NHL Sigil Banners: Now Available In Print Form


About two weeks ago, I posted my illustration of medieval fantasy-inspired heraldry banners for each NHL team. Little did I know that the post would go viral, getting picked up on The Hockey News, TSN, and USA Today. I had a lot of people ask about posters. Well, they’re now available!

You can get them in two sizes: 12″ x 18″, and a HUMONGOUS BIG 24″ x 36″ Both are available in my Etsy shop (along with other kinds of art prints!!) The posters are printed on nice, thick, heavy-duty paper. They’re waaaaay nicer than any kind of poster you’d find in a retail shop.

For scale reference, here’s what the small posters look like:

Photo on 4-30-14 at 11.07 AM #2

Buy the small poster.

Aaaaand the big ones:

Photo on 5-7-14 at 4.46 PM

Buy the big poster.

If you have any questions regarding the project, feel free to leave them in the comments! Thanks for your support the last few weeks, it’s been a pretty cool (and slightly overwhelming) experience.

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  • Steven Lemmeyer
  • Owen Johnson

    Is it possible to get individual ones too? Because I would buy both.

  • CapsCast

    I’d love to see a tee shirt version of the Capitals logo.

  • Jeeper

    Links don’t appear to be working

  • All fixed– they should be all good now!!

  • Pat D’Pirate

    Ya’ll should make actual banners next!!!


    how long will they be available? i want to give my bf one for our one year anniversay present in august and we dont live anywhere close right now. shipping will cost SOOO MUCH… i hope it will be around for sale then and also in dec. (my bday)

  • david kreider

    Ms. Cohen did an excellent job with the banners
    – much nicer than the actual logos.

  • THAT WOULD BE SO COOL. If I could find a way to make that happen, I would (sewing them myself would take too long though. I’ve made GoT banners before!!)

  • They’ll be available as long as I have stock (which I have plenty of). I have events in August & December, so I’ll definitely still have posters then! If they sell out before those months, I’ll just get a second edition printed.

  • I don’t have individual ones at the moment, but if the set of 30 banner prints do well, I’ll be able to start printing individuals of some of the more popular designs (WSH, BOS, DET, etc)

  • Love this idea. Also Caps tshirts please!!!

  • Graham Dumas

    Second that. Or even a full-size poster of the Caps banner.

  • Jimmie

    If any project ever in the history of the entire universe merited a Kickstarter project, this does.

    UNless, there is some copyright problem, which I don’t think there would be.

  • Smiley456

    These are outstanding. And educational. I now know the nautical signage for hurricane!

  • Ken Wachs

    T Shirts!! Jerseys!! with the Caps Banner

  • Alyce

    PLEASE do a t-shirt of this! I want to get matching ones for me and my son. It is so many kinds of awesome that I can’t stand it!

  • Scott V

    How about one for The Whale?

  • Yep! Once I get some free time again, I’m going to do a set of former teams. 🙂