Since the Washington Capitals did not make the playoffs, CSN Washington play-by-play man Joe Beninati has had a lot of lonely nights. So CSN dispatched Joe B to Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium Stadium on Saturday to cover the Chesapeake Bayhawks/New York Lizards Major League Lacrosse game.

Our friends over at Swedish Meatballs managed to snap the essential pic of the Joe B suit of the — hey, wait a minute? Is that a polo shirt? Oh man, this is weird. This is so, so weird.

Is it October yet?

Photo via Swedish Meatballs

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  • Brett Lawrie’s Helmet

    with hockey withdrawals you do some freaky shit

  • Owen Johnson

    Oh phew. For a second there, I thought we were going to go a full day without RMNB.

  • Beat the clock by 11 minutes!

  • Freedoooom

    He always does Lacrosse games, watch Paul Rabil highlights, hes all over them.

    There’s a famous football highlight out there he did… Can’t remember what it was though..

  • Alex Hughes

    Joe B Polo Shirt of the Night doesnt have the same ring to it as Joe B Suit of the Night

  • Daniel Kessler

    That’s exactly right. Plus, I think he might have been commentating lacrosse games if the Caps did make the playoffs anyway. A lot of their games would’ve been on NBC rather than Comcast, right?

  • Austin

    I love RMNB. I hate that since the caps aren’t in the playoffs there isn’t much to talk about, even though once summer hits it may get even drier. I miss the day by day articles with really interesting facts and funny gifs that are always sad but true. Maybe I’m moaping too early ( did I spell that right lol?) but I just wish it was October already only for the RMNB forum to flourish again. So thank you again guys Ian, Peter, Igor, Fedor and Chris for making this the greatest NHL fan site/online family in the league!

  • 70Caps

    He was actually a lacrosse goalie in college:

  • VeggieTart

    “Moping”. I can’t be too sad; Caps missed the playoffs by four points but even if they’d made it, I’m sure Pittsburgh would have made quick work of them. The bright side is Adam Oates is gone, GMGM isn’t coming back, and October brings a new beginning.

  • Austin

    Very true, guess we just have to be patient! And thanks for spelling correction

  • 70Caps
  • 70Caps

    Scoar moar goals and moap when it doesnt happen. Austin spelled it fine.

  • Sarah

    Joe B has the right idea. As much as I love hockey– and of course I’m watching playoffs– there are other sports, and the weather is beautiful and OMG CHERRY BLOSSOMS!!!1! Sorry, I’m excitable. Plus I really am optimistic about next season, for the Caps and Stars both.
    So does anybody else want to do another ballgame or some such? Can a lowly guest even request this? The last one was fabulous, but:
    1. I missed it, being chained indoors in another state with a collection of boxes, and
    2. You let someone in a Malkin shirt take your picture. If you want someone in non-Caps gear to take your picture I volunteer to do it in a Stars shirt, which is a huge improvement.
    Please? Polo shirts optional? Anything but moar moaping.

  • Jonah

    wait theres a pro league for lacrosse?
    i though lacrosse players just grew up to be the dumbasses on wall street that lose the rest of us “peasants” all of our money.

  • FanboisSuck

    He does that every year. I always catch some of the games he calls in the ncaa tourney over memorial day weekend