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Washington Capitals general manager George McPhee appeared at Kettler Capitals Iceplex around 12:50PM on breakdown day. That’s not a surprise. However, this year, instead of addressing the media after all of the players depart like every other year, GMGM declined comment. Hmm.

According to The Washington Post’s Katie Carrera, McPhee said to the crowd gathered around him “I’ll talk in a couple days.” He then coolly sipped on a can of Diet Coke and had a conversation with 20-year-old defenseman Connor Carrick.

According to a Caps spokesman, McPhee met with majority owner Ted Leonsis and team president Dick Patrick this morning. He will meet with them once again in the next week or two and then will speak to the media.

The vultures– they’re circling.

McPheeCarrick (1 of 3)

McPheeCarrick (2 of 3)

McPheeCarrick (3 of 3)

Update: The can McPhee is holding is a Diet Pepsi, not a Diet Coke. RMNB deeply, deeply regrets the error.

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  • Chris Cerullo

    Whole situation is very weird. The need for two meetings is strange. Silly season has begun.

  • Matthew Kory

    Sounds to me like Leonsis is listening to people other than McPhee. That doesn’t bode well for McPhee.

  • Jack Conness

    I’m hoping this is a good sign. And by good sign, I mean him not being apart of the organization anymore.

  • Jay DeLancey

    Bye bye George!

  • allistan

    “While holding Diet Coke”

  • Rob W.

  • Mike

    Fire him, fire him today. Erat was the final straw.



    I say 17 more years, just so we can be sure

  • Wiredwisk

    It is. And I always say, you can’t trust a man who drinks Diet Pepsi. That’s just nasty.

  • Owen Johnson

    George McPhee and Connor Carrick. Two people who shouldn’t have been in DC this year.

  • Owen Johnson


  • Jack Conness

    He looks so awkward and out of place in all of these pictures. It’s even making me feel a little uncomfortable. Dude has to go.

  • cpj5652

    its actually a diet pepsi just like Erat and Penner were top 6 guys!

  • Big Chuck

    GMGM must have watched Thrones last night. He knows what simple carbohydrates can do the body!

  • Steve

    I’m frustrated by this season (and the last few seasons),
    but I still feel bad for GMGM. He genuinely seems like an intelligent and nice guy who has
    done a lot of good for the organization in the role of GM even though he didn’t get a
    Cup and yes, he made mistakes. But the entire organization is out of sync – and
    one position (owner / GM / coach / any ONE member of the personnel) can’t shoulder
    all the legitimate blame for it.

    Anyways, I agree with the change in direction (it’s time for a new GM) and
    understand that it starts at the top, but I hope GMGM stays on with the Caps in some capacity.
    I bet he’d be able to benefit the next person that comes in, or the organization in general on some level…assuming he’s losing his current position.

  • Emily Wright

    [transcript of GMGM/Carrick convo] “You see, Connor- you’re young. It takes YEARS to piss away the good will of the fans and support of a guy like Leonsis. Years, son. If you wanna be like me, the first thing to remember is that people skills are not important and hey…if anyone else knew about hockey, they’d be in the game. Make sure you say ish like that when HBO comes to town so you look like a real tool when you get fired.”

  • GregV

    Well, it’s a diet Pepsi CAN. We can’t be sure what’s in it.

    He makes a good spokesmodel. The logo is in the same position, no matter how he moves.

  • JenCo

    That’s a Diet Pepsi.

  • JenCo
  • GregV

    Yes, but in his defense, he is the proverbial deer in headlights here — discovered by a pack of reporters. Or it could just be all that aspartame.

  • Sarah

    Ugh. Poor guy. I can’t believe Oates and McPhee had to go hang around in front of the press under the current circumstances, although I suppose the speculation is worse if they don’t show up.
    I don’t want to see either one hang around next season, but I hope they aren’t left dangling like this for long. They both seem like nice people who deserve graceful exits. Heck, I wouldn’t blame McPhee if that soda can *did* contain something not on the label.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Director of scouting? He’s been money on the draft picks. Take away his power to trade them and we have a win.

  • luv2mtb

    Never been convinced that ‘ol Jorge is the problem. Take Erat and Penner, for instance. I thought both would help solve the Caps’ puck possession problem but Oates stubbornly refused to use them. Its a “gots to go” situation for AO, but for all his mistakes, GMGM has brought a lot of talent through this organization.

  • BPThomas


  • yv

    Preds HC Trotz gone, Canucks GM Gillis gone a little earlier, TMLs HC Carlyle will be announced soon, but Panthers already saying they will hire him. Quite a movement around, who will be next?

  • Barrett

    I got curious to see what Washington actually gained from dumping salary in that 2003-2004 season. George McPhee worked his trade “magic” that year!

    Traded Sergei Gonchar to Boston for Shaone Morrison and 2004 1st (Jeff Schultz) and 2nd (Mikhail Yunkov) round picks.
    Trade Steve Konowalchuk and 2004 4th round pick to Colorado for Bates Battaglia and the rights to Jonas Johansson.
    Traded Peter Bondra to Ottawa for Brooks Laich and 2005 2nd round pick (this pick was later traded to Colorado in a draft day move to select Joe Finley).
    Traded Robert Lang to Detroit for Tomas Fleischmann, 2004 1st (Mike Green) round pick and 2006 4th (Luke Lynes) round pick.
    Trade Jaromir Jagr to New York for Anson Carter and retained $4mil of his salary per year of his remaining contract.

    How do you get rid of all those players (two hall of famers and one border-line hall of famer) and only end up with Mike Green and Brooks Laich to show for it?

  • Mike

    For the love of god NO

  • Barrett

    He actually hasn’t….

  • Myan

    Connor Carrick is rocking that salmon hoodie.

  • Jared

    Anybody else think Barry Trotz could be a potentially good fit for next coach?

  • Barrett

    who holds a can like that? that’s how your beverage gets warm!

  • Doublenickelporn

    Shaun Phillips Steve • 25 minutes ago
    Director of scouting? He’s been money on the draft picks. Take away his power to trade them and we have a win.

    Might want to look at his draft history, Pre Ross Mahoney, its horrible at best, he should have been let go 12 years ago, post mahoney its avg with still only 3 players making an impact drafted beyond Round 3. Hotlby and Mp85, and Johnny Oduya. Sorry not counting Connor Carrick or Grubauer just yet.

  • Dan

    We all say that Carrick needs to get stronger to be able to handle the NHL game, but doesn’t look like he can get much bigger. His neck looks like that of a fresh recruit out of Parris Island.

  • Myan

    I don’t think he’d be a good fit with the players that we have. He’s known for defensive schemes and I don’t think we have the players for that system as evidenced by this season.

  • JohntheCapsMan

    No thank you.

  • Steve

    Here’s what ‘friend-of-the-ladies-and-subsequently-RMNB’ Neil Greenberg wrote back in 2011 about GMGM drafts 1998 through 2006:

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    Do GMs talk to the media when they get fired? real question.

  • Jared

    I agree with that, but I think it’s a lot more systemic than talent-based. Oates was brought in to be a happy medium between Hunter and Boudreau, but he ended up lacking most of the good traits of either of them. The fact that we can’t win a 2-1 game lends some evidence to systemic flaws taking a large role in the problems. The blue line is rough, but not so lacking in talent that they shouldn’t be able to win one lousy game when scoring 2 or fewer goals. Barry could definitely help with that.

  • Owen Johnson

    Dammit. I keep forgetting Oduya was drafted by the Caps.

  • Myan

    I see what you’re saying. What I mean is that Barry’s systems tend to be defensive/grinding and I don’t think we have enough of that type of players to make the system beneficial through an 82 game season. Can our guys make that system work? Probably, but I don’t think that kind of system maximizes their abilities & skill set.

  • Eric Schulz

    Prospects are notoriously risky, as are draft picks after the top-5/top-10.

  • Guest


  • Eric Schulz

    It’s fucking hard to get guys past the 1st round, much less the 3rd. If that’s all you are going to look at, then every GM should be fired.
    (He needs to be fired, but that’s not the reason).

  • Guest

    Best ever

  • Doublenickelporn
  • Diller M

    living in Atlanta I can let you know that these types of editorial mistakes are unacceptable. Pepsi is the softdrink equivalent to the Pens. We shall not speak of it.

  • Diller M

    I agree, totally bushleague, every real soda drinker knows you old the can from the top. This is the final straw, time to get rid of this joker, plus all the hockey stuff….. that too.

  • Mahesh Prasad

    Is Pepsi okay?

  • Barrett

    He hasn’t even been particularly good inside the first round though. I understand that hockey (much like baseball) is extremely hard to predict player development, but when you go YEARS without landing anything significant and when you do, you do get rid of them, that hurts the team bad.

    Here’s McPhee’s 1st round picks since his first year (1998).

    1998: None
    1999: #7 Kris Beech
    2000: #26 Brian Sutherby
    2001: None
    2002: #12 Steve Eminger, #13 Alex Semin, #17 Boyd Gordon
    2003: #18 Eric Fehr
    2004: #1 Alex Ovechkin, #27 Jeff Schultz, #29 Mike Green
    2005: #14 Sasha Pokulok, #27 Joe Finley
    2006: #4 Nicklas Backstrom, #23 Semyon Varlamov
    2007: #5 Karl Alzner
    2008: #21 Anton Gustafsson, #27 John Carlson
    2009: #24 Marcus Johansson
    2010: #26 Evgeny Kuznetsov
    2011: None
    2012: #11 Filip Forsberg, #16 Tom Wilson
    2013: #23 Andre Burakovsky

    I’m curious to know if there was a change in the scouting department around the 2004-2005 seasons. That seems to be when his picks started to pan out.

  • Barrett

    if it’s not Sundrop, it doesn’t matter.

  • luv2mtb

    They accomplished their objective and dumped salary. It was owner-mandated. And they did get two solid NHLers out of it, plus several other guys who had solid contributions for a few years. They didn’t come up completely dry.

  • Graham Dumas

    First Oates goes; then GMGM.

  • Free[

    In true Caps fashion, they will find a way to screw this one up.

    I’m as confident of that as I am of blowing a two-goal lead this season.

  • Myan


  • David

    Having trouble logging in with disqus… can anyone help me?

  • Smiley456

    GMGM will end up in Calgary with friend Brian Burke. As for Oates, somewhere as assistant coach re-taping sticks in red, or green, or blue.

  • Scott Bershadsky

    How can we trust you, the “bloggers” if you are covering up for big coke??

  • GR in 430

    Mahoney has been amateur scouting director since 2000, but I don’t think Leonsis/McPhee believed in building through the draft until the middle of the decade at the earliest (driven Jagr debacle, then the lockout/cap era???) and they really started to put resources into it after that. Then it either took a while for George to actually believe that his scouts knew what they were doing, or they didn’t know what they were doing up until the last few years, but they have drafted quite well for several years now (2012 being a true bumper crop).

    Of course, what they do with those kids is another issue, but they’ve picked quite a few players lately who are/will be at least decent NHL players… some of them (Forsberg, Eakin) for other teams…

  • Diller M

    The big question is what’s in the envelope in Carrick’s pocket? Bonus check?

  • Diller M


  • Diller M

    I try to ignore that one… We kept Schultz…

  • capsfannn

    So Carrick is a mandals kind of guy…FLIP FLOPS, to be exact.

  • JenniferH

    Damn straight. Now, NOW!, it’s official. GMGM simply must go.

  • JenniferH

    Poor Connor Carrick. He’s a good kid. Should’ve just been in the AHL another year.

  • JenniferH

    Ugh, we let go of that guy with that totally awesome name??!?!?

  • Capper63

    Good comment.
    If he is not renewed I am sure there are several teams in Canada who would love his track record compared to their own. I don’t see him getting demoted.

  • Capper63

    The whole situation reminds me of the Cleveland Browns running Shottenhiemer out of town for not winning the AFC championship games.
    Yeah, that solved the problem for them. For the past 30 years they didn’t have to worry about losing in the playoffs every year, because they never go.

  • liquid8d

    GMGM is gone. He should be making a statement about the performance of this team if he was still the GM. His statement will be HIS exit interview.

  • liquid8d

    How can we not question his decision making here?!

  • Capper63

    They are both diabetes in a can.

  • Capper63

    I am sure his not wanting to speak, and the uncomfortableness (sic) in the room had nothing to do with KC basically running a one-sided hit piece on him and Oates the other day.
    Another reporter who wants to create news instead of being a
    reporter and reporting the news, such a novelty these days…

  • VeggieTart

    And it galls me that they couldn’t do a paper reassignment to Hershey on the deadline day so Orlov and Carrick could go to Hershey if they made the playoffs and the Caps didn’t.

    But yeah, Carrick should have stayed in Hershey.

  • VeggieTart

    Speaking of which, I blame the Caps for my Dr Pepper addiction this year.

  • bskillet

    I think most everyone liked George as a player and probably a great man but it’s time to try something new in management, too many very bad decisions. He had to know you only get so many chances to bring home the cup with the amount of talent that’s come through that locker room. He will be hired by another team.

  • JenniferH

    That would have been really good for Dima and Connor. Well, maybe not Dima–he’s got the World Championships coming up, but definitely Connor.

  • Eric Schulz

    Well, with Eakin we got Ribeiro, so that was a fine move. And even letting Ribeiro walk made sense, since we upgraded on him with Grabovski. I think that was a smart use of an asset.

  • Eric Schulz

    Agreed. I mean, it’s a tough position to be in. When you are dumping guys like that, for the most part they are being picked up by teams that think that piece will put them over the top; you aren’t getting high picks in return, you are getting low 1sts, and it’s really hard to get solid NHLers there.


    (Not directed at you) but I missed the part where anyone in this media actually asks the “tough questions”. Mcphee would not have survived more than a month in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Here, the media is all in bed with ted.

  • Jonathan Kenny

    Coke is actually Diabetes Classic in a can.

  • Jonathan Kenny

    The smart thing for Leonsis to do is to wait and see who becomes available, e.g. Barry Trotz/David Poile. We really don’t know if Leonsis knows how to evaluate GM talent since he has never hired one.
    If McPhee is retained I see him giving Oates an ultimatum that a more experienced assistant than Johansson must be brought in, which Oates probably won’t agree to and be subsequently fired.

  • OlietheGoalie

    Dead Man Walking.

  • JS024

    You mean Russian Machine Never Backchecks