BAP Golf: The Saddest Hockey Cards You’ll Ever See


As a kid (and definitely definitely not as an adult), I was a collector of hockey cards. I took pride in my Capitals collection. Like, I have every Pat Peake card ever made, and I don’t even care what you think.

The other night I was cleaning up my office downstairs and I noticed the above card of still Capitals coach Adam Oates, which I had completely forgotten. Please note that’s not Oatesy swinging a hockey stick – that’s a golf club. And he’s also wearing those high-waisted jeans again.

This card was produced by Be A Player (now owned by In the Game), which was a wildly popular brand of trading cards back in the day because it included so many autographs in their sets. I thought Be A Player would become one of the titans in the industry, but I can tell you when things started to go very, very wrong: in 2002-03 when they produced these hideous golf card inserts.

As explained by the In The Game website:

Signature Series will also include the Be A Player Golf Series, a 100-card insert set seeded at a rate of one card per pack. This innovative and entertaining set will appeal to hockey and golf aficionados alike.

I’m guessing this was the thought process in the board room that day: Hockey players play golf. These golf cards will attract golf fans. We’ll enter a new market! We’ll make so much money we’ll have swimming pools full of money. We’re brilliant.

Instead, these cards highlighted the sport hockey players play when they are eliminated from the playoffs. These are not cool in any way. They’re like pogs. The players look ridiculous. Who would actually want these?

Non-shockingly, Be A Player is no longer licensed by the NHL to make trading cards.

For documenting purposes, I have included some photos of cards from that set, which include a lot of former Capitals. You’re going to love the Martin Erat one.







  • Josh Carey

    Oates looks like a much better golfer than coach.

  • Jonah

    There it is. Knew this would be first comment

  • Erik Rubinson

    Didn’t know Poti could still walk.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Judging from Bonzai’s face, I’d say OB or water. Olie with a nice follow through.

  • Doublenickelporn

    Who golfs in Jeans?

  • Rick Leeman

    Kono’s sneakers FTW!

  • Owen Johnson

    Oates doesn’t look like he’s playing golf. It looks like he’s going to smack you with the club.

  • stacyh13

    This must be what really happened to Tom Poti. . .his injury, I mean. It really wasn’t hockey related at all.

  • Fedor

    Pretty accurate description of what Caps players have been doing in the spring for most of the club existence.

  • Graham Dumas

    Shouldn’t the Erat one have, like, half of whatever golfers use for tooth-protection hanging out of his mouth?

  • liquid8d

    Rub the salt in some more, RMNB.. like the wounds don’t still hurt. We get it, the Caps are playing golf 🙁 Why are we not speculating about what our new coach or GM will do by now?

  • David
  • alchemistmuffin

    Sigh. The irony is delicious……

    And when every day passing with no announcement, it seems more and more likely that GM and Oates contracts is likely going to be renewed regardless of fan reaction.

    It’s going to be long few years folks. Sigh.

    (Crawls back into bed for hibernation)

  • pixiestix

    Oates’ expression looks like he’s gazing deep into your soul to say “I’m going to get you those 77 pennies and that Qdoba burrito gift card, Ian.”

  • JenniferH

    Eh, big announcement coming on Monday. Don’t give up hope yet.