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With 42 seconds left in the Capitals’ 4-0 win over Chicago, Jay Beagle skated to the bench looking for a change. He had been on the ice for three shifts in the last four minutes. His teammates, however, were adamant that he stay on the ice. But finally, after Beagle crawled over the bench wall, Eric Fehr stepped on for the final shift.

“I felt bad for him because I knew how tired he was,” Fehr told me. “I could see it in his eyes. He doesn’t get that look very often. He was begging to come off. I took a second and evaluated it and figured I better go.”

Said Beagle of his reaction: “I said “’I’m not! I’m not staying on. I can’t even move my legs anymore!”

Other than Beagle, neither the Capitals or the Blackhawks put forth any real effort during Friday’s game. Chicago will play San Jose no matter what happens over the last weekend, with only home ice to decide. The Caps just want to put a little lipstick on their pig. Because of that, the game was free-flowing and moderately entertaining. In 60 minutes, there were just 21 hits.

Since the Caps are out of it, random stuff might as well happen. Beagle, of flip phone and first line center fame, registered his first two goal outing in 190 career games. His lifetime goal total increased 15 percent, from 11 to 13. Beagle’s season total doubled from two to four. He now has a career-high nine points this season. It was Beagle’s first multi-goal game since the 2010 Calder Cup Playoffs, when he was a member of the Hershey Bears. He was named the first star of the game and even did the post-game interview with Al Koken.

When a member of the Capitals PR staff announced that Beagle would be speaking from the center of the room, the 28-year-old Canadian laughed: “I’ve never heard that before!”

“The guys were looking for me all night,” Beagle, who received a standing ovation from his teammates after the game, said. “Trying for the third one, they were hitting me no matter where I was. It was a fun game to be a part of.”

“I was pretty excited,” he added. “I think I said right away to Wardo ‘That’s my first two goal game!” and they were like ‘What?!’ They went looking for the puck right away. It kinda hit me right away when it went in through the five hole there that pucks were bouncing my way.”

Beagle’s first goal came midway through the first period, when he whacked in a deflected pass from Dmitry Orlov.

His next goal came with less than four minutes left in the middle frame after some cycling down low. Jason Chimera then fed the puck to Beagle, who was wide open in the slot. He fired off an Ovi-esqe one-footed wrister for goal number two.

Finally, Beagle was sprung for a semi-breakaway by Evgeny Kuznetsov with 2:44 left in the game. Attempting to get the hat trick, Beags tried to flip the puck over Blackhawks goalie Antti Raanta. It didn’t work. Beagle finished the game with nearly 17 minutes of ice time and three shots on goal. When he finished talking to Gemma Hooley of Media Chameleon and I, Beagle immediately bolted for his locker.

“My calves are killing me right now!” he said.

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  • Dark Stranger

    Actually, the Blackhawks won’t be playing Sharks in Round 1 since they changed the playoff format. They’ll likely play the Blues in Round 1 since Blues have collapsed and lost 1st place (but Blues would have home ice advantage.) Early rounds are in-division, except for Wild Card teams.

  • pixiestix

    the caps are nice people 🙂

  • Blah! Forgot about the new format, which is dumb.

  • And now, an all-new, “At The McPhees'”

    “Dad, how come the team svcks?”
    “Svcks? Why do you we svck, Junior?”
    “Well, Dad, like, we didn’t make the Playoffs. I thought we should always make the Playoffs. It’s, like, we have all this talent.”
    “So you judge sucking or not sucking simply via making the Playoffs or not?”
    “No, Dad, but yesterday you said I was a lousy son.”
    “Of course, Junior, I said that because you forgot again to take out the trash.”
    “Isn’t my forgetting to take out the trash kinda like Ovi not playing D?”
    “No, not at all. You forgetting to take out the trash means you forget; Ovi not playing D is because he just won’t do it.”
    “So what’s worse, Dad, not doing something because you forgot or not doing something because you don’t care?”
    “Well, Junior, ah, what do you think?”
    “I think, Dad, it’s worse to not care. You can explain it away to not know, and you can explain it away to forget, but it’s pretty bad if you know better but just don’t care.”
    “You sound like a pretty smart lad, Junior.”
    “Thanks, Dad, but if I’m so smart, and you can recognize that, how come you let Adam Oates get away with all that stuff he does?”
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    “Fine, Dad, can I have my allowance?”
    “Well, what I think is – ”
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  • And now, an all-new, “LIfe With Ted.”

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  • Owen Johnson

    McPhee’s son is lousy because he speeds over 100 mph in a residential neighborhood.

  • Begemot

    Pretty cool. This, and Backstrom protecting Brouwer’s empty net goal, speak well of the team.

  • David

    Good thing Beagle wasn’t on a line with Ovechkin! Playing on Ovi’s line has been a death sentence for any Capitals shooting percentage.

    That third line though!

    Congrats Beagle!

  • Found him

    Waldo at :21 on second goal.

  • Doublenickelporn

    Any update on Beagle’s 2 year 4 million $ extension? Or has Ted frozen the purse til after the season? Nice job Snoopy, kid plays real hard.

  • Doublenickelporn

    Kind of says it all when his main point addressing the article revolves around agents in the locker room. Changes are brewing that will make or break this franchise for years to come!!!

  • Sarah

    Work ethic like this is why I’m so optimistic for the Caps in the future. Bunch of very talented guys who really are trying hard, they’re just in an impossible situation. Everybody else has already gone over the issues with the system, so I won’t bother, but with the right coach-GM pairing these Caps can be a force. Look at the progress the Stars have made in one season with Jim Nill and Lindy Ruff. Mind you, you can’t have them… they are our Jim and Lindy and we’re keeping a death grip on them now.

  • Doublenickelporn

    Jim Nill was there for the taking, instead will end up with Jay Feaster replacing GMGM, thats what scares me.

  • Ted Brandes

    Would it be inappropriate for me to say that I hate how big the new divisions are on top of that? I was all for reorganizing divisions, but I mean there should be a bit of common sense to it.