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Team Russia walloped Switzerland in the opening game of the 2014 World Championships in Minsk today. The fabled Russian offense, mostly inert in Sochi, delivered five goals while goalie Sergei Bobrovsky turned away all 27 shots he faced from the Swiss.

Newly named captain, Alex Ovechkin, also scored a goal and tallied an assist in the beatdown.

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Ovechkin, who led all forwards in ice time (21:16), scored just twelve seconds into a first period power play. Team Russia defensemen Anton Belov did what John Carlson did so many times during the Caps regular season, and hit Ovechkin with a perfect pass into his wheelhouse. Ovechkin, at the point, blasted a one-timer past Swiss goaltender Leonardo Genoni to put Russia up 2-0.

Ovechkin with the steal (defense!)

Later in the third period, Ovi assisted on a goal by Danis Zaripov (Metallurg Magnitogorsk) to close out the scoring.

Ovechkin finished with a plus-minus score that had a plus in front of it and also almost checked defenseman Denis Blum into the Switzerland bench.

He also almost tallied assist number two on this beauty of a pass.

Washington Capitals forward Evgeny Kuznetsov appeared to get a goal in the first period on a deflection off a long shot. After the puck went into the net, Kuznetsov bent to one knee and celebrated as if he scored. However, the goal was later changed to Vadim Shipachyov.

Dmitry Orlov wore number 23 and skated 15:29, second most among Russia’s eight defensemen who dressed.

Bobrovsky, last year’s Vezina trophy winner, was named player of the game.

Russia won’t play again until Sunday, when they’ll face Finland. Monday they’ll take on Team USA in a rematch of their 3-2 loss in Sochi.

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2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship

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  • Anna S.

    Nice game!!! 🙂

    btw…they will play on Sunday with Finland…wont they? 🙂

  • Thanks – I fixed. That IIHF schedule is really hard to read!

  • VeggieTart

    And once again, Ovi scores from his wheelhouse by the left faceoff dot.

  • Freedoooom

    Ovechkin was great on both sides of the puck. Playing just like he did for Dynamo Moscow, which is why Znaroks made him captain. Unfortunately Viasat didn’t show the replays, but Ovechkin had quite few exceptional backchecks. Plenty of times he would end up in front of his own net covering someone.

    I think that Kuznetsov was incredible offensively, better than Ovechkin. He was controlled a lot of the play by himself and protected the puck exceptionally and made a lot of great passes.

    Orly, I didn’t notice, its kind of hard to watch defenseman in international games for me, but I don’t recall seeing anything from him problematic. Most of the defensive problems the Russians had was when they would look back at the referee after they think they were tripped, hooked, slashed etc, instead of watching the play causing a lot of scrambles.

  • yv

    Kuzya was on score sheet even after second period. Orly was good. Commentators kept mentioning him as the most improved and who playing now with confidence.
    But the hero of the day is French/Caps Huet. His save probably would be in every hockey news. Somehow, on opening night of May 9th, the V-day in Europe, France has tendency to deliver big wins. Last year, they beat Russia for the first time, and now Canada.

  • Thanks so much for making the GIFs by the way. We all really appreciate it.

  • Orly wearing #23 is so bizarre. I have no words.

  • Lawrence

    Yeah for real, thanks so much! Caught the very tail end of the game, wish I got to see it all. USA game sunday might be on TV in the US right?

  • Lawrence

    Yeah, pretty awesome, love stories like that. I saw the shootout, can’t believe the players that Canada chose to shoot, where was MacK! Embarrassing shootout from Canada, awesome for the French.

  • Lawrence

    Ovi shot from the Ovi spot baby.

  • Lawrence



    Ovechkin seriously has to learn how to hit with his stick down. That’s one of the things that really bothers me. He’d be a lot more effective of a hitter and not risk injuring other players.

  • yv

    That the Huet save I saw and mentioned. Just fantastic save of the year, at critical time.


  • Dark Stranger

    Good day for Russia. One down note for the Russians is that Andrei Loktionov, the former Devils forward traded to Carolina, got injured in the game and is out for the rest of the WC. Injured his shoulder and believed to be serious.

  • Guest

    Are the uniform rules stricter in international hockey? I just ask cause Ovi’s visor is clear and his sleeves are down, he did the same thing in the Olympics.

  • Lawrence

    That was so dirty.

  • hopeless

    He’d be a lot better at hockey if he kept his stick on the ice. So many pucks get past him…