The greatest story in the history of hockey continues. I am so excited to share this I am about to puke rainbows all over the keyboard.

Our brother from another blogger, Kyle Mace of SHOE, shared this photo from Hershey, Pennsylvania. It’s the sequel to CROCHKIN, the legendary Sidney Crosby/Alex Ovechkin Frankenstein shirsey.

Ladies and germs: presenting OVESBY!

Is everyone freaking out or is it just me?

photo (2)

OVESBY has everything you loved about the original: inhuman amounts of wtfery, numerous stitching concerns, and Metropolitan division incest. And this time the numbers make even less sense. It is perfection.

OVESBY answers all the questions raised in the first installment of the series. Actually there were only two questions:

  1. What the $#&*?
  2. What happened to the other half?

We now know the answer to that second one: It was here all along, waiting to blow your mind. The first question is still left unanswered, and it’s burrowing into my brain like a Ceti eel.

P.S. Go read Sweetest Hockey on Earth.

  • sausaged

    What an asshole.

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    UNACCEPTABLE. Pitt can have her.


    A few years from now when both are in their twilight years, Ted will make a Trade for Crosby and sign him to a massive contract like he did another ex pen. This T-shirt will be hot merchandise. You should get yours right now while they are cheap.

    New Marketing Slogan,

    “Come watch the Old Guns, now featuring Sid the Fossil”

    Coach is Brooks Laich
    GM Graham Mcphee

  • Big Chuck

    Question, where does one get those pants…ehh, no. Shorts?….hmm no. The shants! in said picture?

  • frowning


  • Dan

    I was having SUCH a great Monday.

  • I… ummm…oh….

  • Rob W.

    burn it, for the love of god burn it

  • Bilal

    my head hurts……

  • Whitey Wheeler

    At the risk of inciting furor, I find it completely plausible for someone from Hershey, PA, to root for both the Pens and the CAPS. I admire her for having her own tastes and the courage to wear them on her sleeve, as it were. Of course, it makes me want to vomit personally, but I understand and I give her props.

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    Can’t decide on the bottom half of her ensemble either.

  • Owen Johnson

    Its better than Crochkin which, even taking the players out if consideration still sounds dirty.

    But I went to a game in Hershey earlier this year. Hershey is weird in that its plausable to have Capitals, Flyers and Penguins fans all rooting for the same team. During one of the intermissions, this kid was being interviewed on the jumbotron and he was asked who his favorite hockey team was. His response: “The Hershey Bears (arena all cheers) and…. the Pittsburgh Penguins (1/3 cheers, 2/3 boos).”

  • Amykins

    That is the same woman, right??
    Next up, Capguins and Penitals baseball hats!

  • VeggieTart

    I think this gal has both horrific shirts.

  • VeggieTart

    You know some of us are going to have nightmares about this, don’t you?

  • well put

  • stacyh13

    My EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diller M

    Her? I was thinking it was a dude like Bruce Vilanch

  • Diller M

    The 12 yo in me likes the Crochkin better for exactly that reason!

  • CapsCast

    I go to a lot of Bears games, but I’ve never noticed this abominable mash up . I don’t find too many Hershey fans who support Ovechkin and Crosby, but there is an odd minority of fans that love the Bears and also support the Penguins (It makes me sick, too.)
    That said, most Hershey fans are Caps’ fans. Some are Avalanche fans and some are Flyers’ fans (previous NHL affiliates.)

    When you mix us all together you get the very best fans in the AHL and it isn’t close.

  • Owen Johnson

    Yes, but I doubt (not sure if man or woman, so I’m using the pronoun) shklee intended shkler shirt to sound dirty.

  • pixiestix

    that looks like it could be the same person in both photos. Makes sense to make 2 shirts out of 2 shirts that you’ve cut in half. And they both maybe have fanny pack straps over their shirts.

  • Sarah

    Man oh man, I thought it was tough for me following the Caps and Stars, but at least I don’t have to cut myself physically in half to do it. Bechkin? Backguin? Holtonen? …shudder.

  • Sarah

    Oh no wait, Backguin would have to be Seckstrom. Pass the mind bleach, please.

  • Graham Dumas
  • Graham Dumas
  • Myan

    This felt appropriate…

  • Catherine__M

    She’s clearly a woman and it’s pretty possible if not probable that she checks this site. I think snarking about people who are knowingly and willingly in the public eye is one thing but doing it about someone who had not one but two creeper shots taken and posted probably without her knowledge is a whole ‘nother. (Spoken by someone who had it happen. And it sucked. Still sucks, actually).

  • Catherine__M

    She’s a woman and she may read this site. Just sayin’.

  • I like that one.

  • one of my favorite episodes

    “no, I will not join your ska band”

  • I totally agree (and said as much in the first post). The humor– from my POV– is in how we react to it as Caps people.

    Also, numerous stitching concerns.

    I’m less in love with making jokes about how someone looks– and I’m carefully parsing out which frankenshirseys they wear from that equation.

  • Owen Johnson

    Yes but sometimes its tough to tell from the back. The other day at work (I work at Trader Joe’s) I grabbed a small customer with long flowing hair and a somewhat feminine body and said ma’am I can take you over here. “She” turned around and had a well kept goatie. I covered it up by pretending I said “man.”
    So yes. I’m 90% sure this is a woman, (and the 2nd pic clears it up a bit) but I’m just covering my basis.

  • sheena dunn

    Um….I think its the same person….the hair & the hat looks the same…..

  • Diller M

    Fair point, but that was my honest initial reaction. I really think people need to be OK with a little humor, the intent is obviously not to personally injure someone. We’ve become too sensitive.

  • Diller M

    Totally agree, I worked in retail, and now teach and you cannot be sure all of the time. Also I’m still not convinced of the gender of this individual, nothing screams woman to me.

  • Catherine__M

    I know you’re not trying to personally injure or insult someone (and know most people here wouldn’t) and you’re right that many people can laugh at themselves or think that kind of stuff is funny. I’m just pointing out that I do think there’s a line between people who “signed up for it” (those in the public eye or who pose for pictures while in costume or something) and those who don’t even know their picture is being taken.
    I’d rather not debate the “too sensitive” thing (I had and lost that argument when it was a creeper photo of *me* on a website I used to frequent). But it’s usually easier for us to just be a little careful with what we say than it is for us to force ourselves to stop having feelings.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Oh man. I bet afterwards they realized they could have each bought one and then literally split them. But I applaud their uniformity in this frankenjersey.