On Tuesday night, the Dallas Stars’ DJ trolled the Anaheim Ducks by playing the Duck Tales theme late in the third period, when the Stars were up 2-0. On Wednesday, two Stars fans took it to another — and stranger– level by coming to the game dressed as furries.

To the joy of literally everyone, the sat along directly behind Bruce Boudreau. Oh, and they had props. Because hockey needed more props.

Such as this stuffed animal mallard duck.

And don’t forget the taco sign. You cannot forget the taco sign.

Quick recap for whose minds have been blown: A Stars fan dressed as a mouse wearing a Cody Eakin jersey and a Stars fan dressed as a fox wearing a Kari Lehtonen jersey taunted Bruce Boudreau on national television. Eemil Selanne must have been pleased.

Apologies to the drunk Blue Jackets fans who dress as referees, you have been one-upped.


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  • Aweezy48

    That eakin jersey says “squeakin” on the back.

  • Clint Petty

    I hope someone else noticed the flashing green nose ring on squEAKIN the mouse

  • yv

    I’m rooting for Ducks to win the whole thing, but this is really funny to see!
    Now I hope that 3 presidents will show up behind the Stars bench in Ana.

  • When I first looked up the number and noticed it was Eakin, I was really confused – like why Eakin?? Now it all makes sense.

  • VeggieTart

    If they really wanted to troll Boudreau, they would have drawn a pint of Haagen Daaz (however it’s spelled) on the poster they put behind him.

  • KareeLyn

    Sidebar – can someone with hockey smarts remind me what happened with Eakin leaving? What trade/deal was he a part of?

  • That’s one of the bracelets that was given out at game 3. 🙂 Just, you know, repurposed.

  • They actually come to lots of Stars games, so this wasn’t solely just a “heckle boudreau” moment for them.

    They’re also really nice people. Always glad to see them at games. 😀

  • Duffman

    We Traded Eakin and a 2nd for Ribero

  • And it’s another deal that’s hurting later.

  • Alex Erchov

    Taco Sign explained: when Stars score 3 or more goals, fans get a free taco coupon for Taco Bueno. Sort of like our “We Want Wings!”

  • A_Shoe

    Boudreau with a 2-0 lead in a playoff series leaving game 4 with a 2-2 series tie? This feels eerily familiar. Can’t put my finger on how…

  • Sarah

    Re the taco: Taco Bueno has this deal where if the Stars score in the third, everybody gets a free taco. When there’s a “taco goal,” the camera puts people on the camera with virtual tacos flying around. People pretend to catch them and do all kinds of other goofy stuff. Then we get taco gift certificates on the way out (I usually give mine away).
    There were, of course, a couple of taco goals. Masterful trolling.

  • Sarah

    Thankfully, Big D is still a city where we try to keep the trolling funny instead of nasty. Plus, as you correctly point out, that stuff is hard to spell.

  • Sarah

    Thank you for explaining the wings thing. I now fully appreciate Peter’s “Everybody puke up wings,” which was hilarious even taken out of context.

  • Sarah

    Stuffed ducks were literally everywhere. Lots of sad, unfortunate things happened to them. If there’s a PETA for stuffed animals, we may be in a lot of trouble.

  • This is amazing. Taco goals are my new favorite thing.

  • zoltoner

    So much like.

  • Steve

    Like x100. Somebody get Caps marketing all over that. I want taco goals in D.C.! Can you imagine? With Ovi’s scoring totals – we might miss the postseason, but we’d be Taco royalty.

  • Fletcher22

    Yep. If the Ducks can’t get out of the first round, that cements his reputation as far as I’m concerned. He gets credit for what he did do, but that’s where it ends.

    Great record when the stakes are low does not equate to a great coach, especially in light of the repeated failure when the pressure is on. I would imagine he’s feeling the heat.

    Now, has anyone been fired yet?

  • Barrett

    Meh, not as much as the Mathieu Perreault trade.

  • Barrett

    that’s Eakin’s nickname isn’t it?

  • Capper63

    GO to a 2-coach rotation? Hire a second guy just for the playoffs… and then back to Bruce for the regular season.

  • Fletcher22

    Or they could just hire a Stanley Cup winner. Crazy idea, right? That goes for the GM as well.

    And anything less than that at this point, as far as the Caps are concerned, is negligence on Ted’s part

  • liquid8d

    you get Papa Johns.. deal with it.

  • GreenMarine

    This is really good… a poster of Porky Pig inside a delicious taco, however, would be some next-level trolling…

  • They were both bad.

  • Kathleen Meredith

    Dallas also gets the Papa John’s 50% off deal when they score 3+ in a game.

  • Catherine__M

    Oh my goodness. Taco goals. It’s like my two best friends getting married, but with no jealousy. Just deliciousness and winning. Who is this genius marketing person and can I shake their hand?

  • Catherine__M

    You think that half price Papa Johns is the equivalent of a free taco? I’m sad for you.

  • Diller M

    What if they were Chipotle taco goals?

  • Capper63

    Why would Ted have anything to do with The Duck’s coaching situation?

  • liquid8d

    I’m sad for both of us talking about tacos and pizza in reference to a Stanley cup playoff game that does not involve the Capitals.

  • Shaun Phillips

    I’d prefer Taco Cabana. Loved their salsas.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Yup, two puck possession centers. Besides defense, the biggest gap on the team now. Ugh. Dallas is still laughing over that fleecing.

  • Kathleen Meredith

    Oh yeah, DC gets the burrito toss! I miss those. 🙁

  • Sarah

    Then I wouldn’t be giving them away.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Lets be honest… He was never going to get a fair chance on this team. Matty P was constantly slighted too despite being one of our best effort guys that could still dent the twine when it mattered.

  • Whitey Wheeler

    Back in the day, the Caps had the “Pizza Goal.” I think it was four or more goals for the Caps and you got a coupon for a pizza at Jerry’s.

  • Just_sayin3

    Glad to see him and his team doing so well!

  • Shaun Phillips

    I know that. Just wishing for the 4cs of Nicky, Grabo, Squeakin, and Matty P. Any one of them can play any line.

  • VeggieTart

    That would just rule.

  • Catherine__M

    Yeah 🙁 Me, too.

  • Fletcher22

    I didn’t say anything about Ted in regards to BB’s current situation. I’m talking about Oates the incompetent and his buddy George.

    Laviolette has won a Cup, and taken another team to the finals. Why not start there?

    It doesn’t take a crystal ball to know that after hiring 5 rookie head coaches, that maybe it’s time to bring someone in who’s been there and done it.

    You sound like a Ted apologist. Look around the league and see what other teams are doing. Look at what Columbus has done and what kind of team they have become.

  • Richard Konradt

    The Dallas Stars are now my new favorite hockey team. At least, their fans are. XD

  • Jonah

    watching Eakin and Perry duke it out friday night in big roles while Beagle was our top line center was possibly the biggest explanation of why gmgm/goates needed to GO!