school. HAHA SCHOOL IS FOR FOOOOOLS

  • Nic Lundvall

    I did, but agree with you. I hope Ward and the other non-skating clowns keep on posting these vids while playoffs are going on… the only sign of life we’ll see from them. SO shut up Peter.

  • ACN

    It’s totally cute how you made up a second troll name to agree with yourself 🙂

  • ACN

    Check out the big brain on ACN 😀 haha loser

  • Pat Magee

    Sick Comment, bro.

  • Myan
  • Chris Cerullo

    I’m so confused

  • Chris Cerullo

    I can tell.

  • factoryofsadness

    adam oates, this is what is called “chemistry”. It occurs when you STICK WITH A DECENT LINE FOR MORE THAN A FEW GAMES. Perhaps you should try this approach with more of your players. just a thought.

    52-not Erskine
    81-Not erskine

  • Jonah

    It’s official, these two are the only good thing about this organization. If only we had 18 other players who play and mess around like this one. We MIGHT get deep in the playoffs. #getonthatgmgm

  • Megan

    This made my day, as disturbing as it was

  • OCCapsFan

    These guys are the best, on and off the ice. I keep putting off getting an ice cheetah shirt, this tilted it,

  • I hate to break it to Axel, but the Russians making those funny faces actually meant they were really disappointed. Read this:


    Then read Kuznetsov’s interview with Igor two days later about that game.


    Your first NHL career goal – how did it feel when you scored?

    Yeah, the sensations were… it was just incredible. I was standing right there in front of the goal, and I saw the puck coming right onto my stick… to really understand it, you need to live through it. Of course, if only it weren’t for that shootout attempt – there would be a more festive mood; I was really upset because of that miss. Didn’t even get a shot off!

    Yup, seems like he doesn’t care at all.

  • Axel

    Touche .. still pissed though

  • Lawrie

    Justin Timberlake – Cry me a river

  • JenniferH

    So awesome. 😀

  • ?!?!

  • Bilal

    can somebody tell me what happen to Joe B, how come he hasn’t been commenting the last 2-3 games?

  • C

    CAPS 3 6 5! *Chimmer voice

  • liquid8d

    OMG that was so enjoyable.. it should hold me over until next season.

  • Ash

    Oh dude, big fail. You smiled after you got devastatingly schooled by another commenter. You gotta take your own advice now! Honor demands it!

  • Pat Magee

    Ten Masked Men – Cry me a river. #AdamOates

  • Jeremy

    Wardo’s dad passed away a few years back, but his billet family from when he was in junior hockey has gotten so close to him they are basically real family, and his billet dad comes on all the Caps dads trips. Great story.

  • SteveJules

    He’s covering college hockey.