Apparently, Pavel Datsyuk is the Magic Man


Bad photoshop by me

After scoring one of the prettiest goals of the year, Pavel Datsyuk nabbed all the headlines after the Wings-Bruins game on Friday night. In the neutral zone, the 35-year-old Russian reached behind his body, pulled a puck through his legs, skated into Boston’s offensive zone, and scored. That was the game one game-winner.

Appreciate this ish.

Notice: I could have said something corny like he reached into his bag of tricks but I didn’t because NBC and every other media outlet in the nation has flogged the Datsyuk Magic Man narrative to hell and back. All weekend on NBCSN, we were subjected to intermission highlights from Liam McHugh ranting and raving about “Motown magic.”

Everybody realizes this guy isn’t really magic, right?


Okay, maybe he is.

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