2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship

Photo: Andre Ringuette

Back at the Olympics, Team Russia got eliminated from medal contention by Finland. It was sad. Even the mascot, the Sochi Bear, which literally had a smile fixed on its face, couldn’t keep it together.

Russia got revenge on Sunday, though some of the names and faces were changed. Buoyed by an Alex Ovechkin power-play goal (his second of the tournament), Russia beat Finland 4-2, ending a year-long losing streak to the Finns. It was Ovechkin’s second goal and his third point of the tournament.

Russia is now 2-0 in the World Championship and has outscored its opponents 9-2. Without Teemu Selanne, who is busy or something, Finland is 0-2 and may miss out on even qualifying for the playoffs.

Ovechkin’s goal was assisted by Dmitry Orlov.

Here’s the slo-mo, zoomed-in angle.

Imagine that guy quarterbacking the Caps power play for years to come.

Ovechkin also doled out a big hit behind the net later in the game and nearly scored again.

GIF by @Freedoooom

On Monday, Russia will take on Team USA.

Video Highlights

  • Shaun Phillips

    That poor Finnish player behind the net. He saw Ovi coming and just couldn’t get out of the way. Ouch. And yes, if Orlov can clean up the defensive end (have to think with new coaches, he will), he’s going to be a lot of fun to watch. Also, I think he makes Green even more expendable (not that I want to trade Greenie, rather have more puck movers than less).

  • Marky Narc

    This is on larger ice, yes? Orlov seems really low (top of the faceoff circle) when he shuffles it over to Ovi.

  • serpent

    Will you guys please say something about Joel Ward;s TWO goal game? He’s one of ours,too, you know!

  • Lawrence

    I got to watch the game yesterday, despite not understanding anything said, “shalav sksna mknsi ansmadn Ovechkinnnnn”. But I thought Orlov played pretty bad to be honest, worse than I’ve seen him in a while. He was losing the puck a ton in his own end and his passes weren’t as crisp as normal, he also needs to use his bomb of a shot more. Kid will be a stud though in a couple years, potential #1 D written all over him, has all the tools.

    Ovi was so awesome this game. Had some huge open ice hits, great chances, some good dekes, but the biggest thing I saw was, he was the best defensive forward the entire game and it didn’t hurt his offensive game one bit. He made some great plays in front of his own net, blocking passes, one time he saved a goal by swatting away a puck on the goal line and was always in the right spot defensively. Seeing him play like that, really solidified how bad of a coach Oates was. Trust me when I say this, we have not seen the best from ovi yet. Next year, might be his best overall year.

  • Barrett

    It gives you more options on the power play for sure. Green or Orlov manning the point with Carlson mixed in is a good combination. I don’t want to see Green moved either. He’s the best on this team at bringing the puck through the neutral zone. Need to find a defenseman for Green on the 2nd line (Matt Greene from LA Kings!) and bring back Oleksy to rotate with Erskine to pair with Orlov (assuming there isn’t much of a free agent market for defenseman).

  • ?????

    Yeah…so we’re now going to pretend that Joel Ward’s two goal game at the World Championship meant nothing? Thought you guys liked Wardo.

  • it’s meaningless and we hate him

    we definitely don’t have other stuff going on

  • ?????

    Yes, like all those meaningless tweets about the Pittsburgh/Rangers series? We get it…Pittsburgh’s a douchey team.

  • yv

    It was 5on3 and Russia forced Finns to collapse around the net. Otherwise, because of International markings the D/O zones are, while wider, much shorter between the goal and blue lines compare to NHL rinks. And that represents the major problems for NHL players, especially, during power play, when defending players are always within couple steps from blueliners.

  • Sarah

    Dude, I love me some Wardo too, but why you heff to be mad? These guys don’t work for us.
    And Pittsburgh is a douchey team.

  • Marky Narc

    Thanks for that info. I didn’t look closely enough to notice is was 5-on-3.