News straight out of Arlington: Adam Oates and George McPhee will not return next season.

Oates’ final record with the team: 65 wins, 48 losses, and 17 overtime losses. George McPhee’s Caps advanced past the second round of the playoffs just once, in his first year.

No word on replacements yet. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, we’ve recorded a video to say goodbye to Oates. It’s worth your time.


Tonight we’re toast
And you can chalk it up to Adam Oates
But now he’s gone
And this song is about how he was wrong

Just let the shots from outside
Don’t let the fourth line get ice
Two goal lead won’t last the night

Adam Oates
Must the right wing be right-handed?
Adam Oates
Playing Ovi next to Beagle
Adam Oates
Let the door hit you on the butt
Freaking Ovi, freaking Beagle
Freaking Oviiiiii

Oh oh oh
The power play
Oh oh oh
Doesn’t make up for even strength
Oh oh oh
The lineup choices made

Freaking Ovi, freaking Beagle

Adam Oates
The goalies are disgruntled
Adam Oates
Martin Erat, Dustin Penner
Adam Oates
Who cares about the stick curve?
Adam Oates
Freaking Ovi, freaking Beagle
Freaking Oviiiiiiii

And here’s your press release.


Capitals Announce Changes to Front Office and Coaching Staff

ARLINGTON, Va. – The Washington Capitals will not renew the contract of vice president and general manager George McPhee and have relieved head coach Adam Oates of his duties, majority owner Ted Leonsis and president Dick Patrick announced today.

“George has been a terrific, longtime executive for our franchise, and I’m grateful for his commitment to the Capitals organization for the past 17 years,” said Leonsis. “Under his leadership the Capitals won seven division titles, twice were the top team in the Eastern Conference, earned a Presidents’ Trophy and competed in the playoffs 10 times. He was a highly effective manager who is extremely well regarded within our organization and around the NHL. We have the utmost respect for him and his family and wish them nothing but the very best.

“We are also appreciative of Adam’s efforts and thank him for his devotion, work ethic and contributions to the Capitals the past two seasons. He is a smart, tactical coach who improved the performance of several of our players. He is a Hall of Fame player who we believe will be a longtime coach in the NHL. We will help him in whatever way we are able and wish him well.

This is an important time for our organization, and I feel a change is needed in order to get us back to being a top echelon team that competes for the Stanley Cup.”

Leonsis and Patrick will be available to the media today, April 26 at 4 p.m. in the Verizon Center media room.

Media interested in attending today’s press conference are asked to contact Megan Eichenberg in the Capitals media relations department at meichenberg@washcaps.com to ensure building access.

And here’s the MP3.

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  • Thomas Conner
  • Thomas Conner

    Wait I rushed to post this and you already had a cover up…
    And to think I thought I was clever

  • ha

  • Thomas Conner

    How many days have you had that queued up?

  • Mike Logan

    And just when I’d given up hope…

  • BPThomas
  • Anthony Elworthy/scrubversive


  • Doublenickelporn
  • Barry

    Phew! Gotta admit, I was really worried they might take the “do nothing and see what happens” approach, which I think is safe to say was pretty low on our list. From now on everything before today will be known as the “Before Before Time”.

  • 12. Recorded on the final day of the regular season.

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  • ray2k


  • I don’t have children. But I can’t wait to love them less than I love RMNB.

  • Jesse Morgan

    Nice video, how long have you had it ready to go?

  • Ash

    Definitely happy for change, because we need it. Sad because despite my frustrations with them, Oates and McPhee are people too, and gave me things to be happy about, even amidst the frustration. Taking joy in someone else getting shit-canned always feels like tempting fate– I hope they both land on their feet elsewhere, and also that whoever the Caps replace them with manage to bring about significant improvement.

  • BennyP

    I knew there was a reason for me being awake at 1am!! Huzzah!!

  • Alex Hughes

    Please no more Caps players in the front office. Does that mean Olie is gone as the goaltending coach too?

  • two weeks

  • Jack Conness


  • Doublenickelporn
  • Melissa Pickell

    I love you.

  • VeggieTart

    “Under his leadership the Capitals won seven division titles, twice were the top team in the Eastern Conference, earned a Presidents’ Trophy” and zero Stanley Cups.

    Glad they’re gone. And as much as I hated the coach carousel, Oates absolutely had to go. Enjoy your Chipotle burrito, Peter!


  • I love you too.

  • Jesse Morgan

    I kind of like that they took their time. Makes them seem more uh, thoughtful to me. Not like Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder.

  • Gabrielle Angstadt

    This is absolutely amazing.

  • klo

    Except in 97 when they went to the finals

  • Suny

    Well, that was incredibly stupid to fire Oates, on the other hand, I understand why McPhee was sent out, the past couple seasons he’s made more bad trades than good trades.

  • Well … I’ll be … I never thought Leonsis would have the courage. Looking forward to whatever comes next.

  • Well yeah, but he didn’t build that team.

  • Greg
  • Mark Gillis

    Finally! Finally! YOU’RE FIRED!!! http://hoseheadrecords.bandcamp.com/track/youre-fired

  • Rob W.

    That Adam Oates song is incredible, excited and nervous about who they pick for replacements.


  • Priscilla Villanueva

    So uh…where did we land on the burrito thing. Who eats what?

  • ChrisN

    We have exorcised the Demon…. This team is cleansed


  • Hooch

    So does this all but put the writing on the wall for Grabo not resigning with the Caps?

  • Suny

    That’s somebody’s opinion. True, Oates may have not gotten along with all of his players, but that was better than Dale Hunter who didn’t get along with anybody

  • CapsCast

    Great work, that song was hilarious! Well done, Sir. (standing ovation)

  • Yeah, but “better than hunter” isn’t a threshold for a good coach.

  • John Clear

    interested to see who they’ll bring in for next season… AND I DESPERATELY HOPE GRABO’S COMING BACK.. one of the best lateral-moving forwards we have on our roster…


    Lets hope this also means the Assistant GM is gone, along with goalie coaches and assistant coaches.

  • Lawrence


  • chasles22

    Hope oates lands on his feet I really do. Hope mcphee lands in a scarf store.

  • I eat Chipotle. Ian pays.

  • Doublenickelporn
  • Ryan

    To GMGM, Thank you for your 17 years of service. Unfortunately moving players up and down constantly from Hershey will not create team and line chemistry. To Oates, Thank you for an amazing powerplay, it was truly fun to watch. Again Unfortunately, Peter sang it perfectly. Prediction, next year we go to the cup. Ovi, Backy, Green, Carlson, Alzner, Kuzya, Ward, Brower, Chimmer, Orlov, MoJo, Grabo, Fehr, and Holtby will all lead us there. We have strong players, We need a fantastic front office man, and an even better coach. We get that and the Caps will go to the cup.

  • Suny

    Hunter didn’t put up with Ovie’s crap and runs teams his way. I found his approach to be actually good since we beat Boston in the first round, but Ovie didn’t want to play in the system. Now we gotta find a new Boudreau because of Ovie’s idiocy

  • Alex Hughes

    HUZZAH, All is good in Caps land……..sort of.


    Oates wasn’t responsible for the powerplay. That was blaine forsythe. He developed the systems.

  • msk4804

    Glad to see him go, was tired of the long string of rookie coaches and bad decisions. He either fired a good coach too soon (Gabby) or dumped a good player for almost nothing (Varlamov, Perrault) failed to re-sign good players, Wideman, Ribero, but re-signed marginal ones (long list) for too much…

    But now comes the hard part, finding a new guy that can get the job done.

  • Doublenickelporn

    Yes Thank you for 17 years of ignoring the Blue line, winning a ping pong ball contest to draft Ovi and trading way a plethra of superstars that results today in only Mike Green and Brooks Laich being here!!!

  • Mike Logan

    Agrees. But 17 yrs is a long time in one job these days- in the NHL it’s an eternity

  • Hale

    You forgot to pan to the corner where Uncle Ted was sitting. He also forgot to link to your video in the press release.

  • Lawrence

    Honestly, I have very mixed feelings about this. Overall, I think it was the right move for the franchise. But I can’t help but feel like Mcphee brought so many of the players we love this team for (mainly the russians/swedes). Have to wonder what type of players the next GM will bring in. At least we have our core still in tact which hopefully the new GM doesn’t feel needs replacing, well at least ovi, backy, kuzy, and I would even say Green (if we can get another #1 pairing defenseman I think Green would be amazing on this team).

    All the bashing I have done on Mcphee over the years, to finally hear that he is gone, mixed feelings is all I can say. Really hope we like the next guy. #endofgmgmera

  • Doublenickelporn

    Hunter is a good coach. What he chose to do in half a season was instill something in this team. Everyone here misses that.

  • Philip Gooden
  • Jonathan Garcia

    I’ll have this stuck in my head for the rest of the weekend. Bless you.

  • Catherine__M

    Oh god now I need Chipotle for lunch.

  • Philip Gooden

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srH94OR1TbU And another one and another one

  • Matt Lauer

    Alright. Looking forward to turning this new page. (Hopefully we’ll still draft well.) Though I want to avoid reveling in other people losing their jobs.

  • Pat Magee


    So who are the possible replacements as GM? I’m thinking a fresh new face as GM with an experienced head coach will be great!

  • Mike Logan

    Picking as high as he did for as long as he did – 17 yrs in the NHL is a lifetime- I’d sure hope you’d have a few hits. But the misses are simply too many, never mind the playoff nonsuccess and coaching carousel. I wouldn’t worry about Kuz – any new GM will see the talent. As for green, I have to disagree. If you look at top pair dmen on good teams – heck even 2d pair – he’s not good enough in his own end.

  • Philip Gooden
  • Mike Logan

    Agreed – except about the drafting, that’s mostly media hype. The Quebec nordiques picked good players as well, drafting one or two overall.

  • Langway’s Rod

    Always sad when failure forces change. But, last night’s Bullets game sealed the deal for me. The crowd at Verizon/the electricity? It should be there for the Caps, too – and it’s not. Even in our playoff years, there’s more fear of failure and letdown than of excitement and hope.

    I’m nervous to see who Ted brings in – but this is a very good Saturday!

    I’m even considering a breakfast burrito – just to join in with Peter (dear lord, is that our team’s official food?)

  • RB

    That was truly beautiful. Really coupled the moment nicely, and managed to express my feelings through Enrique like I didn’t know was possible. Bravisimo!

  • DashingDave314

    Hey Oates and McPhee, Vince McMahon has two words for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqQQ9_p02o0

  • Joey Doukmetzian

    Just want to mention this gif loops perfectly with the bailamos video above

  • Catherine__M

    I’m late to the game because this went down while I was at personal training which is the first real workout (outside of my turtle paced bike commute) I’ve done in way longer than I’m going to admit.

    Much like Peter’s pushups bringing goals (that used to be a thing, right? ), I think it is clear that my butt-whopping brought this for us. YOU’RE WELCOME, and someone pass the Icy Hot.

  • PWong

    I JUST got out of bed and this is the first thing I see, gonna be a good Saturday

  • Mike Logan

    Thank you, in that case.

  • DashingDave314

    Ian has to eat Chipotle!!!!!!

  • Doublenickelporn
  • This firing calls for this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0vFid2tKbI

  • No., He has to buy ME Chipotle.

  • Whitey Wheeler


  • DashingDave314

    BOOOOOO. Make him eat it anyway.

  • Doublenickelporn

    Another guy to lose it out in the playoffs. If anyone thinks Hunter wouldn’t have built on what he was doing with a training camp doesn’t get it.

  • H70

    This is my favorite thing on the internet. Nice voice Peter!

  • Doublenickelporn

    “To be good with the puck you have to be great without the puck” Mike Babcock!

  • Alli S.

    Years from now, the question won’t be “Do you remember when the Caps didn’t advance to the playoffs in 2014?” The question WILL be, however, “Do you remember where you were when Oates and GM-no-longer-GM got sacked?” We’ll all tell our grandkids the story and we’ll also recite it to each other at Caps games and sports bars. It’ll be glorious. This is glorious.

  • sheena dunn

    I hope so.

  • sheena dunn

    I was about to ask when did you record that! Very good my friend!

  • sheena dunn

    You should have told Ian that he also needed to eat chipotle with you too!

  • Doublenickelporn
  • Doublenickelporn

    The last time we had a good blue line in DC that cup final team, assembled by David Poile. Only imagine if Poile ever had a chance to work for an owner who would spend money. Poile>Mcphee

  • The assistants are still employed, although the new coach may want his own guys.

  • Mike Logan

    Babcock is a helluva coach. Who works for a helluva GM.

  • Josh Carey

    LOL. The text in the video at 1:22. Took me like five times watching it to catch it.

  • bskillet

    Ok now lets breathe easier, finally a change is coming. Wish both the best but definitely ready for a change. Nice job Ted.

  • bskillet

    Hehe, might as well shoot me now

  • dagny

    Oates was just a bad fit here. This team was originally built on offensive skill, and the vestiges of that club are still here. However, the personnel were a bad fit for what Oates wanted to do. McPhee would get players who would be a good fit with Boudreau; for Oates, not so much.

    Oates may very well find success elsewhere if he gets players who fit his scheme. He also may have learned a valuable if hard earned lesson that in this era a head coach cannot relentlessly tick off players and think there is no consequence. I think we led the league in demanded trades.

  • dagny

    McPhee will land someplace. Oates may have to be an assistant somewhere for a season or two before someone else takes a chance on him, bu he is young for a head coach and will bounce back. This change was necessary.

  • DashingDave314

    I hope the Capitals hire Jim Benning as their new GM. As far as coach, wait until Blysma’s future in Pittsburgh (or lack thereof) is certain. If they can’t get Blysma, I’d love to have Laviolette. If nothing else, Ted can schedule Hell In A Cell matches between Blysma and Laviolette after Capitals-Penguins games.

  • Georgoroth

    Death is but a door. Time is but a window…

  • Oh. Good. I was hoping you’d show up.

  • prut

    I went through the comments to find you a second before you posted this

  • Jeanne Blue

    Freaking Awesome!
    (I liked the news, too)

  • Yo8

    You also played the guitar or that was someone else?

  • Mike Ryan

    brilliant video

  • 70Caps

    I am not kidding, I seriously had a real dream last night that oates got fired. I was thinking about it when I opened up RNMB just now. I have had caps dreams before, but this…

  • 70Caps

    2 weeks ago, I had a dream that the Caps and Buffalo (though buffalo was where Calgary is in the dream and had Niewendyk as their coach) were trading head coaches.

  • Lisa

    Holy crap, this is a great post! Not the first time I’ve said that about RMNB but way to deliver the news.

  • Chris
  • 70Caps

    Thats him.

  • Jayleigh

    This proves one thing, without doubt — that Chipotle totally dominates Qdoba.

    It also proves that it would be a very good idea for Ian to make a publicly announced bet with someone that the Caps do *not* win the Stanley Cup in 2015. 🙂

    Bring on the changes!

  • No, IT DOES NOT. It just means I should stop making bets this season. Haha.

  • Does this mean we’re happy? Like, what? I’m confused on this one. Also now I want pet baby pygmy goats.

  • Sarah

    Oh Peter and Ian, thank you thank you. For all the silliness, as well as timely info. I spent last night marooned on I40 in the dark in Arkansas and got to my hotel after midnight to find out the Stars got thrashed in Anaheim (Everybody puke up tacos!). Having now made it to Tennessee I just had to eat MacDonald’s (bad) looking at a picture of the Nashville Perds (worse). All with unhappy cats in the car.
    But there was you. Saturday just picked the hell up.

  • 70Caps

    Never mind. Watched it again, looks like Chris Gordon?

  • Eric Schulz

    Varlamov was not dumped for almost nothing; we got a great haul for him. Also, he was expendable due to our, at the time, depth in goal; nothing wrong with that trade. Looking back on it now, I’d still choose Holtby over Varlamov (unless we get Francois Allaire too).

  • alchemistmuffin

    All I can say is, GOOD RIDDENCE to both. Even though McPhee has been GM for 17 years, he failed to make changes as the other teams started to make radical changes. This ultimately lead to his demise.

    This is a fast changing league. If they can’t keep up with the pace of other teams, the management won’t survive. And this is exactly what happened.

    I wish him all the best, but in my opinion, after years of stagnation, GOOD RIDDENCE.

  • Guest

    Always was more of a fire McPhee person than a fire

  • Caps Bum

    Always was more of a fire Mcphee person than fire Oates, but excited to see changes, we need a mix up. Hoping for boosts to the blue line

  • Capper63

    I appreciated having a competitive team every year, unlike the other DC sport’s franchises. I also appreciated the stability, and the “build through the draft” approach. So thank you To GMGM for his tireless efforts for the Capitals all these years.

  • Capper63

    You act lke we were the Edmonton Oilers. You do know we were in the playoffs nearly every season, and not drafting with a top 5 pick right? He could have traded those picks for aging Vets as well.
    Give the guy some credit. He didn’t win the cup but the Capitals have been a good, competitive team throughout his tenure.

  • Capper63

    Baja Fresh dominates both of them, but sadly the public was not sophisticated enough to appreciate their meat and veggies actually being flame grilled to order for their burritos and tacos (instead of being scooped out of a tin pan), and having a fresh salsa bar so you dont have to beg the person to put more than a tsp of salsa on your burrito (I am looking at you chipotle!)… sigh. Now I am totally depressed. First GMGM gone and now reminded of Baja Fresh gone as well…

  • Capper63

    Maybe we can get that incredible hockey genius Katie Carerra (sp?) to be GM!

  • Glenn Havinoviski

    I’ll take California Tortilla over both of the above…..saw Eric Fehr at the Reston location (now closed) back in ’11 just a few weeks after his heroic night in the Winter Classic. Just a normal guy with his wife, both in Capswear , picking up burritos on an off-night.

  • Glenn Havinoviski

    Actually, whoever was coaching Phoenix the last few years (maybe not this year) for Gretzky should be considered….

  • Capper63

    Never been to one (I live in Tucson now, left DC after 9/11 with career change), but going to their website it looks like it could be good.

  • Graham Dumas


  • Graham Dumas

    Every day I’m shufflin’… line combinations?

  • Graham Dumas

    I see what you did there, smart-guy. “This season.”

  • Guitar was me, yes.

  • JenniferH

    I never lost faith this would happen. Thank you, Hockey Gods! Bless!

  • msk4804

    Gee, correct me if I am wrong but we got pick used on Forsberg (wasted) and pick traded to Dallas for Ribero, so maybe we got Erat and Ribero each for 1-year for Varlamov. Perhaps I oversimplified things by saying we got nothing for Varlamov.

  • Jake Ettawakapow


  • Mike Logan

    In 16 yrs he never made it past the 2nd round. Ovie was 1 overall nick was 4 I think. What late round picks of his ever came close to panning out – note, high 2d rounders (orlov, erskine) are not late picks. Datsyuk went 6th rd, zetta 7th, lidstrom 3rd. He had no prob kicking guys in the butt on their way out the door, either. Oates will win a cup before GMGM.

  • Mike Logan

    Oh yeah – to say nothing of the coaching carousel – well, who hired ’em. The guy was great at managing two things: Ted and the media.

  • swhirly

    OMG, Peter are you single, let’s elope right now.

  • Amykins

    Not long. John Shannon mentioned it.
    But seriously, the buzz started when The Great One came as Ted’s guest to a game, no? I mean, I know they’re buddies, but everyone knew GMGM’s contract was up this year. It’s simple math.
    It is also my dream. WGGM!

  • alchemistmuffin

    I may be harsh towards McPhee, but I knew this outcome was inevitable with the realignment. He was still in Southeast conference mentality, and in all honestly, this was the ONLY reason we survived last two season.

    PS: where can I send the $10 iTunes card? (See my previous replies)

  • araporrada21

    Wow did not expect this type of movement

  • TySpooner

    This song is gold.

  • Owen Johnson

    Goddammit! The one day I forget my phone at home, this happens. Ah well…

  • Smiley456

    Two weeks ago I had a dream that I was typing this posting.

  • themav80

    I only came because of the Lion King reference.

  • Sarah

    Bravo! You really can sing, btw.

  • Sarah

    (head thunk) Peter, how did you miss the proper response?

  • Bilal

    I was really sick when I woke up this morning. had a severe headache and cold. But after i found out the news i swear i felt better……….also that video….golden

    I do wish GMGM and Oates the best of luck. I think Oates CAN become a good coach, just he needs time. The problem is we don’t have time here in DC. Ovi and Backy aren’t gonna stay young forever.

  • Kim Peacock

    I see what you did there with wearing that Tshirt, Peter

  • M Taylor

    I really hope we keep him whomever the new coach is, he always seemed to have a good feel for how to use the talent on the ice most effectively based on the power play and modifications made to it to keep it running well.

  • Diller M

    Soooooooooooo good. Thanks for making a great day better! Also, enjoy your free chipotle.

  • pixiestix

    yeah, Oates and McPhee, are people. and my impression as a fan, are nice decent people doing tough jobs. I only wish them well in their futures. I have to be honest – i hope that the new GM and coach are good people too, to match our nice decent players and organization. I would hate to see a Laviolette or Tortorella type…total D-bags with anger management issues. (my personal nickname for Torts is “douchy fonzie”…sorry Henry Winkler.) There’s gotta be a way to do the job and still be decent nice people that are respected by all.

  • Mike Logan

    Sorry but you give him way too much credit – this would’ve been GMGMs third rebuild – most GMs in any given pro sport are lucky to get one. And GMGMs rebuilds came without playoff success to show for it.

  • Mike Logan

    Katie went way too easy for way too long on caps management – she was not alone in that regard, however.

  • VeggieTart

    Yeah, but perhaps she was biding her time to write the comprehensive damning article with exactly what was wrong. She probably had to be easy to get the information she needed and then…BOOOM!!!!

  • Capper63

    I was in High School when the Bullets won with Elvin Hayes and Wes Unseld, and went the decades following as a very poor team. I am also a Redskins and was an Orioles fan (need I say more). I appreciate and enjoy watching teams that are competitive and winning, even if they don’t win it all. I love to see my teams win Championships, but I am not an all or nothing fan. I appreciate what GMGM has done, even without a cup, and I think in time fans will look back at this period and say : “Remember when we almost always went to the playoffs, those were the days….”

    All a matter of perspective though.
    I don’t think it would have been a rebuild, but just adding some pieces. The only question was which pieces, and at how high of a price.

    I feel better having listened to Ted’s press conference. It was a very thoughtful decision, and not an emotional one. I trust he will hire a good GM. He does seem to have a firm grasp on what it takes for successful management.

  • Capper63

    There is nothing wrong with writing a critical article, but she did a one-sided hit piece. No one will trust her again, and since she has no hockey knowledge of her own to bring to the table and instead relied on the crumbs thrown to her she will be writing “Where have all the good men gone?” articles for Huffpo within a few years, or moved to the “style” section.

    Unless it was a sanctioned hit piece… which is possible (Patrick).

  • Capper63

    Your song sure beats that “random red couch” song McDs has in all of its NHL playoff spots.

  • Wow.

    She’s a beat writer who did an excellent job on the day-to-day. She wrote a superb and fair and well-sourced piece at the end of the season. It was not a hit piece, and I’d bet most everyone trusts her still.

    And these attitudes towards her are rotten, and I’m suspicious about where they’re coming from.


  • Capper63

    Using fired ex-employees as your sources does not make a well – rounded fair piece. You ever been a boss? Ever fire someone? What are the chances they would take the blame and say they were wrong and you were right?
    Where were the “pro” sources? GMGM is well respected in the building and in the league, but all she includes is negative views? I don’t think you know what one-sided means if you do not think it is an accurate description of that article.

  • Capper63

    If you are saying that “random red couch” is in your brain, my sincere condolences to you.

  • Ad hominem

  • Capper63

    It is ad hominem to point out she offered no “pro” or “positive” sources on GMGM?
    It was as one sided a piece, designed to get support for his firing as it could have possibly been.

    Edit add: Ok, the “hockey genius” remark might have been a bit much. I re-tract it.

  • Progny

    The article was about management, and clearly states that Leonsis and McPhee declined to be interviewed. Who was supposed to provide the “pro” side?

  • Capper63

    Out of respect for Peter being uncomfortable with this, I will not go further, though I stand by my opinion. But I already adressed your issue. “GMGM is well respected in the building and in the league…”

  • Rhino40

    Ny nicknames for Torts and Laviolette are “Tort Feasor” and “Anger Hair”

  • Rhino40

    Perhaps someone can lend you one…hahaha)))))

  • Rhino40

    With all due respect, nothing good can come of having Dan Bylsma as head coach of the Washington Capitals–he is and always will be the Enemy, and to pretend otherwise is purest delusional folly; c.f. Norv Turner.

    Laviolette?….maybe. If nothing else, it would be good theater. Kind of like when Billy Martin managed the Oakland A’s, they marketed it on the local TV stations as “Billyball”

    Also, #onceapenguinalwaysadouchebag

  • Rhino40

    I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him….

    I get that GMGM had to go. Too long without a second round victory, too many bad trades, or good trades squandered, too many coaching changes. And I am hopeful for the future of the Caps with a new General Manager. I also agree that Adam Oates may not have been ready to be an NHL head coach…perhaps he could be kept on to run the offense? Seems to me the power play in NJ was resurgent with him in an assistant’s role, and lord knows our extra-man time was one of the few bright spots of this last season. And I am human enough–as a person who has himself “not had his contract renewed” or been “relieved of his duties” on more than one occasion– to feel some empathy for the both of them.

    I am saddened that Adam Oates’ time in DC did not work out–why is that the things other teams do that result in apparent success (e.g., the Avs’ resurgence under Patrick Roy) never seems to work here?…

    Anyway, I think perhaps a more appropriate response to the departures of McPhee and Oates should be less a celebration, and more of a deep, cleansing breath…ever the contrarian, I must remind the torch-and-pitchfork set not only to be careful what you wish for, but not to bitch about it when the thing you clamored for has unintended consequences.

    I am not presuming to tell any of you out there how you should be feeling about all of this–I may even agree with most of you to some extent.

    But shouldn’t we all be saving our Schadenfreude–or at least some of it–for the eventual elimination of the Penguins, Flyers and Rangers?

  • Capper63

    Speaking of “On the brain”, you will never guess what catchy little diddy was on mine as I relieved the pressure on my bladder first thing this morning. Not remembering the lyrics I had to come up with some alternates:
    “Adam Oates, you look like Ray Liotta, Adam Oates….”
    “Adam Oates, you smell like old anchovies, adam Oates….”
    Unfortunately it went downhill from there, as I began working my dogs into the song as they were so thrilled to see me up and about again… (Every morning truly is Groundhog day with them, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.)
    So I need to amend my comment to: Your song is a thousands times better than “Random red couch”.

  • Capper63

    I think Pittsburgh just dodged their bullet last night, and with it went any chance for Bylsma.

  • Amykins

    Peter should come up with another cover of Bailamos called “Pile of Goats”

  • Jonah

    this song may be the greatest thing i will see that gets me over this season. i love you guys

  • Jonah

    two weeks ago i was typing this posting because its RIDICULOUS that they didn’t clean house on the spot!

  • Jonah

    dick patrick said that the assistant coaches are still under contract. i assume that the new coach will clean house or reevaluate keeping them around when he/she (wouldn’t THAT be a ballsy move) are hired

  • Eric Schulz

    We got FORSBERG for Varlamov. That’s an AWESOME trade; I’d make that every time. The Forsberg for Erat trade was the shittiest trade I’ve seen in the past two decades… but the Erat trade being awful/atrocious/horrendous/vomitous doesn’t mean the Varlamov trade was bad; it means the Erat trade was bad.

  • RESmith

    Sorry for being late to the game with this, but you know you should have asked more from Peter in the bet. Peter was in more favorable position in that his payoff would come rather soon (if not instantly) whereas, technically, you had to wait an entire offseason to be correct and be able to collect.

  • RESmith

    I reserve my judgement and hope until I hear of the replacements.

  • No, I wouldn’t have had to wait an entire offseason.

  • RESmith

    I was thinking in order for your prediction to become true Oates had to survive the entire summer and coach the first game of the season. It’s a mute point now.

  • JenniferH

    Yes, I saved the mp3. 😀