Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin has one of the hardest shots in the NHL. Usually the pucks Ovi shoots hit the back of the net. But sometimes they don’t — especially due the huge curve he has on his stick — and those wild pucks can do some serious damage.

That’s what happened on Saturday night against the Isles, when Ovi’s shot eluded Evgeni Nabokov, rang off the post, and hit defenseman Calvin de Haan square in the chest.

It appears the post did not slow the puck’s velocity down. At. All.

Ouch. Poor guy.

Update: The Washington Post’s Katie Carrera tells us that de Haan was injured earlier in the shift after a hard Alex Ovechkin check into the boards.

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  • Margaret McGuire

    sorry but it’s kinda clear Ovechkin’s shot isn’t the caus of his pain. he’s being helped off the ice, putting little weight on one if his legs. and from the replay Ovechkin’s shot is not even going fast at all. Katie pointed out that Ovi hit DeHann earlier in the play which had him lingering then I guess you can say the shot to the chest is just a bad salt of karma too.

  • Anon

    Love you guys, but….no. De Haan was already hurt when he went into the corner with Ovechkin and got tangled up. He couldn’t get up, which is why he was down when the puck hit him. It was a leg injury, not chest/shoulder. CSN got the explanation/replay wrong (shocking, I know).

  • Sarah

    I guess some people think that puck must have felt good, but I’m pretty glad it didn’t hit me. I don’t see hundred mile an hour pucks to the chest being featured in spa packages any time soon.
    That’s why shot blocking is considered, ya know, brave.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Not sure how that got past the production team AND the RMNB team. C’mon guys. I was shaking my head at the TV when they thought this was the case. The guy was clearly labor ing before he took the shot to the chest protector.

  • Tonkerbell

    Learn hockey you idiots. Not even close.

  • Peteo

    Also, I understand that this is a fan site and we love Ovi and all that, but I have a problem with the characterization of ” Usually the pucks Ovi shoots hit the back of the net.” Come on. That’s not true of any player in the NHL and it’s certainly not true of Ovi. Unless the world as been upended and 12.3% qualifies as “usually,” let’s dispense with that kind of hyperbole.

  • Sandra Dee Lee

    I, for one, am pleased that you guys .gif’ed (?) this as it means I have my secret crush of Travis Hamonic in moving form for my computer because we live in a strange internet world.

  • Rob Reichhelm

    The guy must have owed him money.

  • I’m surprised you are taking that comment literally. I’m going to assume you’re just cranky about the Capitals in general (which is understandable) and try not to be too cranky back.

    One thing I don’t appreciate is your characterization of us as a fan site. That comes off as demeaning like we don’t know what we the hell we’re doing, we’re blinded by our sheer fandom of the team, and that our analysis can’t be trusted. Okay. Why are you here then?

    Second, I’m aware of shooting percentages and that most shots don’t hit the back of the net. I wasn’t born yesterday. We use shooting percentages all the time for analysis, but oh my gosh, surprise, surprise, this is not an analysis post. I am allowed to get cutesy once in awhile, no?

  • After taking the shot to the sternum he doubled over. I think that hurt him as well.