Making RMNB Last

Hey, can we talk?

We started RMNB in 2009 on a lark. Ian and I liked hockey a lot, and we liked making stuff and sharing it with the Internet, so we thought we could have some fun.

Mission accomplished. RMNB has been tons of fun. We’ve published about 3000 stories for about 3 million readers, and we are pleased beyond words about that. We never expected this level of success. We also also didn’t expect how much work it would be.

Among the whole team, we’ve spent somewhere around 15,000 hours (maybe more) working on RMNB. We’ve spent our own money on hosting and equipment and travel and giveaways and translations. We’ve made a little money off of t-shirts, but we’re deeply, deeply in the red.

To make RMNB sustainable, we need to generate enough revenue to offset our costs. To make RMNB rewarding for our contributors, we’ve got to compensate them. To make RMNB a disgustingly rich multinational multimedia conglomerate that can throw decadent parties and give away crazy swag, we’ve got to start selling advertisements.

Selling advertisements will allow us to reinvest into RMNB, upgrading our tech (you don’t even wanna see the old computers we’re using) and ultimately make better content for you– more often and faster.

So here’s what that would mean: We would put one ad zone at the bottom of articles. Maybe a second one somewhere on the homepage. We would NOT replace our lovely background image with an Old Spice ad or load up every page with three banners just to inflate impression counts. We want to do this right and in the least smarmy way we can manage. We don’t want to write advertorials or change the things that made this fun in the first place. We just want to make it last and thrive.

So we’ll be introducing ads in the coming days. We’ll be experimenting at first, figuring out how to do this right, so please bear with us.

We want to hear what you think. RMNB is a community as much as it is a website. As much as we’re excited to take a new step, we’re also a bit worried about spoiling the fun. If you think this is the wrong move for us, let us know. If you ever see an ad on the site that you don’t like, let us know. If you’ve got a better idea for us not to die alone and in poverty because of RMNB, please please let us know.

And thank you for reading.

  • Dave

    Hockey swagger like this comes at a price. You have my blessing. Keep up the good work.

  • tom

    As long as you guys don’t change. This has been my favorite hockey site for years now, my day is not complete with out coming to this site.

  • We will bear with the ads if it means we keep getting to read your most excellent thoughts on hockey in Washington.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Put up as many ads as you want and need IMO. Love the content and ads don’t bother me one bit.

  • We won’t change, in fact, we might try to do and cover more, but no we’re not changing.

  • Owen Johnson

    Eh, you guys are kind of big time now. It makes sense. Maybe accept donations too, if that will make a difference.

  • We’ll make whatever adjustments are necessary not to change. If we have to blow the entire site up and replace all the writers with robots in order not to change, we’ll do that.

  • I would’ve preferred that model over ads, but I can’t make the numbers work.

  • pwnstroyer

    If ads is what it takes to keep Russian Machine as we know and love, get as many as it takes!

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    No one’s gonna hate you cause you gotta eat. Go get paid, boys. Keep up the awesome work.

  • tom

    Great to know, the style you guys write with is brilliant.

  • Robert Earl

    Bring it – and we will click the ads for cute cat videos and the occasional Russian shaving or vodka ad that is bound to show up because it will match your witty postings.

  • Stephen Chastain

    I bet a donation drive to upgrade your equipment could net some dollars from those of us who wax sentimental. I’d give some.

  • Owen Johnson

    I kinda figured. But whatever you guys need to do. Especially since the Caps aren’t good anymore, we need you more than ever!

  • Brouwer Rangers

    I promise to even click on the ads.

  • Stay tuned. We’ve got an idea that may work for everyone.

  • RobEngels

    Gotta do it – makes perfect sense. Look, either that or subscriptions, right? Roll the ads and best of luck!

  • Sarah
  • parr72

    if moar ads = more RMNB then bring it!

  • Jennifer Kelly

    Ads schmads. Your entertainment value is worth it. #savetheferrets

  • A great idea!

  • JessHughes

    It’s either ads or make this a paid subscription site. I’d pay for RMNB, but I think the advert model is better. No one is saying we have to click on the ads or, worse yet, buy stuff. I’ll continue to ignore the ads just as I do on every website, so carry on Peter, Ian and the rest of the RMNB gang. Appreciate the heads up, too.

  • Lawrence

    Scared me at first, thought you were saying something along the lines of losing interest haha. As others have said, completely fine to post Ads. You guys have come a long way in such a short amount of time, very impressive. Amazing work guys.

  • Kim Peacock

    Wait does this mean Ian can stop carrying the Ipad around like a conjoined gadget twin and get a smart phone? If so… where do I click?

  • Dman

    Totally okay with the ads idea. Another thing that I suggest is doing some RMNB watch parties. I’m not sure how your one this season went, but maybe you can make a deal with a bar/restaurant where they pay you guys some money to bring in a bunch of fans to watch the games. You guys get money and the bars get money from people buying drinks/food. And the fans get to enjoy watching a game with the RMNB community. Everyone’s a winner!!

  • Owen Johnson

    But again, why the GIF of Dan Snyder on a Capitals blog?

  • Lovisa Munter

    You have my blessing! My favourite hockey site since 2009-2010-ish, so do whatever you have to do as long as RMNB will continue as the greatest place in hockey-cybespace.

  • Paul Crist

    You guys do great work. Keep it up.

    The only issue I have with this is that you didn’t do it when you broke the meteor story and got that HUGE influx of traffic!

  • Rick Fox

    No problem with ads. If it all possible could you just avoid pop ups?

  • PucktotheHead

    I’d donate.

  • Joe

    No problem with the ads whatsoever guys. In fact, I’ve always wondered how the hell you bring us all this stuff without ads. Go to town, I’ll never stop reading.

  • Owen Johnson

    Yeah and as long as they don’t turn into Bleacher Report, it’s okay.

  • Brian Bean

    Doesn’t mean you can’t do both. Ads are fine with me too. You could still also put up something like a PayPal link for donations. People can choose to donate if they want to.

  • Andrew

    Go crazy! Ads away!

  • Zackkshapp

    You should absolutely be selling ads. For all the work you do you shouldn’t be breaking even, but making a healthy amount of money.

  • Zackkshapp

    Me too

  • Rob W.

    Do what you have to do to keep it going, ill keep reading no matter what. Love you guys

  • No pop-ups. There may be rollovers and stuff, but never a pop-up. Let me know if you ever see one.

  • Michal

    Go ahead, I love your website and I would be glad if you kept it going like it has been so far. Of course money are needed, do what you gotta do…..Also, some people with adblockers might not even see the difference….and you will still get money 😉 you’ve been doing a great job for free, time to change it 🙂


    Seriously though, GET PAID.

  • Matthew Helm

    Coors Light ads=Big $$$

  • No way. He overextended the crown’s debt to the Iron Bank of Braavos, precipitating a threatened default and dangerous instability in KL by the middle of AL 300.

  • Topher Gee

    Teddy KGB inspired “pay the man his money”!

  • Anthony Elworthy/scrubversive

    Peter, Ian… just make sure the ads DO NOT MAKE NOISE AND/OR EXPAND WHEN I MOUSE OVER THEM. Those kind of ads make me not come to sites -.-;

    Otherwise do what you gotta do, I love you guys. You shouldn’t be emaciated and starving because you love the Caps enough to provide such a great resource for the fans. Especially not right now, after all the hell this team puts us through, the Caps should be feeding YOU for keeping fan morale from deteriorating even more.

  • You guys are unbelievably ridiculously kind to us. Thank you. Like this is going to make Peter’s brain explode but I JUST NOW HAD TO USE TWO ADVERBS TO PROPERLY EXPRESS MYSELF.


    As long as they’re twin peaks ads.

  • Anthony Elworthy/scrubversive

    Pretty sure this song got me into punk in the first place…

  • Brian Bean

    But you left out a comma…….

  • Robert

    Peter, would a panera gift card help?

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    Hey, Teddy. If you’re reading this PUT THIS CREW ON YOUR PAYROLL. This site has more fans than GMGM….and brings more smiles to the faithful than $8 beers.

  • H70

    As long as they are not those stupid, text/page blocking moving ads it should be fine. I think the RMNB crew deserves a $ reward!

  • Yeah, we’ve thought about that too. Any people at bars interested?

  • Shane Smallwood

    If the quality of the website is maintained, I’m more than happy to deal with some advertising. Beats having to pay a membership to regularly read DC Sports Bog.

  • Jon Adams

    Totally cool with the advertisements if it keeps my favorite hockey blog going strong!

  • Langway

    The lack of advertisements is not what separates this site from all others. Rather, it is the content and manner in which it is presented. Whatever it takes to sustain this site and satisfy my jones for the CAPs is okay by me. This community of readers needs RMNB. And if you guys can make a little pocket change from it than go for it — you deserve it.

  • The one company we just signed up, I reviewed the custom designs (CUSTOM DESIGN!) and it works with our CSS really well and is really elegant. You guys are not even going to remotely care about them. I mean, want to click on these very important sponsors of ours.

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    I will help however i can!

  • Matthew Kory

    Big fan, big fan, RMNBers. If ads are what is required, we’ll all live. That said, I’m a fan of the Bugle Podcast and they’re always crowing about their voluntary subscriptions, which people sign up for and it takes money out of your account each month. It’s not much money, but it would be a constant source of income for RMNB and if enough people give $2 a month or whatever, maybe that’s enough for ferret food and other worldly needs.

  • Rixon1221

    I’d have no problem with an ad or two on the page – whatever helps to sustain the smart (and funny) commentary you guys bring each and every day.

  • Myan

    I suggested this a while back but have you guys considered turning RMNB into a 501c3 nonprofit organization? Technically, you are a “social & recreational club”.
    Being a nonprofit would allow you to generate tax-free income and any money you spend out of pocket on behalf of the organization would be a qualifying tax deduction that you can take on your personal taxes. You would have to pay unrelated business income tax on tshirts & koozies you sell but as a nonprofit you get a much more favorable tax rate. You would also be exempt from paying MD corporate income tax. This would allow you to run the website without putting up ads.

    I work for a company that has successfully helped over 15,000 nonprofit organizations get IRS approval and I do “taxes” and other filings to keep nonprofits compliant at the state level. Virginia, Maryland, and DC fall under my area of expertise…literally 75% of my clients are in the area. My last day at work is next Friday but I’m moving to Alexandria in 3 weeks and I would be more than happy to help you guys out (for free of course).

  • <3 u, Lovisa

  • We really don’t want to make any big decisions without you guys. We realize we have something very, very special here and do not want to do anything to jeopardize that.

  • Alex Hughes

    Go for it, keep doing what you guys do, best blog in the NHL, not just for the Caps.

  • Michael Reschly

    > I’d pay for RMNB

    You (and I) would pay for RMNB *because we already read it and know what we’re going to get for our money*. But I (and likely you) would *not* pay to read a blog of unknown quality.

  • Lisa McMullen

    Go for it. I hope you make so much $$$ you can buy the team from Teddy!

  • Thanks, Alex! You are really kind and deserve many hugs from Peter.

  • GregV

    I think the ad plan you outlined is completely reasonable. Could you maybe consider general sponsorships, too? I can’t imagine with your traffic and reach that Bauer or UnderArmour or any of the other equipment companies wouldn’t be interested in chipping in to support community-driven analysis of the local team. The downside of a sponsorship program is that companies sometimes want to see sponsored content — clearly identified as different from a regular post — in exchange for the $$$$$$. But sponsorships tend to be easier to manage than ad sales, and separate posts — or brand-related contests — can be less invasive to regularly scheduled blog programming and site design than ads can be. Also, sponsorships build relationships. Just my two cents. I think you guys do a fantastic job, so I’d be supportive of anything that can help you continue to put out quality work.

  • Can we replace Chris with a robot right now?

  • Steve Marshall

    If the ads will help keep the blog running and improving ad it up

  • Kait

    You guys work damned hard on this site and you do a damned good job. You deserve to be compensated – at the very least enough to be able to keep up with upkeep costs of running it! You’ve my blessing. I’ll even turn off my ad-block plus for you. (Be honored, that only gets turned off to allow me to access sites at work.)

  • capsfan19

    RMNB is honestly one of the best parts of being a Caps fan! Ads schmads, as long as you guys keep writing/investigating/running this site I’ll deal with whatever!

  • Brian Bean
  • youknow

    I would literally sell my body to keep this site going. Do what you must.

  • ChrisN

    Please keep this blog going, it brings some laughter to the utter failure that is our hockey season. Also, to pay for the website…..

  • No… no one said carwash…

  • Hockey Fan

    Or you could sell your site to SB Nation and ride those coat tails!

  • alchemistmuffin

    Love the site, but one thing I absolutely hate: ads. This is why I end up using adblock extension 24/7 and buy TV shows on iTunes so I can watch it commercial free. (Or go to network website and leave the plug in on so it just bypasses all commercial spots)

    However, if you make the ads less intrusive (like text only ads) then I might be able to make an exception and disable the extension for this website only.

    Another thing: Kickstarter fundraising.

  • Robert

    Anyone else read that in Krieger’s voice?

  • Matt Salt

    I’m no techie but have you guys thought of making an app? Like I said, close to little clue about the costs etc but I mainly use my phone to read your stuff, you could have a free app with ads or charge $1.99 without ads? That way it may feel like people get something back for those that do pay?

  • Gemmy

    You guys are awesome, as is RMNB. If ads will help you guys keep going – well, that’s totally cool and understandable. Keep on rocking it, we’ll keep reading (and turning off ad blockers!)

  • alchemistmuffin

    But then what would become of Japers Rink? Kick them out or merge them?

  • riggorules

    Fine, just don’t let the ad servers slow down your page loads (it happens), and don’t get the annoying ones that expand over the whole page when you mouse over.

    As you were …

  • Michael Reschly

    Have you considered the ‘ads or paid subscription’ model? (Does get access to the Disqus login token prior to returning page content, or would this require you to build an entirely new login system).

  • Catherine__M

    Fine by me!
    A fundraiser would possibly work in addition, for equipment upgrades or travel costs.

  • thathockeygirl

    I WAS SCARED THAT YOU GUYS WERE SHUTTING DOWN HOLY CRAP I ALMOST DIED…but anyway, as long as the site is still navigable on an iphone I’m down with whatever!

  • Thanks, Lisa.

    I know you’re being very kind with your last statement but I just wanna tackle that for a second. I know this might drive some of you bat shit insane, but I don’t think there’s many people on the planet who could do as good a job leading the team as Ted. I know I couldn’t come close. He deserves criticism at times. As does RMNB and a lot of other successful enterprises. Yes, we haven’t won a cup and maybe he’s too loyal to management sometimes. But he’s really a special person and we should all be thankful to have him.

    I was a huge fan of the team when Abe was here: he did not invest in the team, the game experience was awful, I was the only Caps fan at my school. This whole area has transformed into a hockey town and Ted reinvesting into the hockey community here is a big part of that. He’s been very kind to us as a site. It’s fun to be a Capitals fan right now (well, minus the whole losing thing).

    The way he’s blog friendly, you would have never heard of this site without the access and opportunities he allows people like us.

    Remember that over the next few days. He’s trying his best and he’s done a lot, a lot of good. Don’t let that get lost with the disappointment of the season.

    Now someone yell at me for writing this.

  • Owen Johnson

    Yay! Moar punk fans!

  • Agreed!

  • Catherine__M

    Oh, one more idea–Go to the guys with the big bucks! Here it is: Team swear jar.
    Or maybe team turnover jar. Oh, or shorthanded attempts allowed jar!!! Team groin pull jar? Hold on, I gotta make a spreadsheet….

  • Laura F.

    I can definitely deal with the ads if it means keeping RMNB! I’d also be willing to pay a little more for your great t-shirts.

  • Darbish

    I’m down. I’d even turn off adblock for you guys.

  • Vess

    Guys, living in Bulgaria but being a Caps fan, I came across your website recently and have been thoroughly enjoying it.

  • HockeyFan

    Or you could sell to SB Nation and ride those coat tails!

  • I’ll accept on Peter’s behalf. (And use it on me)

  • Kristen Dalton Swift

    Me too! What better way to spend the money I was saving up for playoff tickets…

  • Missy Colombo

    do what you must to keep RMNB going…pretty please with Laich on top?!

  • Bryan J. Casto

    Ads are fine. Necessary evil, blah blah blah.

    What about the possibility of doing ‘freemium’ model where you can offer a free site that is ad-supported, and a premium site, which is subscription oriented? The premium site would cost a little more than what you lost in advertising impressions, and you could even do something slightly smarmy like giving subscribers early-access to your content (nothing absurd, say 15 minutes) so we can be the smart Caps guys in the room before everyone else sees the content and gets wise to our shenanigans.

  • Mike Gaudiello

    Quick question. I use Reader Mode on my iPad rather often as it’s a quick way to size the page and square away stuff that’s hard to read (on most sites, not just you guys!). Since the page DOES in fact load, do you still get impressions even though the device re-formats what I’m seeing?

    As for ads when I’m on my PC, I say go for it. The right column is prime real estate. The site has a semi-busy layout (which isn’t a bad thing by all means!) so giving ad space down that column seems like a good place in addition to your current plans since there’s already content there. My only real beef is auto-playing video and/or sound.

    In any case, ads won’t bother me. The internet is absolutely shit-plastered with them on the whole, and I’m completely desensitized to all but auto-playing video.

  • Dave

    I don’t understand why anyone would criticize a site that provides free content/entertainment for choosing to place ads. DO IT! And I hope you earn enough money to buy the Caps and fire GMGM and Oates.

  • Joe Thomas

    Careful gents- by monetizing the site, you have to be weary of fair use and copyright law. Things like the gif above, some of our favorite memes, and other such goodies could be consider infringement. Just want to make sure you guys are aware of the murky copyright case law concerning social media.

  • I Like Turtles


  • HMA8
  • Hockey Fan

    I’m making fun of Japers Rink and their Uncle Ted backed owners.

  • Jon A

    I AGREE WITH YOU WHOLLY!!!! Well, you wanted yelling. Seriously though, I hope you can find a way to make money off the site so you can do moar great coverage. You guys are great at it.

  • David M Root

    This is one of the best hockey sites on the web! Keep up the good work! Ads? I think it’s a great idea! Best of luck!

  • Owen Johnson

    Yeah ads are better than making it a pay site. Keep it free and for everyone.

  • What features would you want to see in an app?

    I suspect we could get the same return with less complexity by doing a mobile optimized site that serves up ads.

  • accidental_diva

    I have set things up with bars before, and I know how to make it work to make it worth it for both the party goers and the group you’re fundraising for… Let me know if you want help setting something up…for next season 🙁

  • Sarah

    As long as we’re all invited on the RMNB yacht… which begs the question, what would we name it?

  • Ted no longer owns a share in SB nation. JP and those guys kick just as much dirt in their eyes as we do.

  • Idea

    For every $100 donated, Ian has to wear the Brouwer Ranger outfit to a game.


  • Derek Eklund

    No problems here. A few ads will not ruin this great site.

  • Quite. Actually, the first Internet Thing I ever did was an essay contest on teaching ethics in telecommunications.

  • JessHughes

    Paid subscription sites will not drive traffic, so it’s gotta be ads.

  • Ryan Deem

    Just about anything short of thermonuclear war would be appropriate. Glad it’s just ads though.

  • Alex

    Do what you’ve gotta do- you’re the only thing that keeps us sane

  • We don’t get ad impressions if you read through Feedly or Digg, but who cares. RSS > $$$.

    RIP Aaron Swartz

  • JessHughes

    Exactly. I was just noting that those of us willing to pay for RMNB is too small to be a sustainable business model.

  • JenCo

    Go foar it! Ditto what the Brouwer Rangers said.

  • Eric

    This site is way too good for a few ads to matter. Ads are only annoying when the content isn’t worth the time to read anyway. I can live with the ads if it means I get to keep reading RMNB, my favorite Caps blog. Keep up the top-notch work.

  • 🙂 Thank you

  • Go for it. I’m surprised you haven’t done it for this long.

  • mike

    ill disable ad block plus just for you

  • Rb

    Take to reddit, RMNB is well loved there and the people are giving /r/caps subscribers will definitely help if they can

  • Mary Carlina

    I love you guys, do what ya need to do! Ditto Brouwer Rangers comment too

  • Matt McNeely

    I guess I’m surprised you don’t already do ads. Do it! As long as they’re not annoying ads.

  • doverdave32

    You all deserve it! Keep up the great work!

  • Matthew Blank

    I think ads (tastefully done) would be ok. I also think you guys could have some better t-shirts made for the site.

  • Ted H

    Keep up the good work! I really enjoy this site, your number crunching, GIF’s and photos!

  • Michael Reschly

    My point is that it keeps you from getting new readers.

  • Abhi

    TBH I always thought all that stuff on the right was ads and you guys just sucked at bringing in new business

  • Julie Carbone

    Put as many as needed!!!!

  • Hockey Fan

    They still don’t own their site.

  • Hockey Rookie

    RMNB posts during games are as entertaining as MST3K was in its prime. Whatever you need to do to keep it going (except directly charge us money, of course).

  • Mike Livingston

    Your just saying that to get them into the spandex again. 😉

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    p.s. Duck Tales is my favorite cartoon.

  • Björn Jessen

    I don´t mind at all… Go for it!

  • Jesse Morgan

    As long as they don’t autoplay audio, i’ll turn my adblocker off for you.

    But don’t think this means we’re dating now.

  • Kevin

    have you thought about an indiegogo campaign with incentives for donations?

    Obviously, that’s something I wouldn’t consider sustainable income, but I guess you never know how it’ll pan out if you don’t try it.

  • Dave

    MST3K reference = automatic up vote.

  • Skibrent

    Do what you gotta do guys. Whatever it takes to keep you up and running. You are the best lifeline to the Caps out there. Another idea is to do a big golf-tournament fundraiser. Hockey players make great golfers and I know of a few who will be available starting Monday. 🙁

  • Kris

    Easily supported. You shouldn’t have to indefinitely front the costs for an ad-free site while simultaneously not charging your audience for continuous new content. I’m fine w/ ads, a paypal donation button, even a small monthly fee would be okay.

  • rumbly

    Ooh, it even looks like Peter.

  • bggb

    Yup. I donate to a lot of my favorite blogs.

  • Shawn Donaghue

    Definately add ads. You deserve it.

  • Lisa McMullen

    OK, don’t buy the team, see if I care! I’ve loved the Caps from the start, I can still remember my dad coming home from checking out the ice at the Cap Centre when it was first built. I loved them then and I love them know. As long as Leonsis keeps Ovi on the team forever — I’m fine with him.

  • Catherine__M

    What is going on here?

  • Hockey Rookie

    Can’t you just see one of the bots saying, ‘Everybody puke up wings!’? The only laugh i had in that dreary game.

  • Jenn

    I will read EVERY DAY with a few ads quite willingly. You are fantastic at giving us what we want…hockey with and without humor when necessary, honesty and good news along with the bad. GIFS that make me snort out loud, too. More so, this post about adding ads (Julianne Hough is working on a shoe line, no?) and soliciting our feedback shows us how much RMNB and its readers mean to you. Update those Commodore and keep ’em coming!

  • Catherine__M

    Ok. Whatever. Just use your powers for good, I guess. Fingers crossed you’re not on the RMNB crew because that would be…..very unlike them.

  • brian!

    Personally, I prefer History of a Boring Town.

  • Jim Kelly

    Can we, uh, sponsor individual parts of the spandex suit?

  • Jim Kelly

    I’m just relieved because clicking through to this I thought this was you guys bailing on the blog. “Oh so they missed the playoffs, we’re out”.

  • Katie Stansbery

    Yeah, I used to do Caps viewing parties at Buffalo Wings and Beer in Frederick before they shut down. They’d give us half the restaurant and have happy hour prices all night. I think we ended up advertising it as Rock the Red night and they occurred monthly. Right now I do viewing parties at Buffalo Wild Wings and get like 15 people there usually. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind helping out if you need them too as well as Beef O’Brady’s. There’s a lot of hockey fans there as well and have multiple projectors for viewing ease.

  • Smiley456

    Gosh. Do what you guys need to do to stay sane! Of course ads are fine.

  • Throw them at me!

  • Matt Lauer

    Anyone who can’t suffer the occasional ad on a site as enjoyable and well-conceived as this should receive the floppy fist of shame, in my opinion.

  • Bill Smith

    This is the only site worth going to for caps hockey (well any hockey really) anymore. As long as it’s still you guys writing you can put as many ads in as many places as you want. I’ll keep reding. And thanks for all ou guys do for us.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Hell, even if you charged cover (and we were in the area), we’d be there.

  • Matt Lauer

    I agree. I remember being one of two people in my middle/high school who cared about the Caps going to the finals in ’98. Abe Pollin really didn’t care much about the Caps — in fact, if my understanding is correct, he only started the team to convince investors to fund the Bullets! Ted has tried his best to make the experience marketable, and for that he should be lauded.

  • Sombrero Guy

    People who work hard and produce a quality product shouldn’t have to write an “apology” for wanting to be compensated in some way for doing so. You guys do great work and if I see an ad that interests me I will be sure to click on it for more info.

  • drew6

    Auctions are always a good idea if you have, or could obtain from the friendly people at monumental sports, any caps memorabilia..not sure if this idea was posted or not.

  • erinamanda13

    I just started following y’all this year and I have to say that you’ve turned this hockey fan into a more knowledgeable Caps fanatic! I have learned so much more about the technical aspects of the game because of you. I have laughed (and cried because this season saddens me) along with your posts. I’d be lost without you…it’s the one site I check daily. Do what you must to keep RMNB alive, your fans will support you all the way!

  • TJ

    Just tell me where to send my money so I can help!

  • Jayleigh

    Hopefully something that even the out-of-staters can help with, too. I love you guys and I’ll help anyway I can, but I no longer live in the area (at least for now). Just please please don’t stop what you’re doing!

  • PleaseKillMe

    I follow occasionally, and used to be a rabid fan of the blog. The reason I am not anymore is because I won one of those Facebook contests guessing the score to win a free card. I won, never got a response. I sent a message to which someone asked for my address. They sent back a really passive aggressive message hinting to go away(“okay, we’ll get it to you in a couple of months” was the response)…..and I live in Frederick!!!!

  • jrowny

    You should be making money already with the “discover more content” box at the bottom of Disqus, if not, you can just enable it and probably no one will notice. Here’s a linky on how to do that:

    As long as nothing “pops up” I think you’re safe showing us some ads… and I actually can’t believe it hasn’t been done sooner!

  • JenniferH

    Best blog period as far as I’m concerned.

  • James Hare

    I’ll even turn off AdBlock for y’all

  • JenniferH

    You do whatever you gotta do. BEST BLOG ON THE INTERWEBZ. BEST. BLOG. EVA!!!!!

  • Graham Dumas

    Jim Kelly memorial fanny pak?

  • Daniel Walker

    This is my favorite website. I visit it more than google. Whatever you have to do to make it last, please do.

  • John Clear

    Being in Toronto, this is one of the only places I can come to relieve my frustrations and express the rare moments of excitement with my Cardiac Caps. THE SITE MUST LIVE. Also, you should really look into developing an app.. perhaps have a follower of the site who really knows his stuff help or something. Just a thought.

  • katzistan

    This site is one of the best out there – perfectly captures how one should write about sports. It’s not life and death, just a game, albeit one we all care about too much. So write about it that way. That’s what you do.

    I thought you were going to ask us to pay for subscriptions when I started reading the post (which I would do, no question), so since it’s just ads, no problem at all. Can’t believe you’ve all done this pro bono, amazing. Just don’t leave us.

  • Chelsea Winot

    Just as long as there are no pop-ups or videos that randomly start playing and I can’t mute them!

    You’ll even get a free pass on my ad blocking thing 😉 I’ll go whitelist it now.

  • kmpalmss

    I love this website and obviously want it to continue to be amazing, so do whatcha gotta do!

  • Mama

    Working for free is one thing, going in the hole is another. Do what needs doing.

  • Bilal

    Meh. I deal with Ads all the time. Couple more won’t hurt. Plus, it’s your site, you guys are allowed to put ads if you want. Also if it means keeping RMNB online, then i’m okay with it.

  • Good thinking. I’ve looked into it, but a) Disqus doesn’t really pay well, b) the ads they serve are a little iffy sometimes, and c) as a sports– specifically a hockey– site, we can command a higher CPM rate.

  • BPThomas

    Can confirm. I’ve netted many a karma from you fellas, I’d be happy to give.

  • This is a very Leonsonian move.

    Gotta do what you gotta do. Make that money boo boo.

  • How about we add an extra 0 there and then we can talk.

  • Wiredwisk

    You gotta do what you gotta do. I’ll try to click a link or two. I vote you contact Hadeed first. They’ll put their name on anything.

  • Faith

    Do whatever you need to do to keep it going. Caps hockey wouldn’t be the same without you guys.

  • JP

    Most of the comments are along the lines of “do what you need to do.” I echo that, but want to point out that you guys have earned so much good will because of how good the product is. Do what you got to do, but please please please don’t ruin RMNB!

  • Fedor

    Read about Caps prospect, feed a Russian!

  • araporrada21

    what ever keeps this site going, cant complaint here

    how about a future kuzya shirt in Russian, id buy a few

  • Lisa

    I was freaked you might be bailing on the site but since you’re not, I’m cool with ads, I’d even be happy to make targeted donations. RMNB is more fun than watching the Caps, especially this season, and from a cost-benefit perspective, there’s no comparison. Happy to help – just don’t leave us to wallow in misery alone!

  • Ben Brigida

    I discovered RMNB this year and it is now the first page I check in the morning, even ahead of facebook. The articles you create have made me a more knowledgeable caps fan and I am forever grateful for that. The fact that you guys have done all this without profiting is a testament to your passion, and I look forward to the content you can produce without having to worry about paying the bills. RMNB is the best. I am happy that you will finally be rewarded for your thoughtful analysis of the Capitals!

  • Barrett

    Best )))))))))))

  • kyle boyd

    honestly until you mentioned it just now i never realized the lack of advertising. i really can’t thank you guys enough for investing so much of your time and money into this site. the quality and quantity of content here is amazing, it’s a website i check everyday at work, and have loaded with every game I watch, and you deserve to be compensated for providing me and thousands others with that experience.

    My one worry with advertisements is if they’re taken over-the-top with popups, and annoying music constantly on repeat that can’t be muted or paused. What you’re describing here is honestly conservative, and i’d have no issue with advertising of that degree or even further. Do what you guys need to do to make this site as rewarding for yourselves as it is for you’re readers. I truly appreciate what you’ve done.

  • RP709

    I honestly had not noticed that there were no ads, I cant believe I missed it. I am surprised you have not already, there is nothing that can be clicked, viewed, or linked without watching an ad first. Congrats on making it this far! It will not change my use or opinion of the quality content on RMNB!!

  • Billyt

    I run a hosting company…I can help.

  • Mike Reppenhagen

    Good by me, a hockey blog’s gotta eat. Your plan sounds super tasteful and unobtrusive and I hope you cats make enough off of them to keep them that way. Remind me to click every now and then and I will.

  • D’Arcy Butler

    None of this would be necessary if you’d just borrowed heavily and invested everything in Ian’s tip for Kuzya’s first goal.
    Ads on RMNB won’t keep me away. Keep up the great work!

  • Kathi

    what about an app? Can you make the site an iPhone app? you could even charge a little bit for it

  • Arensberg

    I’ve never posted anything before, but I’ve been coming to RMNB daily for years and would be more than happy to donate to help keep it going. Kickstarter? Also cool with ads.

  • Tom Miller

    Go for it. I trust your judgment, or lack thereof.

  • James Desautels

    I echo the comment below. We all know you guys are in it for the team and the game, totes understandable it takes a serious toll on time and funds. Making a few bucks to keep up with the market isn’t selling out. You guys turn into a megalopolis and relocate to Palo Alto and we will need a conference.

  • OlietheGoalie

    Ads?! On my Internet?!?!?!?!

    Yeah, that’s fine. Go ahead. I won’t leave.

  • VirginiaPatriot

    I’ll donate $10 for Ian to NOT wear the spandex again. Anyone with me?

  • connor

    no problem with you guys going for ads. love the site and want to see it last !

  • Roy Schue

    Do what you guys need to do to make it last and not drive yourselves to the poorhouse in the process. This is not just the best hockey site but the best sports site. I visit every morning and night to see what’s new.

  • Pat Magee

    Im honestly surprised you guys made it this long without having ads!! I totally understand the sitch.

  • Grace

    Do what you must to keep it going. To keep us going. Stay golden, Ponyboy.

  • hockey mom

    Do what you gotta do, but can I ask that Viagra, Cialis, Trojan, etc. be last resorts? My kids frequently come rushing into to the office to see what I’m laughing at (RMNB articles and posts!!) and I don’t really want to have explain what ED is to them…

    Thanks for all you do to keep this fun!

  • troyerlaw

    RMNB and HFBoards are the only places I go to now, for Caps news and discussion. You guys do a great job. No reason not to make it sustainable. You earned it.

  • CapsFanCore

    Whatever keeps the fun going. Maybe Erectile Dysfunction ads could be avoided? Also I would donate something if you go that route. The Puck Podcast raised funds by donation for their equipment. Kickstarter?

  • RESmith

    First off, props to all for being transparent and asking! That takes courage and shows a lot of respect. Hope us readers can repay in kind over time.

    Definitely GO FOR IT! I definitely appreciate all the hours and coordination that has to go in pulling this off and a lot of that goes unseen. Despite holding full time day jobs, you all still put together a site that is equal to (and even outclasses) professional corporate funded hockey sites. You all have built an awesome community of us fans here, so do whatever it takes. I have full faith that you will not let any of the content be influenced by the ads.

    Like others have offered below, I would also would be open to donating some in order to help you all maintain things.

  • RESmith

    Keep it coming! Following prospects is the part of hockey that I enjoy/miss the most.

  • Sarah Schanze

    I would totally accept ads provided they’re not obnoxious/sexist. Dunno exactly what kind of ads you would get, but I love coming to this site and reading all your articles and commentary! You guys make seasons like this last one tolerable.

    As a secondary source of sorta-income, have you guys looked at Patreon? I’m reluctant to even suggest it because it’s more for creative endeavors, but perhaps it can be tailored to blogging somehow. Can’t hurt to mention it, at least!

    Keep up the fantastic work. <333

  • Owen Johnson

    MST3K FTW. Also Mike >Joel. DEAL WITH IT PEOPLE!!!

  • Just_sayin3

    Have really enjoyed RMNB and understand what you need to do. Go for it!

  • serpent

    See? I told you he was smart!

  • Nickki

    It definitely felt like a break up was coming on, I was starting to get nervous and shaky. Glad to hear that we are all still in one long committed relationship 🙂

  • Great Caps blog. Ads are not a problem. Love your coverage of the Caps. Keep up the great content.

  • Jeanne Blue

    Add my voice to the throng- ads are fine as long as RMNB is still kicking butt. I would pay a subscription as well.
    (Also agree no ads with sound- makes it very hard to check in at work)

  • WHAT

  • Chris

    Idea for local funding in your own backyard.. partner with some of the other local Fredrick names from downtown/Market Street scene. I know there are some good folk there that sponsor kickball teams/4th of July events/bring in the G Loves of the world for concerts/partner with Voltaggio, that could probably use a visual sponsorship from RMNB, that can equally plug RMNB into many resources of the Frederick scene. Quite a large IT crowd down there too that could help with the equipment/hosting side too.

  • Roman Z.

    Are you telling me Chris is NOT a robot?!?

  • Roman Z.

    Where are my ads!?!

  • Matvei

    Gotta do what you gotta do! You have my vote. Cheers for all the great coverage! You make my California location seem not so far away!

  • Michael Fanning
  • Michael Fanning

    The problem with putting them on the payroll is that Ted would probably be like Danny Boy and his radio station. Toe the party line or move on. I’d rather have them as an independent voice of reason and sanity.

  • Leonora

    Oh hells yes! I hope you guys do get rich, you guys are awesome!

  • Fait

    For long term, I’m fine with ads as long as RMNB write-ups don’t EVER lose their humor. If you need a short-term influx of $$$ to keep it running until you come to a long-term decision, maybe you could try a Kickstarter? I’ve thrown money at many of those. Alternate idea: host a lemonade stand and bake sale run by Ian in his Brower Rangers suit.

  • Mike

    Opulence… I like the best… Russian themed ads, please. Mini-giraffe optional. Jump in it.

  • TAZ

    I was just meditating on your site after reading the ProHockey bit on the importance of sports analytics, wondering why sports “analysts” themselves
    didn’t use it more (pfttt!), and how superior RMNB is to the “professional” writing
    we’re stuck with around here. Bloggers do it because they’re fans, they’re emotionally vested, have a much deeper interest in the team their covering, they care what happens. Like others, I come to RMNB first thing every morning and multiple times throughout the day. I am so much more informed than I would have
    been without you guys. Love your sense of humor (and pathos), your creativity, your sense of responsibility towards all demographics of your readership and to the community, and your generosity in giving us fans so much, including the opportunity to have a say in how RMNB is run with this advertisements question. You guys do one helluva job with this blog, and I have to say it’s one of the best I’ve ever come across, period, never mind in hockey. It says something when you’re referenced in major news media.

    Don’t know how you guys manage to do all you do, it’s been great to see your success and to see you grow over the years, can’t wait to see what else y’all come up with next. THANK YOU. As hundreds have said before me, I’m fine with ads (or whatever other fundraising things you come up with that I’d be happy to contribute towards, a lot of creative ideas here), you’re fully justified, do the needful!!! It’s a very small price to pay in exchange for this great blog. Though I really hope you don’t have to resort to robots at some point, that would kinda suck.

  • stacyh13

    I had the tub of ice cream and a spoon ready. . .

  • Okay now we’re being hurtful. Haha.

  • I love the idea, but I don’t have the time or talent to make those business connections. There’s stuff I’m good at, but doing sales isn’t one of em.

  • Harjot Singh

    Guys put a donation button on the bottom!

  • Chris

    Shot you a note on FB. Jason is good people.

  • Jenstatz8

    personally i would feels like a part of caps hockey is missing without your guys recaps. I’m all for whatever you guys need to do to keep this going. And maybe you could set something up if someone wanted to make a donation? I’d be willing to pitch in a few bucks. Keep up the good work boys.

  • Diller M

    Thanks for the insight! Do it! Make some money, I’ll be here! (on multiple IP addresses too)