Peter and I don’t watch the NBA, but on Wednesday we supported the Washington Wizards in their victory over Chicago. Hashtag dcRising. Watching basketball has been… an adjustment. I used to play at Frederick High, but the NBA rules don’t resemble the sport I was taught. Peter is just clueless.

And then this other thing happens, and we’re even more lost.

Here’s Drake lint rolling his fleece pants at the Toronto Raptors game.

GIF by @BenGolliver

You might remember Drake from his rap singing at NHL events. We remember him from when he dated Ashley but then she did E and cheated on him and then she started dressing all goth and Jimmy he realized that he didn’t like Ashley anymore so they broke up but then Jimmy got shot and spent the rest of the series in a wheelchair.

Here’s a question that’s bugging me: did Drake carry a lint roller with him? Did guest services bring him one?

I’d like to think a member of his entourage, maybe his bodyguard, carries a lint roller just for circumstances like this.

In my head:

Drake: Hey, Trev.

Bodyguard: Yeah, Aubrey?

Drake: [Icy stare]

Bodyguard: Sorry, I mean— Yeah, Drake, First name: Greatest, Last name: Ever?

Drake: Better. Now hook me up with that linty rolly.

Bodyguard: Sure thing, boss. Great work at the 2012 NHL All-Star Game, by the way.

[Bodyguard hands Drake the lint roller]

[Drake vigorously lint-rolls his fleece pants]

[Giffers vigorously gif]

Drake: Thanks, pal. I couldn’t do it without your support– or the support of Gavin “Spinner” Mason from Degrassi, who suffered from both ADHD and testicular cancer. Canadian television!

Basketball, man. We’re learning.

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  • Todd N

    he’s soo weird…where’s the meme of him trying out for basketball wives? : )

  • I thought we were only ironically using this hashtag when someone on the Caps gets fired!

  • Also, for those of you who still do not believe what you just saw, here’s the actual footage from the actual game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WUnlV6I5kk

  • Todd N

    a scene from Dodge ball??

  • been a long time


    Yuck. Lets go Raptors! How about the support for a basketball team? Tens of thousands packed outside in the cold supporting the raps in Maple Leafs square, or better known now as “Jurassic Park”. #WeTheNorth

    BTW, we can give drake a lot of hate but he’s helped rebrand the image of the raptors and helped TFC (MLS club) land some big name free agents. Star power!!!

    Get gretzky in here for the caps.


    Why the raps are cool 🙂 #BestMayor


  • Owen Johnson

    “but the NBA rules don’t resemble the sport I was taught.”

    ^This^ I played basketball my whole life and I LOVE college Bball. Can not get into the NBA at all. Still, I watched OT with a buddy of mine last night. Go Wiz! (feels weird typing that)

  • Julie Fainberg
  • Julie Fainberg
  • Chris Cerullo

    The Degrassi references are on point

  • Capper63

    Maybe he came straight from an animal shelter, and just so happened to have his little roller with him?
    That is kind of wierd. Wonder if is is compulsive with him, like people who wash their hands 50 times in a row after touching a door knob.

    What is up with the players wearing those goofy looking black leggings? I thought it was just Noah and the Bulls, but some of the Brooklyn guys are wearing them too.