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Since entering the NHL in 2000, the Columbus Blue Jackets have been a laughingstock. Sure, Rick Nash’s goal scoring gave them some respectability, and they had that weird playoff appearance in 2009, but it wasn’t until last week that I finally found respect for the franchise and its fans.

First, on Saturday, Columbus won its first ever playoff game. They beat the Pens (whom I really, really hate) in double overtime.

Then something magical happened at the Columbus Zoo, which changed everything.

Columbus Blue Jackets fans hung the team’s flag at the Columbus Zoo’s penguins exhibit, and they did it maliciously! Like look at this photo.


Photo: @LeoWelsh

Look closer.


Yes, someone strategically hung the flag over a caution sign so that it reads “kill them.” Them being the penguins behind the glass. Hopefully, that’s just as a metaphor for defeating the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team in the playoffs.

Not only is this messed up on a lot of different levels, it’s also crafty. This is what being a passionate NHL fan is all about. (Though please, no one hurt these cute flightless birds and the things that aren’t Sid Crosby.)

During a week when a fan created this atrocity, Blue Jackets fans have given me hope.

Now get rid of that stupid cannon and we can all be friends.

  • Sara

    no words. just awesomeness.

  • phil

    Now I want to know what the rest of the sign says on the glass…

    I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a sign at a zoo that has the words “kill them” on it.

  • Rob W.
  • Owen Johnson
  • Marky Narc

    Only 65 more days until NHL draft day!

  • Andrew James Knutson

    Am I the only one who likes the cannons?

  • VAMP

    Maybe it’s a warning not to feed the penguins certain items because the food might “kill them.”

  • Yes

  • Guest

    NO! the cannons are freaking awesome! i was in cbus for the caps game on 1/30 and getting to hear the cannons go off throughout the game almost made up for us getting our asses handed to us =) and i got to take a picture with it! the cannon guys are super cool.

  • NO! the cannons are freaking awesome! i was in cbus for the caps game on 1/30 and getting to hear the cannons go off throughout the game almost made up for us getting our asses handed to us =) and i got to take a picture with it! the cannon guys are super cool.

  • you’re wrong, they’re great. so there.

  • Owen Johnson

    I like the cannons just fine. Better than the Rags’ goal song at least.

  • the columbus zoo is the best. my family was all fonz-membership, babies on tortoises when i was little, but we’ve had a strained relationship with the national zoo since they shipped off my dad’s favorites (the giraffes). the columbus zoo might have a fee for entry, but they have manatees, which are my favorites, and that alone would have made them awesome. plus it’s jack hanna’s zoo, so it’s basically the best zoo ever. if you make it to coljumbus for a caps-cbj game, i highly recommend it. and jeni’s ice cream. and a buckeye hockey game. and… well basically let me know if you’re going to cbus for a caps game and i’m coming with you.

  • Myan

    Seeing as this is ovechkin-sorry-penguin2.gif, I had to investigate what ovechkin-sorry-penguin.gif was. Results were excellent!

  • Semintheghost

    It is going to be a long summer of scouting prospects.

  • Jayleigh

    I live in Columbus. Born and raised. Caps are my #1 but Jackets are my #2 because they’re my home team. There are a LOT of dedicated hockey fans here. The Arena District where NA is located is awesome, too. This zoo incident does not surprise me. At all. Jackets fans have waited a long time for this season.

  • i was at osu when they first started, so they’ve been my west team since then. this year with the realignment, i tried to give them up. it proved difficult (aka impossible). especially having both in the same division, i thought it would be hard, but instead it just means more games to go to, and a great excuse to get back to cbus to visit. i’m so happy for my cbj fan friends this year.

  • factoryofsadness

    oh cmon… i like the cannon. (I might have a bias here – my university fires a WWI-era gun every time we score a touchdown)

  • Rhino40

    Anything is better than the Rangers’ goalsong. Except the Pittsburgh goalsong…or the Montreal goalsong. They all originated from the Seventh Circle of Hell

  • Rhino40

    Was that “Sid-the-Id” dressed up as the Pens’ mascot? Maybe not: whereas Sid reacts this way to incidental/imaginary contact; actually getting beaned by an #ovishot might cause him to explode into smithereens…or at least spontaneously combust. hahahaha)))))

  • Bart Allonyou

    There are actually Blue jackets fans? Every time the Pens play in Columbus it is like a home game. By the way, dork, the Crapitals are my 2nd most hated team behind the Flyers. The main reason…….their fans. What a large collection of whiny D-bags. just like their favortie player, Ovechicken.

  • Bart Allonyou

    How many times have the Craps won the Cup?

  • Bart Allonyou

    You Craps fans really have a hard on for the Pens, don’t cha? Just like your owner Fat Teddy. What a miserable fan base and owner.

  • Rick Caffrey

    We’ll give you our cannon when you pry it from our cold, dead hands

  • Rhino40

    Just like a Pens fan: Trolling first, last, and always. The fact that you call our team’s owner “Fat Teddy” shows that you really haven’t been paying attention. Why aren’t you celebrating how well your team is doing on a Penmguins fansite instead of coming here to act like an @$$#@+?
    Oh, wait…Pens lost game 4 in OT. Series tied 2-2

  • hanznfranz

    Cannon stays.

  • hanznfranz

    Пушка является удивительным

  • hanznfranz

    Too bad you missed this series in Columbus. The fans were louder than Nationwide’s PA system. The arena crew had to replace 5 speakers from Game 3’s noise, and Game 4 was LOUDER. Game 6 may require the crew to open the skylight windows so that the roof doesn’t get blown off.

  • bob_cobb_the_maestro

    If they pull this off at the PITTSBURGH zoo, then we have a discussion. Oooh, tough BJ fans desecrate their own public zoo… Sounds like something a thug Flyers fan would do.

  • gmuny2002

    BTW, what series r the Caps playing in?! Fucking losers, you fired the best coach you ever had in “Barbecue Bruce” for Adam Oates??? Jealousy will get you nowhere!! LET’S GO PENS!!!

  • Joe R

    LOL! I love the Blue Jackets. And they’re going go to beat the Penguins in 7.

  • Joe R

    Absolutely not.