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The 2013-14 season was a breakout year for Capitals prospect Christian Djoos. His ice time with Brynas of SHL went up from 15:35 in the previous regular season to 17:16 this year. He scored more too, getting 13 points (a goal and 12 assists) in 47 games after just eight a year ago. Also importantly, Djoos cut down on time spent in the penalty box– four minutes as opposed to 48 last season.

Djoos took over the leading role on his team’s blue line in the postseason, logging 23:26 in the playoffs as a teenager in one of the best leagues in the world. He also had a notable performance at home World Juniors, scoring a goal and getting an assist in Sweden’s disappointing goal medal game loss.

Djoos’ increased role in the postseason could be attributed to an injury to Ryan Gunderson, a University of Vermont graduate and a Brynas’ leader on the blueline for the last three seasons. Next season, Gunderson won’t be with Brynas as he’s signed with KHL newcomer Jokerit Helsinki. That gives Djoos a chance to establish himself as an elite SHL defenseman.

The Washington Capitals have until June 1st to sign Djoos, whom they selected in the seventh round of 2012 Draft. There’s been little information on whether the Caps are interested in bringing him into the organization. It’s clear that he’s not leaving Brynas, but it’s unclear whether he’ll be on loan from a NHL club or unattached.

Recently, Djoos disclosed some information regarding the state of his negotiations with the Caps in an interview with Ronnie Ronnqvist of (translation provided by friend-of-the-blog Jake Ware).

Warning: he really doesn’t provide much information.

It would be great to get signed by Washington. My agent will sort it out. When he has something, whether or not we’ll sign, he’ll call me. He’ll sort it out. I have a contract here with Brynäs and will stay here. I know that Washington and my agent have spoken, but I don’t know much else. He’ll take care of it.

About whether he’s talked to another Brynas product, Nicklas Backstrom, about what it’s like in Washington:

No, actually not. I met Nicklas in the summer. We greeted each other and spoke a little, but nothing more. He lives over there and it is mostly Anders, his dad, and my dad that speak to each other.

About his experience at the Caps development camp and Filip Forsberg:

Filip and I were at camp the first year. It was awesome. We were in their practice arena and it was a great experience. We met at Arlanda [Stockholm airport]. Then we flew together and were picked up at the airport. It wasn’t what we were used to. We stayed at a nice hotel, and I think we stayed there seven days. We trained and played games and got to see how it was to train like a Washington player. We were only 17 years old and it was really cool. We already knew each other well and we’re still good friends. It was nice to have him with me. I was [surprised when Forsberg got traded to Nashville]. He was after all a first rounder. I didn’t think that would happen.

Thanks to Jake Ware for translation.

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