Alex Ovechkin Scores 49th Goal of the Year (GIF)


Photo: Julio Cortez

Over the last two days, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin has become hockey’s version of a human piñata. The reason why the mainstream media has figuratively flogged Ovechkin with its bat full of angry pixels: Ovi gave up on a play that led to a Dallas Stars goal. It was already 3-0 and there were three defenders in the D-zone. Deal with it. Head coach Adam Oates didn’t help matters much on Wednesday when he said that Ovechkin “quit” on the play.

Since then, life as a Caps fan has been nothing short of depressing. On Friday, however, things got a bit back to normal in the first period.

After being reunited with Nicklas Backstrom for the first time since the mid-80’s, Ovechkin scored his first even strength goal… also since the mid-80’s.

That’s a pretty reserved celebration.

Ovechkin, who is playing like he’s really pissed, is now one goal away from his fifth career fifty goal season. Unfortunately, the Capitals look fated to miss the playoffs for the first time in six seasons.

Ovechkin’s fantastic season: wasted.


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  • Lawrence

    I don’t care what the media thinks of ovechkin. I don’t need their seal of approval. I love him all the same. ‘

    inb4 #50 in ot! #Ianbank?

  • Smiley456

    Quoting Ian, “Ovechkin’s fantastic season: wasted.” Yep! That sums up this season.

  • Smiley456

    I hope OV does his “stick to hot to touch” routine after #50 just to piss off Millbury and his ilk! 🙂

  • Owen Johnson
    Nah. He and the other guys on the ice need to do this

  • MuzzMuzzington

    I hope he just throws his stick at Oates.

  • frowning

    Ah yes, give him the ‘ole Radulov…

  • yv

    This goal celebration from Estonia is now going around the globe! What’s amazing it is tiny Estonia and goal scored by Japanese-born player.

  • Myan

    Oh man, I LOVE those guys! Can you imagine if guys did that in hockey…line brawl for sure!

  • Owen Johnson

    Do it against the Flyers. We win by default due to their whole team getting ejected.

  • Yo8

    He scores 50 goals and I’m good enough. Screw this season.

  • Eric Schulz

    Well… I have no problem with Ovie enjoying playing hockey.. but a horrible season like this.. I mean, it’s not just missing the playoffs, it’s being *this* close then crumbling down the stretch… (1) losing all the games, (2) against inferior competition, (3) by a lot of goals… yeah, no celebration; this season isn’t fun anymore.

  • Hockey mom

    I don’t care either, but I kind of care for his sake. Some of the points are valid and if he could take some of it constructively he could be a MUCH better hockey player for himself and his team. His time is running out.

  • Chris O’Hara

    “Fantastic” seems to be a bit of a reach for a player who only plays on half of the ice…He owns part of the responsibility for the season being wasted with his effort on defense and the message it send to the rest of the team as Captain.

  • Hockey mom

    “A man who is not accountable to anyone is a danger to himself”–Iyanla VanZant

    I hope these guys realize all the opportunities they wasted this season and can learn and grow from this. First step is looking in the mirror and addressing their own shortcomings and what they did or didn’t bring to the ice every night.