Zdeno sad. (Photo: Jared Wickerham)

The Montreal Canadiens pulled off an improbable comeback tonight, defeating the Boston Bruins 3-1 in game seven.

(Actually, I think I wrote that wrong. Let me try again.)

The universe decided it hated Zdeno Chara, so Montreal got ANOTHER fluky game seven win over a team way better than them.

(Okay, that’s better.)

Not kidding. Chara was bad. The 6’9” Norris trophy winner scored an own goal, committed two penalties, slipped on multiple invisible bananas, and had one particularly weird incident involving Brendan Gallagher and a temporary suspension of the rules of physics.

Let’s take a gander.

The Own Goal

Chara’s whoopsie put the Canadiens up 3-1, with less than three minutes to go in the third period, essentially ending the game.

The Failed Line Change

This is not so graceful.

The Weird Brendan Gallagher Stick Incident

Early in the game, the universe showed its cards by messing with the big ogre. As Chara tried to hercules check teeny tiny little Gallagher into the boards, the Canadiens center lost control of his stick. His lumber flew into the air, nearly impaling a Bruins fan.

Media via

The Faceplant On The Face-Off

Later Gallagher would get The Big Z back. Timbeeeerrrrrr!

Poor Chara. Poor Bruins.

Wait, nevermind. They’ve won a Cup, they’ve got the Presidents Trophy, and they could sweep the Vezina, Norris, and Selke. I have no sympathy at all.

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  • Alex Kahn

    He didn’t practice losing enough.

  • VeggieTart

    That reminded me of Tim Thomas’s trip when he came off the ice after a shootout loss to the Caps.

  • RESmith

    All ready for the trash talking of PK Subban versus the entire city of New York.

  • Smed Baildog

    Boston has won quite enough lately. No sympathy for them.

  • Milan Lucic with maybe the best post-series interview ever.

  • Matthew Kory

    No sympathy for the Bruins, but I’d rather them than Montreal. Clearly I’m not the one making the choices though.

  • Owen Johnson

    Did you really have to put in a link to the 2010 Playoffs? Thanks for making me re-live the 2nd most traumatic sports memory of my life.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Karma’s a bitch.

  • Jake

    What is #1

  • Joe

    is anyone else not as surprised as Ian that the Canadians won? And don’t think this was a “fluky” win over a team “way better than them”?

    Honestly the Canadians played great this series, and have been playing great this postseason.

    Also, pretty sure Chara is playing through injury…

  • Joe

    Also. I’ll add that Chara gets what he deserves when it comes to playing the Canadians:

    The Bruins are a classless team.

  • Pete

    Lucic is a POS.

  • Jon A

    I agree. This probably is the best post series interview. I agree, the Habs are a super whiny team. Of course I’m glad the Rangers beat the Pens because they are the lesser of two evils. But could you imagine how high the whine factor would’ve been if the Pens played the Habs. That would be a cry-fest and a half.

  • Tommy from Quinzee


    So happy this group of a-holes and their fans are history.

  • Sarah

    Merglflaxl the Ungodly will be busy

  • Owen Johnson

    Imagine you’re in your last year of college. You go to a mid-major Div-I school and you’re playing your in-state “big brother” rival in football. You have never beaten them (mostly because they’re too big of pussies to play your school when you have full scholarships. Oh yeah and all their fans are assholes). In this game though, you’re absolutely DOMINATING them the entire game and you are in the front row. With 5 minutes left, a cop comes up to you and says “hey, wait until the end of the game, but we’re gonna let you rush the field.” You turn around triumphantly to the rest of the student section and yell “WE’RE RUSHING THE FIELD!!!”

    Then THIS happens

  • language

  • Sarah

    Sorry man… I never went through this, but only because we weren’t even Div I, or anywhere close. My alma mater was so un-athletic that I was recognized around campus because I jogged every day. Granted, I jogged a lot and in all weather, but no more so than the next avid runner. Unfortunately, there was no next avid runner, so when I met people at parties they’d be like, “Hey, you’re that girl I see out jogging!”
    I would argue that that’s sadder.

  • Joe

    or this. This one goes to support the Lucic = POS post from above:

  • Guest

    That trip 🙂

  • Bilal

    I don’t really like the bruins (plus I live in Leaf territory so I hear lots of crap about them) so I thoroughly enjoyed watching them lose

  • M Nathani

    those commentators are so biased its painful

  • Rhino40

    hahahahah…hohoho….hoohoo….heehee…Merglflaxl again…..ROGDFLMMFAO!!!!))))))Best!

  • Owen Johnson

    Not shown in video: Marshall runningback fumbling the ball 2 yards from the endzone (which would have iced the game) to give WVU the ball back.
    Not much can be more heartbreaking than the 2010 playoffs series, but that was.

  • Owen Johnson


  • Sarah

    He awaits, with his acid dripping teeth! And if you make an emotional response to the imps’ questions he starts chewing with another head.
    But seriously, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who writhes in sympathy during interviews like that. Ugh. #squishy

  • Sarah

    My alma mater’s town wasn’t far behind. But okay, I got to give it to you, for acute demoralization (rather than the chronic kind) that is indeed worse. Sorry.

  • Eddie

    Yeah. When Matt Hendricks made Thomas look like a little bitch.