Jason Chimera: 2013-14 Season Review

This pic is three years old, but I love it so I’m using it anyway. (Photo: Chris Gordon)

The ol’ ice cheetah, Jason Chimera, was one of the brightest and baldest spots on the Caps this season. Let’s make fun of hi— I mean, let’s talk about him.

By the Numbers

82 Games played
15.1 Average time on ice per game
15 Goals
27 Assists
46.6% Shot attempt percentage during 5v5
52.10% Goal percentage during 5v5
9.9% On-ice shooting percentage during 5v5
92.1% On-ice saving percentage during 5v5

Peter’s Take

Flashback to the week one snapshot:

 I worry for Fehr when alongside Joel Ward and Jason Chimera, two players whose talents seem redundant. The third line, as currently constructed, doesn’t pose much offensive threat as far as I can tell.

Haha. What an idiot. The Capitals’ third line was their best and most consistent. They weren’t necessarily strong at possession (except when Grabo was up the middle), but they were positively excellent at chasing down pucks and cycling. Jason Chimera’s speed and tenacity was an important factor in that success– as was his team high 9.9 5v5 on-ice shooting percentage. A shot with Chimera on the ice was more than twice as likely to go in than one with Ovechkin on the ice. That’s crazy dumb.

At 35, Chimera is now the Caps’ team elder. Despite his age and all the uncertainty surrounding this summer, I’m confident we’ll see Chimmer taking shifts with Ward again next season. When together, they drove possession better by between 3 and 6 percentage points compared to when they were apart.

You don’t want every forward playing like Jason Chimera– particularly in the top six, but on that contract and on the third line, he is a superb role player. Now let’s see if he can keep it up next season.

Chimdog on RMNB

In Pictures

Jason Chimera filled in as Mike Vogel on Two-Man Advantage. His hair-flip is lustrous.

And here’s him lovingly slapping Ward.

I’m still not sure whose goal this is.

Your Turn

Why do you think Jason Chimera was able to outscore the opposition despite getting outshot? Please don’t say “because corsi is wrong, nerd.” Can Chimera keep it up next year? Do you think I should’ve just reviewed Chimera and Ward together? They’re basically the same person. I can’t even tell them apart.

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  • Owen Johnson

    They got outshot because the system was bad. They were effective beacuse, unlike the rest of the team, they actually battled for loose pucks.

  • DashingDave314

    Everybody got outshot because the system was horrible. Chimmers and Ward fought for pucks, forechecked strongly, and crashed the net. That’s how Chimmers and Ward did so well despite their lack of #flow

  • DashingDave314

    His 9.0% overall shooting percentage is sustainable because that’s close to his 8.8% shooting percentage.

  • His individual shooting percentage is probably sustainable. His on-ice shooting percentage is more likely to regress.

  • CM

    “Why do you think Jason Chimera was able to outscore the opposition despite getting outshot?”

    I think you answered your own question; his “team high 9.9 5v5 on-ice shooting percentage.” Him Ward and Grabo had the highest PDO’s of frequent players.

  • Word but *how* did they accomplish that his team shooting? Luck alone? Or were they better suited for the low-possession, dump-and-chase style than the other lines?

  • DashingDave314

    Definitely agreed. Overall, Chimera’s a nice third line guy. Possession stats are bad, but that’s probably because he was on ice for the most defensive zone faceoffs (roughly 1/3 of them) of any Capitals forward.

  • DashingDave314

    Puck luck probably helped, but the Green Line had 3 guys willing to drive hard and crash the net. I think that had an impact (or at least I like to think to so we can continue to yell CRASH THE NET)

  • Lawrence

    Haha. As much as Chimera entertained us by himself, RMNB did a great job capitalizing on it, good work.

    In my book, he gets a 8.5/10 in point production expectations and an entertainment value of 11/10. Him and Ward really are perfect for each other both on the ice and obviously off the ice. Every weakness that each other have is complemented by a strength in the other:
    Ward’s lack of speed? Chim dawg.
    Chim’s no hands, finishing ability? Wardo.
    Wards terrible cross ice passes? Chim dawg.
    Chim’s lack of puck control behind the net? Wardo.
    They really should never leave each other for the rest of their careers, imho.

  • Lawrence

    I think so much of our bad possession stats can be blamed on coaches, systems and lack of depth on defense. I think our forward group is pretty strong, minus the synergy factor.

  • CM

    I see four possibilities, three of which you’re not gonna like:
    1) Luck
    2) That line was successful in limiting the quality of opponents shooting, diminishing the effect of CA events.
    3) That line was successful in taking high quality shots, increasing the effect of CF events.
    4) Intangables: Holtby gained confidence when that line was on the ice, etc..

    I don’t know how you can make an argument that players ’caused’ their own good PDO without raising the specter of shot quality. That is, not all CF and CA events are created equal.

  • tpr04

    I think that in every assessment of a forward, you have to factor in that they were (1) very likely playing most of their minutes with subpar defenders supporting them on the blue line; and (2) playing in a system that resulted in numerous shots being fired at their goalie.

  • Patrick Neimeyer

    I think the capitals third line is a blueprint for the future prospects of wishing to become a NHL playoff team. That is consistently showing signs of hard work and grit over big-names and star-power. Just a thought

  • Sarah

    The burrito-worthy goal prediction more than cancels out the needless anxiety from the preseason. Some might say the entire purpose of the preseason is to generate needless anxiety.

  • Jon A

    I’m glad the Caps held onto to him and Ward and probably should’ve been a combined review, yes. I think he/they were outscoring because he/were fighting hard for it. Sometimes it seems they were the ones that were playing with intensity like it was the last game every game.

    Not sure about shots on goal, but according to the links above the Caps photo/video/brouwer-bombing team clearly took some lessons from the power-play and was second to none… Capitalizing on many opportunities.

    Anybody know corsi of photobombs for each player? I assume Brouwer would be at the top of the list.

  • I was happier when I didn’t watch the preseason

  • I hear ya, but if your big names and stars are playing like Ward and Chimera, your team is probably losing.

  • Totally. I was thinking about adding a “How Adam Oates ruined this player” line to every review, but it would get old.

  • If the roster stays close to the same next season (I have no idea if it will), we might get some idea of what the coaching effect is.

    I bet it’s bigger than some people think. Maybe north of 3 or 4% fenwick close (unblocked shot attempts when the score is close)

  • Lawrence

    For sure. I’m so sad Peter Lav is off the books, not that I thought he was a perfect fit, but I don’t know who else is out there for us. 🙁

  • Pat Magee

    Because reasons.

  • Pat Magee

    I.E. David Backes.

  • Jon A

    This makes me wonder if they were the only ones either completely embracing “the system” or completely disregarding it.
    And I think that it shows that if you are allowed to play together and gel, you can accomplish a lot in spite of a weak D pairing behind you. I don’t know specific stats, but it seems they were the most consistently played together forward trio.

  • 5manfront

    Hah! I think that “playful slap” is more of a “hey smell my fingers.” Which, if you’ve ever taken a whiff of a hand fresh out of a hockey glove, smells a lot like hot garbage.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Outscore vs Outshot: Lack of playing with a centerman who could win faceoffs on a regular basis. While they worked offensively with Fehr, he’s not a faceoff guy.

  • 70Caps

    Which can a goalie better stop: A floater from the point, or net crash where half the other team is hammering at his pads? Lets see….

  • yv

    Considering the announced rosters of national teams, it would be the weirdest thing during upcoming WC if Canada will meet Russia in knockout rounds. Chimmy, Ward and Brouwer against Ovi, Kuzya and Orly. Who will knock/hit and outskate whom!?

  • DashingDave314

    Karl Alzner objects. http://i.imgur.com/tOV6Bby.gif

  • 70Caps

    Oh, yeah, I guess your right, the 3rd line WAS all just luck.

  • Bugs Fire

    Question – given that Chimera could have been another option in the preseason trade to free up some cap space for WIlson, are Caps better off this way or Perreault was better option to keep? I know it’s purely hypothetical because there were no buyers for Jason after last season, but still – could keeping Perreault and trading Chimera have forced Oates to use Erat (on the wrong wing, but whatever)?

  • Shaun Phillips

    Upvote for the Hansons.

  • DashingDave314

    Anyone but Trotz or Torts.

  • Rhino40

    “And take back one kadam to honor the Edmonton native whose goal this is”

  • Jonah

    I think their success is due to WHERE the shots are taken. Is there any way to do a shot frequency heat chart showing where the green line shoots from? I’ll bet a trip with the Brouwer rangers that almost all of their shots are within 5-10 feet of the goal. Tip ins and crash the net type goals hav a much higher frequency of going in than shots taken from outside like some of the other lines tried to do.
    Also, if this is what the Oates system is, then I think the fault is on players for not buying into it and gmgm for not getting the right guys to play it. (Not trying to excuse AO oter faults). This line is the perfect blueprint of what I would like this playoff team to become.

  • Jonah

    am i the only person that finds it worrisome that the teams oldest player is also the team’s best skater?
    i don’t think this is a good thing for guys like brouwer and ovi who just don’t seem to have the wheels?