The Caps-Blues game started off nice enough. The good guys drew a penalty late in the first period when Derek Roy slashed Alex Ovechkin. The Caps power play had a couple of looks, but everything went wrong after that.

It ended with Troy Brouwer and Marcus Johansson lying on the ice in pain, the second white-on-white collision in as many weeks.

St Louis’s Barret Jackman hit Brouwer hard into the boards. Brouwer laid on the ice in pain while play continued. No whistle.

Finally, Brouwer skated towards the bench, only to ram into Marcus Johansson, who was racing into the play without paying much attention to his surroundings.

Another angle:

The Caps team trainer came to the aid of Brouwer and Johansson, helping them off the ice.


Brouwer and Johansson did not take a shift in the final 157 seconds of the period.

Update: Brouwer returned to action in the second period.

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  • Josh Carey

    I wouldn’t say everything went wrong on that powerplay. #50ForOvi

  • Jack Conness

    I’m pretty sure the hockey gods have been telling us for the past month or so this isn’t suppose to be our season lol. This about sums it up.

  • Josh Carey

    I’m sorry but I need to rage after that goal. First Mojo’s stick fell out of his hand after nothing really happened. And Brouwer….he knows Mojo has no stick. Get the puck out at all costs. Ice it. Do whatever. Mojo needs a stick.

  • Simonezero

    They’re both good whew

  • Eric Schulz

    That was a vicious board, with no penalty. AT THE VERY LEAST, the official should’ve blown the play dead when he realized there was a Cap injured. It’s on him that they collided at center ice; I’m still furious.

  • Shmoo

    True, but Mojo needs a LOT more than a stick. Like, say, a purpose.

  • hockey mom

    Yes, that was nasty! I feel an inordinate amount of calls going against us (for some pretty SOFT/questionable infractions) get called and yet just as many don’t get called if they are in our favor. I can’t determine if I’m THAT biased or just don’t know watch enough other hockey games. Whatever, the case, it stinks to see our guys get hurt with no acknowledgement.