Friday night against the Chicago Blackhawks, Marcus Johansson‘s whirlwind season ended sadly when — while standing in front of the Chicago Blackhawks crease — he got hit by a high-rising shot authored by Nicklas Backstrom.

The shot by Backstrom appeared to strike Johansson in the hand or wrist. Johansson dropped his stick and immediately went to the locker room, hinting something was very wrong. The next day, head coach Adam Oates announced Johansson would not play in the season finale Sunday against the Lightning.

Now we know why. After the Caps lost 1-0 (SO) against Tampa, all of the players filed out to say goodbye to the fans and give their jerseys off their backs. CSN captured Johansson with his left wrist in a cast and his arm in a sling, suggesting that he fractured his forearm or wrist.

Here’s hoping Johansson heals up soon and can still play for Team Sweden in the World Championships, which this year will be held in Minsk, Belarus in May.

Photos of Marcus Johansson Giving Away Jersey

MarcusJohanssonCast (1 of 3)

MarcusJohanssonCast (2 of 3)

MarcusJohanssonCast (3 of 3)

Photos by Chris Gordon

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  • Thomas Conner

    Speaking of Swedish players in Minsk, can Backstrom play or will he be too doped up on Claritin from spring in DC?

  • GuestZ


  • factoryofsadness





    Not too many holes to fill. Shouldn’t be tough at all to contend. Just resign the hell outta grabovski, and pick up two REAL NHL DEFENSEMEN (#earthtoGMGM) and were good to go for next year. unbelieveable that oates never once tried this lineup. Your job, (insert new coach and new GM name here), is simple. Best of luck.

  • sheena dunn

    That might be his shaving arm!

  • Sarah

    Why oh why, hockey gods? Why are you punishing Sweden? What have they done?? A bunch of malignant idiots looking through everything these guys had done back to kindergarten couldn’t bust them for worse than (fully disclosed) Zyrtec D. They are good people. They are obviously clean living people, because if they’d done worse than take allergy meds they were told they could take, we would all know, and find out at a time calculated to produce the maximum pointless drama. Swedes are good at hockey and they do endearing things like ride bikes in suits.
    I have no personal reason to cheer for Sweden, or any Scandinavian country, and injured Swedes make me terribly sad, because there are so many of them right now and the world is a horrible unfair place.
    Get better soon, Mojo.

  • Chip

    I feel like this should also be included in the article about Caps players hitting one another haha

  • Myan

    Jeez he has prettier hair than I do…

  • JenniferH

    Poor MoJo!

  • He looks like such a sad panda on the CSN grab.

  • I’d like a back-up goalie, rather than Grubauer. If Halak is willing to start 25-30ish games a year and give the rest to Holtby, I’d be alright with that.