Braden Holtby Falcon Punches Ryan Callahan (GIF)


American hero Ryan Callahan is well known by Capitals fans and not for good reasons. When he captained the New York Rangers, his Rags beat our Caps twice. Despite what the national media likes to tell us, he’s not really the most honorable player.

That’s why it felt good to see Callahan fall like a sack of bricks to the ice after he got punched in the mush by Braden Holtby.

As Lightning forward Cedric Paquette shot the puck at the net, Callahan crashed the creased. For Braden Holtby, something about this net-crash rubbed him the wrong way. He morphed into Ron Hextall, and put his goalie glove right into Callahan’s face.

Here’s another look from Clyde Caplan.

Ouch is right.

Callahan slowly skated off the ice and checked his patriotic mug for blood.

Even though 100 times out of 100 this should be called a penalty, it’s nice to have Aggressive Braden back.

And one note to National Hockey League forwards, stay out of his crease or pay the consequences.

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  • Holtby Fan (Katie)

    LOVE IT! Holtby plays best when he plays aggressive! Don’t mess with his game.

  • themav80

    Hells yeah! Release the Holtbeast!

  • Steven Lemmeyer
  • CapsFan4403

    Did someone really take a picture of a picture they just shot?

  • BigNed

    The fact that Oates stated that moving the goalie back in the crease was undeniably the best way to play is the main reason I think he has to go. He may have studied the position, but he’s clearly never studied geometry. Let your goalies cut off angles and play with the attitude they prefer.

  • Sportio555

    Wow, that’s a massive cheap shot. Callahan was doing exactly what he should have been doing, and Holtby just decks him? Sorry, unless Callahan was mugging Holtby earlier on, that is exactly what it is. A cheap shot.

  • Steven Lemmeyer

    Boo this man.

  • SamWow Carroll

    Are we really joaning on someone talking a picture of a picture from a DSLR? Can’t post pics from one, why not get it out quicker. It’s a great shot that loses relevance in a few hours.

  • Haha.

  • “100 times out of 100 this should be called a penalty”

  • That’s Clyde. He’s the best.

  • Well said.

  • Sportio555

    Hey, I’m not a Caps or Tampa fan. That’s exactly what it was.

  • VirginiaPatriot

    This is an NHL game, Sportio. Put the big-boy pants back on and appreciate Holtby’s aggressiveness and Callahan taking it like a pro.

  • JenniferH

    Love seeing that Holtby has his sass, aggression and style back. Uh huh!

  • Roy Schue

    I love seeing a goalie, any goalie take control of his crease and if that means knocking someone on their ass…oh well

  • VeggieTart

    I love our badass goaltender! Get too close to his crease and he will make you PAY.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Personally, I can’t stand Callahan. He is on a level with Marchand with his embellishing. That series of events last year where he elbows Hillen, then goes flopping through the air when Hilling gives him a slight shove right after was an embarrassment. If he wasn’t of North American origin he would be constantly featured by Don Cherry.

  • Matilda Wrigsjö

    Actually… considering that’s a nikon I can tell you that you can get the picture transfered to your phone pretty quickly if you have a wireless wifi adapter for your camera, I have one myself 🙂

  • factoryofsadness

    To callahan from all caps fans: Enjoy the playoffs, asshole. Maybe you and Crosby will face each other in a instigating-diving biathalon.

  • liquid8d

    Holtby just said “This is MY crease.. get outta here!” He certainly made a statement.

  • Mike in the Acela

    I love how Holtby delivers the message and then goes all Zen, calmly folding his arms and following the play paying no attention to Callahan.

  • Jon Adams

    Totally with you! I was in section 417 and this was the best part of the entire game. The only time I saw a man in red looking like he was there to play this game!

  • Chris Best

    I rather enjoy it when Holtby channels his inner Hextall…heck we need more of that, personally. At least someone gives a damn.

  • Owen Johnson

    …In October!

  • Just_sayin3

    what the hell…it was the last game…Nice to see Holtby protecting his crease!

  • Ted Brandes

    I was at Holtby’s first game in Hershey, and during warm-ups I looked over to my dad and said (I was hardly even in high school yet, either), “That guy plays exactly like Hextall.” Low and behold, he’s probably the closest we have coming into the league, and when I saw Oates try and turn him away from his instinctual style, I was pretty mad.

    When I saw this hit though, I was as happy as any fan could be. For the most of the last game actually, it looked like Holtby had found a center-ground between his old reckless style and the super-safe, sink in the hole style Oates tried to force him into. I should probably even correct myself and say the last few games, because he’s been playing great despite a continuing spiral for the team around him.

    It upsets me to see how poorly goaltenders are treated when they get to the Caps locker-room. Neuvy, Holtby, Gruby, and Halak have all been mistreated by this coaching staff in some way, shape, or form, and in ways that were clearly preventable. Sometimes, I hope that part of the reason the chaos settled down was because Kolzig stood up for them at some point (something nobody was doing for them all season).

  • Booo

    Like you guys I’m happy he pulled out a great performance especially in an important game. Wait it was the last game of the season and a totally pointless game. Yes the “holt beast” is back but only when it doesn’t matter. Dude sucks. Trade trade trade

  • .935 save percentage in the 2012 playoffs
    .922 save percentage in the 2013 playoffs

    take a seat