On Sunday, Alex Ovechkin and Team Russia lost to Sweden 2-0 at Stockholm Globe Arena during the Oddset Hockey Games, which is basically another international tournament before the World Championships begin on Friday.

We have two important pieces of information to share from this game. First, Mattias Ek of the Swedish website Expressen reports that Ovechkin was named captain of Team Russia for the Worlds. That’s neat and not all that surprising.

Second, Ek shares a story that should warm your our cold, Capital heart. Apparently in the third period, with Swedes Jimmie Ericsson and Andreas Thuresson in the penalty box, Ovechkin “bombed away for Putin and his motherland” and “shot off the blade of Tre Kronor centreman Mikael Backlund” with a huge shot.

Unfortunately, there’s no video, but Backlund spoke to exclusively after the game about the incident. He sure was impressed by Ovechkin’s power.

Mikael Backlund: The blade came off so I couldn’t use my leg. I blocked the shot and it [the blade] just flew off. [smiles] I have these new blades that you just snap in place. They come off pretty easy. He got off a really good shot and it just flew off.

Mattias Ek: You tried to get off the ice, looking like Bambi on ice in the process…

Mikael Backlund: At first I tried get off the ice, but I realized the Russians would then get a 5-on-2. I wasn’t sure whether I should just lay there on the ice. And I couldn’t get up, it got so slippery. I couldn’t do anything!

Mattias Ek: Have you ever lost a skate blade like that before?

Mikael Backlund: No, never! [laughs]


Visual approximation.

One other fun fact: Ovechkin put ten shots on goal.

Now, here are Caps guys who have had their skate break off during a game: Steve OleksyTom Wilson. Also, Dmitry Orlov once knocked Mathieu Darche’s skate blade off with a shot.

Translation by Magnus Cadelin (@DenTadd)

  • tpr04

    The video looks like Erskine trying to skate around in October. Actually, I really like Erskine, but it was ridiculous that Oates had him not only playing, but playing in the top 4 in October, as he clearly had not recovered from his surgery.

    In terms of Olesky, who is in the video, he clearly has little to no upside, but he seemed a better choice than some of the d-men we were throwing out there in March and April. If nothing else, his presence may have reduced the fights that Wilson had to take or walk away from. Not sure how or why Olesky got in Oates’ doghouse. If it was another coach, I’d say talent, but with Oates that was never an important criteria

  • Tom

    They just don’t make IKEA stuff like they used to

  • Yo8

    How could they not score on almost 2 on 5? What’s wrong with the Russian team? Or they just not playing seriously at all?

  • Amykins

    Ovi obviously gave up on some plays. DUH.

  • Graham Dumas

    What do you expect when you name your line of skates Ljornfallolennsen?

  • yv

    When I watched the game on Internet it was perception that Ovi really hurt him, only later when they showed the bench it became clear that it was the blade.
    Ovi still goalless, Kuzya and Orly also, since been recalled to team Russia, only hope that they will do their damage at WC.

    And how about tonight’s Kings Ducks game. The plus/minus champion and who finished that year ahead of Ovi, almost forgotten and so popular here Jeff Schultz will debut for Kings. It would be a tearful meeting with the former coach BB who made him best in the league in +- department!

  • Chris Diachok

    Someone get this man some ritalin.

  • Chris Diachok

    He’s getting pretty pudgy around the middle. He’s such an enigma. Because he’s Russian, of course.

  • 70Caps

    Haha Kuzy.

  • Chris Diachok

    There’s also some ice pictured in the gif. Any thoughts on how global warming is melting ice in Antarctica?

  • Philip Svensson

    I sat rinkside this game and Ovechkin had like 10 shots on that powerplay but the Swedish goalie had some luck and skills! And also I believe that that was the first powerplay that Ovi was on the left side, they put Orly there on the pp for the whole game with Ovi on the right… strange things

  • Rhino40

    What is this “Ikea” I keep hearing about? Is it the last sound one makes before being crushed by an automatic garage door?