During Sunday’s World Championships game between Germany and Russia, Alex Ovechkin was injured. Ovechkin’s right knee collided with a German player on open ice, sending Ovechkin flying.

The injury appears significant.

GIF by Freedoooom

Ovechkin laid on the ice for a few moments before he was helped to the locker room. He appeared to avoid putting weight on his right leg.

More details as they come, and you should also follow Slava Malamud, who is on site.


The German player was LW Markus Kink.

Ovi was taken away in an ambulance.

  • salgotnv

    But… but… Russian machine… never break… He’ll be fine right? Right?!

  • Lawrence

    Looked bad, hope I am wrong.

  • Cooper


  • Lawrence

    He also got named the player of the game, which is chosen by the coaches. I sure hope I am reading into this too much and that’s it’s not a parting gift for a serious injury.

  • Chris Cerullo

    FFS. This is the worst possible thing to have happen at possibly one of the worst possible times.

  • Lawrence
  • shemy rock


  • Guest


  • Guest
  • Bilal
  • jo

    ein Arsch weniger

  • Daniel

    was bistn du für einer?

  • jo

    Dafür das die Unseren ständig gegegn 8 Leite spielen mussten etwas ausgleichende Gerechtigkeit.

  • Daniel

    also so eine Gülle hab ich schon lang nicht mehr gehört. die Unseren haben natürlich viel davon, dass seine Offseason und vielleicht noch mehr im Arsch ist.

  • Guest

    Leave it to Milbury to continue to be an ass….

  • ilan

    During the intermission of the Blackhawks-Kings game they showed the injury. No surprise all Mike Milbury had to say was “Seems like Ovechkin was trying to make for a lackluster season in Washington by going to the world championship, but that’s the risk you take.”

    He’s a monster.

  • Amykins

    Leave it to Milbury to continue to be an ass,,,

  • Rob W.
  • Rob W.

    I hate to use bad language on here but what an asshole

  • Chris Cerullo

    That’s a ridiculous statement. (Insert bad language) that guy.

  • yv

    This looked really bad during the game on live feed. And of course the guy who did it has the name Kink. While he was not penalized for this?, but he was aggressive during the game and got 4 min penalties before the incident.

  • Possible-Man

    possible, possibly, possible. 1 sentence, oh god!

  • Chris Cerullo


  • Lexus

    Full video sequence (via: @HockeyWebCast)

  • Barrett

    How bad does affect the new GM and coaching search?

  • Sarah

    Well, Milbury should know. He’s trying to make up for his lackluster turn as a GM, but look at him swallowing his own foot whole.

  • Lawrence

    Slava Malamud ‏@SlavaMalamud 1m
    Alex Ovechkin is back in the team hotel. Walking on his own, no crutches, but limping. Team doctor says it’s “better than expected” #Caps


  • Sarah

    Mike Milbury, is that you?!

  • j

    PS. Laufen kann er schon wieder, ohne Krücken.