Photo: Alexey Shevchenko, Team Russia’s official site, is reporting that injured Washington Capitals defenseman Dmitry Orlov has a broken arm and is returning to Washington immediately to be looked at by team doctors. Orlov finishes his first career World Championship with an assist on an Alex Ovechkin goal. He primarily played on Russia’s first defensive pairing with Denis Denisov.

In a letter thanking Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, the Russian National Team writes, “[Dmitry] Orlov is leaving for Washington because of a fracture.”

This morning, Orlov spoke to the press and was photographed with his left arm in a sling.

“For me the championship is over,” Orlov said to Alyona Shilova of R-Sport. “It’s a shame it turned out this way. I’m disappointed.”

Orlov went on to explain that he got hurt in the second period of Monday’s game when a United States player finished a check on him. “I stuck my hand out, it bent, and it became numb right away,” Orlov said. “I felt pain and now wear a cast. It’s broken, I can’t turn it so there’s no point in torturing myself and sticking around distracting people here.”

Orlov will fly back to the United States “probably” on Wednesday. “I’ll go to the doctor and we’ll determine what to do next,” he said. “Either in Washington or New York. I don’t know anything about the rehab timeline. The doctors will tell me how I will be rehabbing — I’ll either be wearing a [plaster] cast or there will be a surgery. If there’ll be [surgery], it’ll be faster.”

Regardless of how the tournament ended for Orlov, he was thankful for the opportunity. “I’m glad I made it here, thanks to the coaches who trusted me.”

Translations by Fedor Fedin and Igor Kleyner.

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