Two top Washington Capitals prospects in the Canadian Hockey League, Andre Burakovsky and Madison Bowey, saw their team’s seasons end on Friday night. Burakovsky’s Erie Otters fell to the Guelph Storm, and Bowey’s Kelowna Rockets were knocked out by the Portland Winterhawks (who feature another Caps draft pick, Garrett Haar).

Both series ended 4-1.

Burakovsky stands tied for second in the OHL playoffs in goals scored with ten, one behind North Bay Battalion forward Barclay Goodrow. According to Victor Fernandes of the Erie Times-News, Burakovsky left the last game of the series with an injury and did not return. Guelph’s play-by-play commentator Steve Fitzsimmons also tweeted that Burakovsky went to the dressing room late in the first period favouring his leg.

The shorthanded Otters were outmatched in game five just as they were through most of the series, losing 5-0 to the unstoppable Storm.

In regards to Bowey, he sits fourth in points and second in goals among defensemen in the WHL postseason with five goals and nine assists. The Rockets lost four straight games to the Hawks after Portland’s huge comeback in game two.

There’s a lot in common between the Rockets and Otters: both played well in the postseason before the conference finals and both lost to older, more experienced teams with boatloads of coveted NHL prospects.

Tyler Lewington and Medicine Hat were eliminated by Edmonton in five games as well. Overage defenseman Garrett Haar, who plays for the Portland Winterhawks, is now the lone Caps prospect remaining in the chase for the Memorial Cup.

Both Bowey and Burakovsky have signed entry-level contracts with the Caps. Bowey is expected to return to Kelowna next season. Burakovsky is not subject to restrictions preventing teenage CHL players from entering the AHL, so it is likely that we’ve seen his last game in an Otters jersey.

  • VeggieTart

    So does this mean we could see Burakovsky in Hershey next year?

  • Yes or with the Caps. He’s eligible to play with anyone.

  • DashingDave314

    No, we’ll let him play sub 10 minutes a night on the fourth line instead. Isn’t that what all teams do with their best prospects?

  • RESmith

    Leonsis all but mention him by name in his follow up with Mike Vogel yesterday as having a chance of being with the Caps next year. But he is eligible to sign with Hershey and would probably be best to start there.

  • FYI – He doesn’t “sign” with Hershey. He’s already under contract.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Oates was fired…

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Shining star on a team that underachieves in the playoffs? Will fit in perfectly with the Caps. *sadface*

  • RESmith

    Whoops! I forgot. — Meant be assigned.

  • VeggieTart

    New coach, new GM, you never know.

  • DashingDave314

    Sarcasm is hard to detect over the internet, haha.

  • DashingDave314

    I agree he should start there, but unless the next coach really loves Volpatti, it’s not like Burakovsky would have to do much to impress if you look at their current LW depth. One would think even if he had a 4th line role w/ Capitals, next coach will at least be smart enough to use him on power plays.

  • GR in 430

    Watched the first Kelowna-Portland game and the last Erie-Guelph game on NHL network. Bowey continues to impress with tremendous physical ability, but also continues to have brain farts in the D zone (and one at the offensive blue line. He needs another year, at least, before he’ll be ready for the bigs (the Caps don’t need another kid learning on the job, please). Haar was on the ice a lot, since he was paired with Matt Dumba, but Haar was not noticeable except when he made a mistake, which happened a few times. I don’t expect him to be picked up by the Caps, who have Nate Schmidt, a similar and much better player.

    Burakovsky only played the one period, but stood out in the time he played. He reminded me a lot of Kuznetsov when he played in the WJC, except Burakovsky is left-shooting. He plays mostly on his off wing… well, actually he plays all over the ice. Geez, can that kid skate! He was the primary puck carrier whenever he was on the ice and he was just blowing past Guelph players. That team is LOADED with future NHL talent, so if he was blowing past them, he is indeed an elite skater. He was hurt on a play where Erie was on a power play (his position on the PP was “reverse Ovechkin”) and Guelph scored a shortie. He came back to cover the front of the net, but got hammered from behind by a Guelph player, getting pushed to the right corner. After Guelph scored, he was down on his knees in that corner and then slowly got up and skated off, then never came back.

    The other kid on Erie that I want to mention is McDavid, who the Canadian Nation is worshiping as the next Crosby, etc. I have to admit that the kid is very impressive, particularly for a 16 year old. Big, pretty fast, nice skills. Played a ton of minutes and played extremely hard the whole time, in fact once Burakovsky left, McDavid was the only Erie player who looked like he belonged on the ice with Guelph.

    Perhaps the next Caps GM’s strategy should be lose everything in 2014-15 except the draft lottery…

  • Mike

    AB = Alex Semin

  • RESmith

    Agreed. But I would rather see Burakovsky stay in the minors and get top quality minutes than stay up and get minimal minutes paired mostly with grinders. Because of his type of talent, his development might be better served to stay down and only get called up to fill in for an injury on one of the top two lines.

  • DashingDave314

    I strongly agree. I hope that Burakovsky gets to spend at least some time in Hershey adjusting to the physicality of North American hockey. The NHL is an entirely different beast than the OHL.

    That said, at this point, he doesn’t even need to leapfrog anyone to get onto the Opening Night roster. And assuming MoJo is traded, do the Capitals have a better option for second line left wing than Andre? I don’t think so. I know it’s April, but still.