Saturday at Harry Grove Stadium was Hockey Day. The Frederick Keys staff wore hockey gear (I’m wagging my finger at you, girl in Malkin shirsey), and two former Washington Capitals, Craig Laughlin and Alan May, threw out the ceremonial first pitches and signed autographs for fans on the concourse.

Before the first pitches were thrown, however, there was some intrigue.

The night before, during the Caps telecast, Laughlin promised to CSN Washington’s Joe Beninati that he would zing the ball into home plate going “105.”

Let’s goooooo to the videotape.

Both pitches were low and outside – I think. (Peter, you had one job.) They did not hit the dirt or the backstop and no fans were injured, so let’s just call this a success.

After he left the field, I asked Laughlin if the pitch made it up to 105 MPH.

“104!,” Laughlin said with laughter. “I meant kilometers. Everybody thought I meant miles per hour. I meant kilometers, which means 60!”

I’m pretty sure it didn’t go that fast either.

Meanwhile, the BFFs, who consistently chirp one another on-air, chirped each other while signing autographs for fans. They happily signed for everyone, even me! Alan even wrote me a special message.


“Ian, No more tights please!”

Not everyone was a fan of my Brouwer Ranger outfit.

I told Locker I wrote for RMNB. It is a blog and stuff. He wrote a special inscription for me too.


“To Ian, I have never read your stuff but heard it’s awful! Locker”

Yeah, I really don’t think he knows who we are.

After Laughlin and May were done meeting the adoring public, I’d bought them a beer to show them my thanks. May has introduced all of our RMNB on CRL segments and Locker has made watching Capitals games a joy for decades. I owed them. They asked my opinion on what they should drink.

No brainer.


Locker and Alan had their very first Natty Bohs today.

They then spent an hour mingling with all the RMNB readers who came out to watch the Keys game with us. That was really kind.

All in all, it was a really fun day and you totally missed out for not coming. Shake your keys!







  • do not criticize my cinematography again

  • Tom

    Can’t believe you let someone in a Malkin shirt take your photo on CAPS day

  • Oh yeah, I forgot to post this: RMNB SELFIE

  • erinamanda13

    I was there! I actually sat right nearby but my shyness won so I didn’t actually say anything. It was a great day to enjoy some baseball!

  • You shoulda! We would have loved to say hi!

  • erinamanda13

    I was literally sitting the row behind you slightly to the right. Ha ha.

  • Lawrence

    To be honest, I am so jelly. Really cool that you got to hang out with some legendary caps. Wish I could have been there, but you know, driving from tampa would be a little long.

  • What is this feeling? This weird desire…. could it be I actually sort of wish I lived near Fredrick, Maryland?? Oh… no, just bad gauc on my burrito.

  • Sarah

    If he’s her hero, I’m surprised she didn’t roll around on the ground pretending one of the ceremonial pitches hit her.

  • Owen Johnson

    One thing I learned from RMNB party #6; you don’t need to be shy around these guys.
    And if Ian recognizes you, he’ll give you a hug.

  • Pat Magee

    Joe B for head coach!!!

    Seriously doe, whatsup with the Malkin shirt? Just a troll?

  • ItsNotMeTrustMe

    If there’s an upside to the end of the season, it’s RMNB off-season coverage.

  • Daniel

    not as long a drive as from Europe :-/////

  • Diller M

    Who is the dude In orange? Also, Peter, are you filming the pitch or the ads in left field?

  • Amykins

    They played music from The Natural during the first pitch?

    A) That’s kinda funny, especially considering all of Locker’s talk the night before.
    B) I always cry at thend of that movie? And I am sure I wouldn’t if it weren’t for the damn score.

  • I had a great time and great to meet the RMNB people! Thanks to my little one I spent 95% of the day on the carousel and playground, but great fun anyway. Looking forward to the next event!

  • He was somebody involved with a Walk for MS research fundraiser I believe.

  • The Keys’ emcee was wearing a Bergeron jersey. I saw two other Bruins jerseys and a Hurricanes shirt.

  • Smiley456

    In pure jest: Laughlin looks like fat OV, and May like super muscle fit OV. 🙂

    I wonder if May would have any interest in being GM, per the player side. While Dick Patrick and team handle the business, contract side?

  • VirginiaPatriot

    I’m not sure if folks really know what a great guy Craig is. In the late 90’s, he and I were both hockey dads whose paths crossed with some frequency. My son, a few years older than Craig’s, had a rough hockey season in 1998-1999, his junior year of high school. Injuries, playing juniors for the first time, playing for the USA Hockey Inline Jr National team, playing on high school team, etc. Burnt out by spring of 1999. Son was selected for the DC Area team to play at the Chicago Showcase, an important tournament for kids to be scouted at. Son did not want to play. Totally burned out. Shortly before the team was supposed to start practicing, a phone call came one evening at dinner time. “Hello Gregg, this is Craig Laughlin, can I speak to (son)?” Ok. That was odd. Gave the phone to my son. After about a 45 minute conversation, our son hung up and said, “I’m going to Chicago”. I’ve never known exactly what Craig said, but for him to have taken his time to call my son, for whatever reason prompted him to do that, and to be able to not only convince my son that going to Chicago was important and to get him excited about it was an act of caring and kindness to my son that we will never forget. My son played a couple of years in college and decided he had gone far enough. But it wasn’t about hockey. It was about a guy caring enough to call and encourage a teenager that Craig only knew peripherally that endeared Craig to my son and taught him some life lessons beyond hockey. Caring, encouragement, perseverance; a selfless 45 minut phone call from Craig taught my son an incredible life-lesson. Thank you, Craig! He didn’t do it for any personal reason. That’s just the type of guy he is.

  • BPThomas

    Damn, May is still jacked!

  • bskillet

    I saw a few Penguin jerseys and a couple Boston’s, not sure why they were allowed in to Harry Grove…..:)))

  • Shaun Phillips

    Ditto from Morocco. 🙁