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Team Russia beat the living tar out of Team USA at World Championships today with a final score of 6-1. Washington Capitals forwards Alex Ovechkin and Evgeny Kuznetsov scored goals, while Hershey Bears goalie Pierre McGuire David Leggio came on in relief of Tim Thomas in the second period.

Leggio allowed one goal on eight shots in 28:57 of ice time.

Let’s take a look at the highlights.

All GFYs courtesy of Freedoooom

Ovechkin’s goal came on a penalty shot in the first period. The Jets’ Jacob Trouba blew a tire on the blue line, giving Ovi a clear route to the net. Red Wings Danny DeKeyser hooked Ovi from behind to deny an opportunity, giving him a penalty shot. Uncharacteristically, Ovechkin went with a backhand on the penalty shot that seemed to surprise Thomas.

For his second point of the afternoon, Ovi set up Viktor Tikhonov of SKA St. Petersburg, who tipped the puck to give Russia a 3-0 lead late in the first.

Ovechkin’s got another assist on a 3-on-0 play finished off by Tikhonov, the only goal given up by Leggio.

Kuznetsov’s goal was a bit lucky — he got the puck at the side of the net after a scrum in front. The closest defenseman, Trouba, snapped his stick during the play and couldn’t interfere with Kuzya’s shot. That’s officially Kuznetsov’s first goal at the tournament, though it has been determined that Kuznetsov should’ve been credited with the tip-in goal in the game against Switzerland.

After three games, Ovechkin leads the tournament with six points (three goals, three assists) and is tied in goals with some guy on Canada named Joel Ward.

Leggio > Thomas.

  • Question: how do the highlights work for everyone? On this post we’re using iframe’d in GFYs, which is basically video instead of a GIF.

  • serpent

    Works great,Ian.

  • Sergey Popov


  • oryp

    So now he scores on the penalty shot.

  • Bilal

    I was about to say……….

  • Lawrence

    Loved this game from Ovi. He was getting double shifted the whole game. Again those that watched can attest, he was so good defensively, always in the right spot, breaking up plays, hustling back on the back check and guess what? It didn’t hurt his offense one bit, in fact his defense led to an offensive rush out of the zone quite a few times (for those people that say if he played defense his offense will dip). Orlov had a bounce back game and looked tremendous, best defenseman on the ice tonight. Boy oh boy is Orly gonna be good, way better than my expectations for him a few years ago. Kuzy needs more ice time out there, but he looked solid and had a nice goal.

    So refreshing to see Ovi play this way during the tourney so far. I am not saying he will be in the running for the Selke, but to see him play a system that makes sense both defensively and offensively after the gong-show Oates displayed, is so rewarding. Ovi is more than capable of being strong defensively without giving up any of his offense, especially as a winger. When he plays like this, hes back in the conversation for best in the world. I hope/think he brings it next year to the caps with a different coach/system. Seeing him play this way makes me wonder if Oates was telling him to not play in his defensive zone.

  • 70Caps

    What channels are these games on?

  • Sarah

    What the heck is that thing in the middle of the ice?

  • disolitude

    Symbol for Skoda… a Czech car manufacturer currently owned by VW.

  • yv

    Ovi playing great hockey and should have couple more assists on his sheet if not ‘strange’ counting by IIHF judges who giving secondary assists in totally unpredictable manner. Same is with the Kuzya’s goal against Swiss when even after several requests by Russian team and video, IIHF still gives that goal to Shipachev. Ovi has now +4 in 3 games, that I’ll say a good system to play. During lockout Ovi played for Znarok in KHL’s Dynamo and had very healthy plus/minus stats, that somehow totally reversed with Oates.
    According to Russian coach Znarok, Orly has some kind of injury, hopefully not so serious that prevents him to play.
    And how about Grabovski?! He created and assisted in equalizing goal and then scored himself the GWG just minutes before the end of Belarus-Swiss game.

  • Zach S.

    Sometimes I forget why he who must not be named (Oates) always put Ovi in the shootout. Now I remember why.

  • Sarah

    Ah. Thank you.

  • A

    Orlov = broken wrist. Headed back to the u a and a.

  • Mary

    On my Google tablet, I just see still pictures. I have to touch the images, and then they open in a new window where I have to choose GIF.

  • Sergey Popov

    i hope it’s not against any rules here

  • Owen Johnson

    Soooooo… Why doesn’t Ovi do that in the shootout?
    Also, nothing against the guy, he’s good in the AHL, but that’s quite a dropoff from Tim Thomas to David “Leggio my Eggio.”

  • Jonah

    If znarok works well with Ovi is it at all possible for him to come to DC? From what I hear he’s a demanding taskmaster which the caps need. I hate to see these guys give up. And he’s somehow gotten Ovi to back check AND score he must be a genius.
    Maybe with a translator on his arm at practice he wouldn’t be the worst decision?

  • Lawrence

    Yeah I don’t know much about Znarok or even if he can speak English well enough, but from what I’ve heard, he looks to be the coach for the Russian teams in the foreseeable future. I don’t think it requires an amazing coach to get Ovi to play the way he is right now. I think a lot of it comes down to what is expected of a player is how they will perform. On this russian team, the coach expects Ovi to score and expects to be responsible in his own zone, so that’s what he does. I think Ovi is very sensitive to how those around him perceive him, his coaches, teammates. When he has the trust of his coach and teammates like this and when he did with Bruce B, he plays with confidence and it makes a world of difference in the effort department for him. I get the feeling he has been very ostracized within the caps locker-room since Bruce has gone and our roster has changed. Oates helped a little bit with that off the ice, playing the friend role to ovechkin, but he needs a coach that can get success and plays the friend role with him.

    For all we know, Oates may have been telling ovechkin to stay higher up in his zone, not carry the puck himself and look for breakout passes. The only area that Ovi has improved on with Oates as coach was the PP. He regressed in every other area of the ice, so its very refreshing to see he hasn’t lost those skills that made him so effective earlier in his career and perhaps he has room to grow (passing, dekeing, skating, hustle, backcheck, possession, etc.) I think maybe there was too much emphasis on his offensive game while he is in the offensive zone and not enough on his neutral zone/defensive zone and overall on the 5v5. As we all saw, the caps this year were a terrible possession team so all the offense that Oates was trying to teach our players was null/void because we never had the puck to begin with. Some of that blame needs to go on the roster, as we iced some pretty bad defense this year. I hope this isn’t the same story we talk about next year, the lack of roster.

  • Julie Fainberg

    I didn’t know that GFYs were a thing…I thought you guys misspelled GIF

  • Jonah

    Re: English: that’s why I added the “with a translator on his arm” bit. Also, kuyza Ovi Orlov Grabo all speak russian so it’s not like he would be a complete non-communicant. Also Ovi needs to be a better leader off the ice and znarok could help him develops into the right locker room guy.
    Re: Ao-AO dynamic
    I think the caps have over corrected twice since mtl. First time was trying to get him to play more defensively with trap-Boudreau and hunter. Then Oates over corrected AGAIN by making him focus on O and PP.
    I think a coach from the nhl may try to over correct yet again especially if he’s Canadian. That is my one qualm with trotz.

    I think znarok can get Ovi to be dynamic as a leader and that will lead the rest of the team in the right direction. You say all we need is a coach who motivates Ovi, and from the small sample size it looks like this one does. I have thought for a while that Ovi needed a russian coach to help his confidence because the dude is a god in te motherland. Canadians and Americans might (and have) tried to make him more defensive and ashamed (I don’t know a better word to describe it) of his game.

  • Lawrence

    “Canadians and Americans might (and have) tried to make him more defensive and ashamed (I don’t know a better word to describe it) of his game.”

    Very good point.

    I think for Ovechkin he could benefit greatly from this russian coach as his caps coach, but would the team benefit? That is a question I cannot awnser. If teammates don’t like having a teammate that is russian and plays a certain way, how would they feel about their own coach being russian? I would hope they wouldn’t feel that way, but this is all uncharted territory. I have a gut feeling the Brouwers of the team wouldn’t be very interested in that. And if the team doesn’t see success and only Ovechkin and other russians becomes better players, I know Ovi wouldn’t want that. Since he came into the league, all he wants to do is win a cup (despite what the media would tell you). It would be wise for the next GM that comes into the caps org. to look into Znarok imo.

  • JH

    Can we convert all the NHL rinks to Olympic size? Our Euro Caps would dominate.

  • Jonah

    i have written extensively why i think brouwer should go, so ill summarize and say that i don’t like his finger pointing and i think willy is a better replacement/upgrade for pretty cheap. so i don’t think he should stick around.

    i think that guys like the green line will benefit from his intensity and ovi, kuzya, and grabo will be better motivated to have an absolutely WICKED top 6.