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“Where were you when it happened?” That’s what your grandchildren will ask you about the events of April 19, 2014, when the Capitals announced the trade of a 20-year-old WHL D-man for a pick that has a one-in-nine chance of having an NHL career.

Jaynen Rissling has played 273 games for the Calgary Hitmen, who were eliminated from the playoffs by the Kootenay Ice last month. Rissling now belongs to the Nashville Predators and everything has changed.

We are now living in the Post-Rissling Era. Adjust your calendars accordingly.

Nothing will ever be the same again. The Caps have made a big statement here. You wanted a big move? Here it is. Rissling’s bags are packed, and finally a bright future awaits the Capitals of Washington.

Some among our ranks wondered what the blockbuster trade meant for team management.

I don’t see any room for interpretation here. The writing on the wall is in big block letters, probably in the Impact font. The Caps aren’t afraid to make the decisive decisions.

Final note: Jaynen isn’t a typo. I checked. His parents actually named him that. I thought maybe they got confused or there was a clerical error, but no. That’s deliberate. 

From the Caps:


Capitals Acquire Seventh-Round Pick in 2014 NHL Draft from Nashville for Rissling

ARLINGTON, Va. – The Washington Capitals have acquired a seventh-round draft pick in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft from the Nashville Predators in exchange for the rights to defenseman Jaynen Rissling.

Rissling, 20, registered 37 points (eight goals, 29 assists) in 54 games with the Calgary Hitmen of the Western Hockey League (WHL) this season. The 6’4”, 211-pound defenseman was drafted by the Capitals in the seventh round, 197th overall, in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft. Rissling recorded 117 points (23 goals, 94 assists) in 273 career WHL games.

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  • bill

    Start your Fire Oates 2015 chants now.

  • Cthulu’s Alarm Clock
  • Cthulu’s Alarm Clock

    PS – That’s the Caps’ front office in the background…

  • Anthony Elworthy/scrubversive

    Fantastic, blockbuster commentary. Balanced journalism that helps us Caps fans appreciate the gravitas of the game breaking decisions being made in our management. I anticipate this will be the marquee trade during the 2014 offseason rebuild.

    Unfortunately, I am so consumed with my need to murdinate Brent Seabrook for his hit of Shanabanian proportions in the post-Shanahan era, that I can’t properly process events occuring the non-playoff part of the NHL.

    In all seriousness… I wish I were watching the Caps play playoff hockey. Thanks for the laugh. *Less than Three* Peter.

  • 70Caps
  • Q

    This is why we can’t have nice things!

  • Mark Chaffer

    Can’t wait til he sees this and his feelings are crushed

  • Unofficial Capital

    We can’t keep GMGM! And I didn’t know you could trade players during the playoffs??

  • Eileen Dailey Lucas

    I am so sick of all the stupid things GMGM does! I’m about ready to jump ship and go with another team!

  • Bilal

    I don`t know why, but in the back of my mind I get a feeling that 7th rounder is gonna end up being something we won`t regret………………..

  • Owen Johnson

    Good. I hated that guy anyway..?

  • haha

  • Eric

    That’s his Uncle. Same name (obviously). The elder Jaynen coached Towson University a few years ago, and his older brother is former Washington Capital Gary Rissling

  • Eric

    This kid is Gary Rissling’s nephew, in case you cared or wondered. Or something.

  • Zachary Adomanis

    Finally GMGM filling the holes we have on D. So Pairings for next year should be

    Carlson- Alzner
    Orlov-A shell of Mike Green
    7th round pick-…….Since Oates isn’t leaving lets just pencil Volpatti in here.

  • Matt

    GMGM is angling for a new job in Nashville

  • Sarah

    Hopefully he’ll realize that the primary satire target is the organization. Except for the joke about his name, of course, but speaking as someone with a somewhat dysfunctional surname, I can confirm that you get used to that.

  • Sarah

    Oh please, let it happen! Just what the Caps *and* the Stars need.

  • Pretzalcoatl

    You can trade anybody after the deadline, they’re just not eligible to be rostered for the playoffs

  • Capper63

    I did not think you could make trades after the trade deadline, until draft day???

    Edit: never mind.

    The National Hockey League (NHL) trade deadline is a date and time set by the NHL league office after which any player acquired by a team is ineligible to participate in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

  • Capper63

    There goes all of Fedor’s work down the drain.
    We cannot possibly NOT draft a Dman in the first round now!!!

    Don’t worry though, I am sure this 7th rounder will be used on a Forward.

  • Searle

    Just wait for GMGM to draft the next Pavel Datsyuk late round steal with this pick, people looking back will think you guys are geniuses!

  • TJ Miller

    I can’t believe you guys haven’t cracked the code on GMGM’s below-the-radar moves here. He’s merely making room to draft GM (Graham McPhee) once he becomes draft eligible coming off his stint on the USNTDP! OBTW, he’s a forward!

  • Smiley456

    Mr Leonsis, waiting until the Easter Holiday has come and gone, will at 0900 Monday issue a Press Release announcing that GMGM’s contract will not be renewed, and Coach Oates has been relieved of duties.

    If we all clap our hands precisely at 0859, it will happen!

  • Owen Johnson

    But Volpatti is a lefty. You put him on the wrong side

  • Bart

    Thanks, Eric, I WAS wondering!

  • Austin

    Im confused? Is this article sarcastic or does it actually mean something important? ( I’m leaning towards the sarcasm part)

  • Pat Magee

    There will be zero management changes. Ian, i hope you enjoy that Qdoba.

  • http://i.imgur.com/koS8UrJ.gif I never miss an opportunity to use this. Thank you.

  • Austin

    Soooo il take that as a yes to the sarcasm?

  • CDizz


  • Boooo(bs)

    He’ll trade us Seth Jones and all will be right with the world.