Last night, Chris Gordon published a photo post entitled Evgeny Kuznetsov, Jay Beagle Take Adorable Selfies With Fans After the Final Game of the Season (Photos).

Yeah. Our resident photog posted a bunch of photos of people taking photos. It was our third most read post on Sunday. The internet is a dumb place.

Well, the actual Caps fans taking those photos with actual Caps players have graciously reached out to us and now we’ve got the original selfies.

Brace yourself. These are great.

The Jay Beagle Selfie

From reader Marc:

Yes, it was me who acted like a teenager. Here’s the picture. Jay was SUPER cool with me. When I asked for a pic I had no idea the Caps would have all those on ice photographers, but also thought it would be too good an opportunity to pass up and Jay was more than happy to do it.


The selfie.


The jersey off Jay’s back.

The Evgeny Kuznetsov Selfie

From Max R.:

I’m the one in the selfie with Kuzie. My son, Sam, was voted the top community leader to recieve a jersey off a players back. He is in college so I was there to represent him. Kuzie was absolutely a class act and very gracious! Two other Caps also went above and beyond. Braden Holtby signed stuff for all the kids on the ice. And Tom Wilson went down the line shaking everyone’s hands thanking them for their support.


Oh, hello there.


Kuzya signs his jersey.


Kuznetsov, who took the photos for Max, made sure to take two. Total pro.

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