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Photos by Chris Gordon

After missing the playoffs for the first time in seven years, most Caps players were resigned when they spoke to the media after the game. However, the team’s annual Jerseys Off Our Backs ceremony added a little levity to an otherwise despondent day.

In particular, one member of the Capitals staff was skating around the ice wearing Google Glass, presumably filming the proceedings on them. Karl Alzner, though, wanted a try. As other players were giving away their sweaty garb, Karl tried on the gizmo wiz-bang for himself.

We’ll add the video to this post when it’s published, but for now take a look at some of my photos.

KarlAlznerGoogleGlass (1 of 4)

KarlAlznerGoogleGlass (2 of 4)

KarlAlznerGoogleGlass (4 of 4)

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  • Matilda Wrigsjö

    Why didnt tyson give away his jersey? I though it looked like 23 skated off with his jersey on..

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Ha, Wardo’s face has the look of “Oh, wow man, those are pretty sweet.” While he secretly is thinking “NERD ALERT!”

  • RB

    it seemed like they miscalculated or something and there weren’t any people left when he was standing there all alone

  • pixiestix

    For those of you on Google+:


    The Caps are doing some cool stuff with Glass to augment the fan experience.

  • Matilda Wrigsjö

    Hm, I was there and I could have taken it off his hands haha

  • TySpooner

    I’m pretty sure he gave it to a kid when he was walking through the tunnel. At least that’s what it looked like from my seats.

  • Diller M

    I like the ad, very tasteful, not at all intrusive. Good Choice. Maybe drop another on the right banner under the twitter feed

  • Maggie

    I agree! I didn’t even notice the ad until after reading this comment.

  • RB

    Agreed! Not hating on slapshot but poor last person who say TS standing there and got the generic jersey. Although I loved TWilly going to hang out with him when we was the only one there so he wasn’t standing alone

  • Brian Bean

    The Slapshot jersey is given to a Kids Club member. It’s pre-set-up that way. Total miss-count by the Caps I guess. Probably because of the Leblanc call up I guess. Had one more jersey than they planned for?

  • Jayleigh

    Ditto. Didn’t even notice.

  • VeggieTart

    Jay Beagle wants nothing to do with that sort of thing.

  • Fait

    Hey Karl, you’re a good Googler!